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Author Topic: THE BOOK OF SIRACH - Ecclesiasticus  (Read 1829 times)

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patrick jane

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« Reply #13 on: May 25, 2020, 06:11:21 am »
Sirach 14 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

14 Happy are those who do not blunder with their lips,
    and need not suffer remorse for sin.
2 Happy are those whose hearts do not condemn them,
    and who have not given up their hope.

Responsible Use of Wealth
3 Riches are inappropriate for a small-minded person;
    and of what use is wealth to a miser?
4 What he denies himself he collects for others;
    and others will live in luxury on his goods.
5 If one is mean to himself, to whom will he be generous?
    He will not enjoy his own riches.
6 No one is worse than one who is grudging to himself;
    this is the punishment for his meanness.
7 If ever he does good, it is by mistake;
    and in the end he reveals his meanness.
8 The miser is an evil person;
    he turns away and disregards people.
9 The eye of the greedy person is not satisfied with his share;
    greedy injustice withers the soul.
10 A miser begrudges bread,
    and it is lacking at his table.

11 My child, treat yourself well, according to your means,
    and present worthy offerings to the Lord.
12 Remember that death does not tarry,
    and the decree[a] of Hades has not been shown to you.
13 Do good to friends before you die,
    and reach out and give to them as much as you can.
14 Do not deprive yourself of a day’s enjoyment;
    do not let your share of desired good pass by you.
15 Will you not leave the fruit of your labors to another,
    and what you acquired by toil to be divided by lot?
16 Give, and take, and indulge yourself,
    because in Hades one cannot look for luxury.
17 All living beings become old like a garment,
    for the decree from of old is, “You must die!”
18 Like abundant leaves on a spreading tree
    that sheds some and puts forth others,
so are the generations of flesh and blood:
    one dies and another is born.
19 Every work decays and ceases to exist,
    and the one who made it will pass away with it.

The Happiness of Seeking Wisdom
20 Happy is the person who meditates on[c] wisdom
    and reasons intelligently,
21 who[d] reflects in his heart on her ways
    and ponders her secrets,
22 pursuing her like a hunter,
    and lying in wait on her paths;
23 who peers through her windows
    and listens at her doors;
24 who camps near her house
    and fastens his tent peg to her walls;
25 who pitches his tent near her,
    and so occupies an excellent lodging place;
26 who places his children under her shelter,
    and lodges under her boughs;
27 who is sheltered by her from the heat,
    and dwells in the midst of her glory.

Sirach 14:12 Heb Syr: Gk covenant
Sirach 14:17 Heb: Gk covenant
Sirach 14:20 Other ancient authorities read dies in
Sirach 14:21 The structure adopted in verses 21–27 follows the Heb

patrick jane

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« Reply #14 on: May 25, 2020, 06:12:04 am »
Sirach 15 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

15 Whoever fears the Lord will do this,
    and whoever holds to the law will obtain wisdom.[a]
2 She will come to meet him like a mother,
    and like a young bride she will welcome him.
3 She will feed him with the bread of learning,
    and give him the water of wisdom to drink.
4 He will lean on her and not fall,
    and he will rely on her and not be put to shame.
5 She will exalt him above his neighbors,
    and will open his mouth in the midst of the assembly.
6 He will find gladness and a crown of rejoicing,
    and will inherit an everlasting name.
7 The foolish will not obtain her,
    and sinners will not see her.
8 She is far from arrogance,
    and liars will never think of her.
9 Praise is unseemly on the lips of a sinner,
    for it has not been sent from the Lord.
10 For in wisdom must praise be uttered,
    and the Lord will make it prosper.

Freedom of Choice
11 Do not say, “It was the Lord’s doing that I fell away”;
    for he does not do what he hates.
12 Do not say, “It was he who led me astray”;
    for he has no need of the sinful.
13 The Lord hates all abominations;
    such things are not loved by those who fear him.
14 It was he who created humankind in the beginning,
    and he left them in the power of their own free choice.
15 If you choose, you can keep the commandments,
    and to act faithfully is a matter of your own choice.
16 He has placed before you fire and water;
    stretch out your hand for whichever you choose.
17 Before each person are life and death,
    and whichever one chooses will be given.
18 For great is the wisdom of the Lord;
    he is mighty in power and sees everything;
19 his eyes are on those who fear him,
    and he knows every human action.
20 He has not commanded anyone to be wicked,
    and he has not given anyone permission to sin.

Sirach 15:1 Gk her
Sirach 15:11 Heb: Gk you ought not to do

patrick jane

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« Reply #15 on: May 25, 2020, 06:13:01 am »
Sirach 16 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

God’s Punishment of Sinners

16 Do not desire a multitude of worthless[a] children,
    and do not rejoice in ungodly offspring.
2 If they multiply, do not rejoice in them,
    unless the fear of the Lord is in them.
3 Do not trust in their survival,
    or rely on their numbers;
for one can be better than a thousand,
    and to die childless is better than to have ungodly children.
4 For through one intelligent person a city can be filled with people,
    but through a clan of outlaws it becomes desolate.

5 Many such things my eye has seen,
    and my ear has heard things more striking than these.
6 In an assembly of sinners a fire is kindled,
    and in a disobedient nation wrath blazes up.
7 He did not forgive the ancient giants
    who revolted in their might.
8 He did not spare the neighbors of Lot,
    whom he loathed on account of their arrogance.
9 He showed no pity on the doomed nation,
    on those dispossessed because of their sins;[c]
10 or on the six hundred thousand foot soldiers
    who assembled in their stubbornness.[d]
11 Even if there were only one stiff-necked person,
    it would be a wonder if he remained unpunished.
For mercy and wrath are with the Lord;[e]
    he is mighty to forgive—but he also pours out wrath.
12 Great as is his mercy, so also is his chastisement;
    he judges a person according to his or her deeds.
13 The sinner will not escape with plunder,
    and the patience of the godly will not be frustrated.
14 He makes room for every act of mercy;
    everyone receives in accordance with his or her deeds.[f]

17 Do not say, “I am hidden from the Lord,
    and who from on high has me in mind?
Among so many people I am unknown,
    for what am I in a boundless creation?
18 Lo, heaven and the highest heaven,
    the abyss and the earth, tremble at his visitation![g]
19 The very mountains and the foundations of the earth
    quiver and quake when he looks upon them.
20 But no human mind can grasp this,
    and who can comprehend his ways?
21 Like a tempest that no one can see,
    so most of his works are concealed.[h]
22 Who is to announce his acts of justice?
    Or who can await them? For his decree is far off.”[j]
23 Such are the thoughts of one devoid of understanding;
    a senseless and misguided person thinks foolishly.

God’s Wisdom Seen in Creation
24 Listen to me, my child, and acquire knowledge,
    and pay close attention to my words.
25 I will impart discipline precisely[k]
    and declare knowledge accurately.

26 When the Lord created[l] his works from the beginning,
    and, in making them, determined their boundaries,
27 he arranged his works in an eternal order,
    and their dominion[m] for all generations.
They neither hunger nor grow weary,
    and they do not abandon their tasks.
28 They do not crowd one another,
    and they never disobey his word.
29 Then the Lord looked upon the earth,
    and filled it with his good things.
30 With all kinds of living beings he covered its surface,
    and into it they must return.

Sirach 16:1 Heb: Gk unprofitable
Sirach 16:3 Other ancient authorities add For you will groan in untimely mourning, and will know of their sudden end.
Sirach 16:9 Other ancient authorities add All these things he did to the hard-hearted nations, and by the multitude of his holy ones he was not appeased.
Sirach 16:10 Other ancient authorities add Chastising, showing mercy, striking, healing, the Lord persisted in mercy and discipline.
Sirach 16:11 Gk him
Sirach 16:14 Other ancient authorities add 15 The Lord hardened Pharaoh so that he did not recognize him, in order that his works might be known under heaven. 16 His mercy is manifest to the whole of creation, and he divided his light and darkness with a plumb line.
Sirach 16:18 Other ancient authorities add The whole world past and present is in his will.
Sirach 16:21 Meaning of Gk uncertain: Heb Syr If I sin, no eye can see me, and if I am disloyal all in secret, who is to know?
Sirach 16:22 Heb the decree: Gk the covenant
Sirach 16:22 Other ancient authorities add and a scrutiny for all comes at the end
Sirach 16:25 Gk by weight
Sirach 16:26 Heb: Gk judged
Sirach 16:27 Or elements

patrick jane

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« Reply #16 on: May 25, 2020, 06:13:46 am »
Sirach 17 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

17 The Lord created human beings out of earth,
    and makes them return to it again.
2 He gave them a fixed number of days,
    but granted them authority over everything on the earth.[a]
3 He endowed them with strength like his own,
    and made them in his own image.
4 He put the fear of them[c] in all living beings,
    and gave them dominion over beasts and birds.[d]
6 Discretion and tongue and eyes,
    ears and a mind for thinking he gave them.
7 He filled them with knowledge and understanding,
    and showed them good and evil.
8 He put the fear of him into[e] their hearts
    to show them the majesty of his works.[f]
10 And they will praise his holy name,
9     to proclaim the grandeur of his works.
11 He bestowed knowledge upon them,
    and allotted to them the law of life.[g]
12 He established with them an eternal covenant,
    and revealed to them his decrees.
13 Their eyes saw his glorious majesty,
    and their ears heard the glory of his voice.
14 He said to them, “Beware of all evil.”
    And he gave commandment to each of them concerning the neighbor.
15 Their ways are always known to him;
    they will not be hid from his eyes.[h]
17 He appointed a ruler for every nation,
    but Israel is the Lord’s own portion.
19 All their works are as clear as the sun before him,
    and his eyes are ever upon their ways.
20 Their iniquities are not hidden from him,
    and all their sins are before the Lord.[j]
22 One’s almsgiving is like a signet ring with the Lord,[k]
    and he will keep a person’s kindness like the apple of his eye.[l]
23 Afterward he will rise up and repay them,
    and he will bring their recompense on their heads.
24 Yet to those who repent he grants a return,
    and he encourages those who are losing hope.

A Call to Repentance
25 Turn back to the Lord and forsake your sins;
    pray in his presence and lessen your offense.
26 Return to the Most High and turn away from iniquity,[m]
    and hate intensely what he abhors.
27 Who will sing praises to the Most High in Hades
    in place of the living who give thanks?
28 From the dead, as from one who does not exist, thanksgiving has ceased;
    those who are alive and well sing the Lord’s praises.
29 How great is the mercy of the Lord,
    and his forgiveness for those who return to him!
30 For not everything is within human capability,
    since human beings are not immortal.
31 What is brighter than the sun? Yet it can be eclipsed.
    So flesh and blood devise evil.
32 He marshals the host of the height of heaven;
    but all human beings are dust and ashes.

Sirach 17:2 Lat: Gk it
Sirach 17:3 Lat: Gk proper to them
Sirach 17:4 Syr: Gk him
Sirach 17:4 Other ancient authorities add as verse 5, They obtained the use of the five faculties of the Lord; as sixth he distributed to them the gift of mind, and as seventh, reason, the interpreter of one’s faculties.
Sirach 17:8 Other ancient authorities read He set his eye upon
Sirach 17:8 Other ancient authorities add and he gave them to boast of his marvels forever
Sirach 17:11 Other ancient authorities add so that they may know that they who are alive now are mortal
Sirach 17:15 Other ancient authorities add 16 Their ways from youth tend toward evil, and they are unable to make for themselves hearts of flesh in place of their stony hearts. 17 For in the division of the nations of the whole earth, he appointed
Sirach 17:17 Other ancient authorities add as verse 18, whom, being his firstborn, he brings up with discipline, and allotting to him the light of his love, he does not neglect him.
Sirach 17:20 Other ancient authorities add as verse 21, But the Lord, who is gracious and knows how they are formed, has neither left them nor abandoned them, but has spared them.
Sirach 17:22 Gk him
Sirach 17:22 Other ancient authorities add apportioning repentance to his sons and daughters
Sirach 17:26 Other ancient authorities add for he will lead you out of darkness to the light of health.

patrick jane

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« Reply #17 on: May 25, 2020, 06:14:33 am »
Sirach 18 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

The Majesty of God

18 He who lives forever created the whole universe;
2     the Lord alone is just.[a]
4 To none has he given power to proclaim his works;
    and who can search out his mighty deeds?
5 Who can measure his majestic power?
    And who can fully recount his mercies?
6 It is not possible to diminish or increase them,
    nor is it possible to fathom the wonders of the Lord.
7 When human beings have finished, they are just beginning,
    and when they stop, they are still perplexed.
8 What are human beings, and of what use are they?
    What is good in them, and what is evil?
9 The number of days in their life is great if they reach one hundred years.
10 Like a drop of water from the sea and a grain of sand,
    so are a few years among the days of eternity.
11 That is why the Lord is patient with them
    and pours out his mercy upon them.
12 He sees and recognizes that their end is miserable;
    therefore he grants them forgiveness all the more.
13 The compassion of human beings is for their neighbors,
    but the compassion of the Lord is for every living thing.
He rebukes and trains and teaches them,
    and turns them back, as a shepherd his flock.
14 He has compassion on those who accept his discipline
    and who are eager for his precepts.

The Right Spirit in Giving Alms
15 My child, do not mix reproach with your good deeds,
    or spoil your gift by harsh words.
16 Does not the dew give relief from the scorching heat?
    So a word is better than a gift.
17 Indeed, does not a word surpass a good gift?
    Both are to be found in a gracious person.
18 A fool is ungracious and abusive,
    and the gift of a grudging giver makes the eyes dim.

The Need of Reflection and Self-control
19 Before you speak, learn;
    and before you fall ill, take care of your health.
20 Before judgment comes, examine yourself;
    and at the time of scrutiny you will find forgiveness.
21 Before falling ill, humble yourself;
    and when you have sinned, repent.
22 Let nothing hinder you from paying a vow promptly,
    and do not wait until death to be released from it.
23 Before making a vow, prepare yourself;
    do not be like one who puts the Lord to the test.
24 Think of his wrath on the day of death,
    and of the moment of vengeance when he turns away his face.
25 In the time of plenty think of the time of hunger;
    in days of wealth think of poverty and need.
26 From morning to evening conditions change;
    all things move swiftly before the Lord.

27 One who is wise is cautious in everything;
    when sin is all around, one guards against wrongdoing.
28 Every intelligent person knows wisdom,
    and praises the one who finds her.
29 Those who are skilled in words become wise themselves,
    and pour forth apt proverbs.[c]

30 Do not follow your base desires,
    but restrain your appetites.
31 If you allow your soul to take pleasure in base desire,
    it will make you the laughingstock of your enemies.
32 Do not revel in great luxury,
    or you may become impoverished by its expense.
33 Do not become a beggar by feasting with borrowed money,
    when you have nothing in your purse.[e]

Sirach 18:2 Other ancient authorities add and there is no other beside him; 3 he steers the world with the span of his hand, and all things obey his will; for he is king of all things by his power, separating among them the holy things from the profane.
Sirach 18:9 Other ancient authorities add but the death of each one is beyond the calculation of all
Sirach 18:29 Other ancient authorities add Better is confidence in the one Lord than clinging with a dead heart to a dead one.
Sirach 18:30 This heading is included in the Gk text.
Sirach 18:33 Other ancient authorities add for you will be plotting against your own life

patrick jane

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« Reply #18 on: May 25, 2020, 06:15:33 am »
Sirach 19 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

19 The one who does this[a] will not become rich;
    one who despises small things will fail little by little.
2 Wine and women lead intelligent men astray,
    and the man who consorts with prostitutes is reckless.
3 Decay and worms will take possession of him,
    and the reckless person will be snatched away.

Against Loose Talk

4 One who trusts others too quickly has a shallow mind,
    and one who sins does wrong to himself.
5 One who rejoices in wickedness will be condemned,[c]
6     but one who hates gossip has less evil.
7 Never repeat a conversation,
    and you will lose nothing at all.
8 With friend or foe do not report it,
    and unless it would be a sin for you, do not reveal it;
9 for someone may have heard you and watched you,
    and in time will hate you.
10 Have you heard something? Let it die with you.
    Be brave, it will not make you burst!
11 Having heard something, the fool suffers birth pangs
    like a woman in labor with a child.
12 Like an arrow stuck in a person’s thigh,
    so is gossip inside a fool.

13 Question a friend; perhaps he did not do it;
    or if he did, so that he may not do it again.
14 Question a neighbor; perhaps he did not say it;
    or if he said it, so that he may not repeat it.
15 Question a friend, for often it is slander;
    so do not believe everything you hear.
16 A person may make a slip without intending it.
    Who has not sinned with his tongue?
17 Question your neighbor before you threaten him;
    and let the law of the Most High take its course.[d]

True and False Wisdom
20 The whole of wisdom is fear of the Lord,
    and in all wisdom there is the fulfillment of the law.[e]
22 The knowledge of wickedness is not wisdom,
    nor is there prudence in the counsel of sinners.
23 There is a cleverness that is detestable,
    and there is a fool who merely lacks wisdom.
24 Better are the God-fearing who lack understanding
    than the highly intelligent who transgress the law.
25 There is a cleverness that is exact but unjust,
    and there are people who abuse favors to gain a verdict.
26 There is the villain bowed down in mourning,
but inwardly he is full of deceit.
27 He hides his face and pretends not to hear,
    but when no one notices, he will take advantage of you.
28 Even if lack of strength keeps him from sinning,
    he will nevertheless do evil when he finds the opportunity.
29 A person is known by his appearance,
    and a sensible person is known when first met, face to face.
30 A person’s attire and hearty laughter,
    and the way he walks, show what he is.

Sirach 19:1 Heb: Gk A worker who is a drunkard
Sirach 19:5 Other ancient authorities read heart
Sirach 19:5 Other ancient authorities add but one who withstands pleasures crowns his life. 6 One who controls the tongue will live without strife,
Sirach 19:17 Other ancient authorities add and do not be angry. 18 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of acceptance, and wisdom obtains his love. 19 The knowledge of the Lord’s commandments is life-giving discipline; and those who do what is pleasing to him enjoy the fruit of the tree of immortality.
Sirach 19:20 Other ancient authorities add and the knowledge of his omnipotence. 21 When a slave says to his master, “I will not act as you wish,” even if later he does it, he angers the one who supports him.

patrick jane

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« Reply #19 on: May 25, 2020, 06:16:19 am »
Sirach 20 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

Silence and Speech

20 There is a rebuke that is untimely,
    and there is the person who is wise enough to keep silent.
2 How much better it is to rebuke than to fume!
3 And the one who admits his fault will be kept from failure.
4 Like a eunuch lusting to violate a girl
    is the person who does right under compulsion.
5 Some people keep silent and are thought to be wise,
    while others are detested for being talkative.
6 Some people keep silent because they have nothing to say,
    while others keep silent because they know when to speak.
7 The wise remain silent until the right moment,
    but a boasting fool misses the right moment.
8 Whoever talks too much is detested,
    and whoever pretends to authority is hated.[a]

9 There may be good fortune for a person in adversity,
    and a windfall may result in a loss.
10 There is the gift that profits you nothing,
    and the gift to be paid back double.
11 There are losses for the sake of glory,
    and there are some who have raised their heads from humble circumstances.
12 Some buy much for little,
    but pay for it seven times over.
13 The wise make themselves beloved by only few words,
    but the courtesies of fools are wasted.
14 A fool’s gift will profit you nothing,[c]
    for he looks for recompense sevenfold.[d]
15 He gives little and upbraids much;
    he opens his mouth like a town crier.
Today he lends and tomorrow he asks it back;
    such a one is hateful to God and humans.[e]
16 The fool says, “I have no friends,
    and I get no thanks for my good deeds.
    Those who eat my bread are evil-tongued.”
17 How many will ridicule him, and how often![f]

Inappropriate Speech
18 A slip on the pavement is better than a slip of the tongue;
    the downfall of the wicked will occur just as speedily.
19 A coarse person is like an inappropriate story,
    continually on the lips of the ignorant.
20 A proverb from a fool’s lips will be rejected,
    for he does not tell it at the proper time.

21 One may be prevented from sinning by poverty;
    so when he rests he feels no remorse.
22 One may lose his life through shame,
    or lose it because of human respect.[g]
23 Another out of shame makes promises to a friend,
    and so makes an enemy for nothing.

24 A lie is an ugly blot on a person;
    it is continually on the lips of the ignorant.
25 A thief is preferable to a habitual liar,
    but the lot of both is ruin.
26 A liar’s way leads to disgrace,
    and his shame is ever with him.

Proverbial Sayings[h]
27 The wise person advances himself by his words,
    and one who is sensible pleases the great.
28 Those who cultivate the soil heap up their harvest,
    and those who please the great atone for injustice.
29 Favors and gifts blind the eyes of the wise;
    like a muzzle on the mouth they stop reproofs.
30 Hidden wisdom and unseen treasure,
    of what value is either?
31 Better are those who hide their folly
    than those who hide their wisdom.

Sirach 20:8 Other ancient authorities add How good it is to show repentance when you are reproved, for so you will escape deliberate sin!
Sirach 20:13 Heb: Gk by words
Sirach 20:14 Other ancient authorities add so it is with the envious who give under compulsion
Sirach 20:14 Syr: Gk he has many eyes instead of one
Sirach 20:15 Other ancient authorities lack to God and humans
Sirach 20:17 Other ancient authorities add for he has not honestly received what he has, and what he does not have is unimportant to him
Sirach 20:22 Other ancient authorities read his foolish look
Sirach 20:27 This heading is included in the Gk text.
Sirach 20:31 Other ancient authorities add 32 Unwearied endurance in seeking the Lord is better than a masterless charioteer of one’s own life.

patrick jane

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« Reply #20 on: May 25, 2020, 06:17:12 am »
Sirach 21 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

Various Sins

21 Have you sinned, my child? Do so no more,
    but ask forgiveness for your past sins.
2 Flee from sin as from a snake;
    for if you approach sin, it will bite you.
Its teeth are lion’s teeth,
    and can destroy human lives.
3 All lawlessness is like a two-edged sword;
    there is no healing for the wound it inflicts.

4 Panic and insolence will waste away riches;
    thus the house of the proud will be laid waste.[a]
5 The prayer of the poor goes from their lips to the ears of God,
    and his judgment comes speedily.
6 Those who hate reproof walk in the sinner’s steps,
    but those who fear the Lord repent in their heart.
7 The mighty in speech are widely known;
    when they slip, the sensible person knows it.

8 Whoever builds his house with other people’s money
    is like one who gathers stones for his burial mound.[c]
9 An assembly of the wicked is like a bundle of tow,
    and their end is a blazing fire.
10 The way of sinners is paved with smooth stones,
    but at its end is the pit of Hades.

Wisdom and Foolishness
11 Whoever keeps the law controls his thoughts,
    and the fulfillment of the fear of the Lord is wisdom.
12 The one who is not clever cannot be taught,
    but there is a cleverness that increases bitterness.
13 The knowledge of the wise will increase like a flood,
    and their counsel like a life-giving spring.
14 The mind[d] of a fool is like a broken jar;
    it can hold no knowledge.

15 When an intelligent person hears a wise saying,
    he praises it and adds to it;
when a fool[e] hears it, he laughs at[f] it
    and throws it behind his back.
16 A fool’s chatter is like a burden on a journey,
    but delight is found in the speech of the intelligent.
17 The utterance of a sensible person is sought in the assembly,
    and they ponder his words in their minds.

18 Like a house in ruins is wisdom to a fool,
    and to the ignorant, knowledge is talk that has no meaning.
19 To a senseless person education is fetters on his feet,
    and like manacles on his right hand.
20 A fool raises his voice when he laughs,
    but the wise[g] smile quietly.
21 To the sensible person education is like a golden ornament,
    and like a bracelet on the right arm.

22 The foot of a fool rushes into a house,
    but an experienced person waits respectfully outside.
23 A boor peers into the house from the door,
    but a cultivated person remains outside.
24 It is ill-mannered for a person to listen at a door;
    the discreet would be grieved by the disgrace.

25 The lips of babblers speak of what is not their concern,[h]
    but the words of the prudent are weighed in the balance.
26 The mind of fools is in their mouth,
    but the mouth of the wise is in their mind.
27 When an ungodly person curses an adversary,[j]
    he curses himself.
28 A whisperer degrades himself
    and is hated in his neighborhood.

Sirach 21:4 Other ancient authorities read uprooted
Sirach 21:5 Gk his ears
Sirach 21:8 Other ancient authorities read for the winter
Sirach 21:14 Syr Lat: Gk entrails
Sirach 21:15 Syr: Gk reveler
Sirach 21:15 Syr: Gk dislikes
Sirach 21:20 Syr Lat: Gk clever
Sirach 21:25 Other ancient authorities read of strangers speak of these things
Sirach 21:26 Other ancient authorities omit in
Sirach 21:27 Or curses Satan

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Sirach 22 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

The Idler

22 The idler is like a filthy stone,
    and every one hisses at his disgrace.
2 The idler is like the filth of dunghills;
    anyone that picks it up will shake it off his hand.

3 It is a disgrace to be the father of an undisciplined son,
    and the birth of a daughter is a loss.
4 A sensible daughter obtains a husband of her own,
    but one who acts shamefully is a grief to her father.
5 An impudent daughter disgraces father and husband,
    and is despised by both.
6 Like music in time of mourning is ill-timed conversation,
    but a thrashing and discipline are at all times wisdom.[a]

Wisdom and Folly
9 Whoever teaches a fool is like one who glues potsherds together,
    or who rouses a sleeper from deep slumber.
10 Whoever tells a story to a fool tells it to a drowsy man;
    and at the end he will say, “What is it?”
11 Weep for the dead, for he has left the light behind;
    and weep for the fool, for he has left intelligence behind.
Weep less bitterly for the dead, for he is at rest;
    but the life of the fool is worse than death.
12 Mourning for the dead lasts seven days,
    but for the foolish or the ungodly it lasts all the days of their lives.

13 Do not talk much with a senseless person
    or visit an unintelligent person.
Stay clear of him, or you may have trouble,
    and be spattered when he shakes himself off.
Avoid him and you will find rest,
    and you will never be wearied by his lack of sense.
14 What is heavier than lead?
    And what is its name except “Fool”?
15 Sand, salt, and a piece of iron
    are easier to bear than a stupid person.

16 A wooden beam firmly bonded into a building
    is not loosened by an earthquake;
so the mind firmly resolved after due reflection
    will not be afraid in a crisis.
17 A mind settled on an intelligent thought
    is like stucco decoration that makes a wall smooth.
18 Fences[c] set on a high place
    will not stand firm against the wind;
so a timid mind with a fool’s resolve
    will not stand firm against any fear.

The Preservation of Friendship
19 One who pricks the eye brings tears,
    and one who pricks the heart makes clear its feelings.
20 One who throws a stone at birds scares them away,
    and one who reviles a friend destroys a friendship.
21 Even if you draw your sword against a friend,
    do not despair, for there is a way back.
22 If you open your mouth against your friend,
    do not worry, for reconciliation is possible.
But as for reviling, arrogance, disclosure of secrets, or a treacherous blow—
    in these cases any friend will take to flight.

23 Gain the trust of your neighbor in his poverty,
    so that you may rejoice with him in his prosperity.
Stand by him in time of distress,
    so that you may share with him in his inheritance.[d]
24 The vapor and smoke of the furnace precede the fire;
    so insults precede bloodshed.
25 I am not ashamed to shelter a friend,
    and I will not hide from him.
26 But if harm should come to me because of him,
    whoever hears of it will beware of him.

A Prayer for Help against Sinning
27 Who will set a guard over my mouth,
    and an effective seal upon my lips,
so that I may not fall because of them,
    and my tongue may not destroy me?

Sirach 22:6 Other ancient authorities add 7 Children who are brought up in a good life, conceal the lowly birth of their parents. 8 Children who are disdainfully and boorishly haughty stain the nobility of their kindred.
Sirach 22:13 Other ancient authorities add For being without sense he will despise everything about you
Sirach 22:18 Other ancient authorities read Pebbles
Sirach 22:23 Other ancient authorities add For one should not always despise restricted circumstances, or admire a rich person who is stupid.

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Sirach 23 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

23 O Lord, Father and Master of my life,
    do not abandon me to their designs,
    and do not let me fall because of them!
2 Who will set whips over my thoughts,
    and the discipline of wisdom over my mind,
so as not to spare me in my errors,
    and not overlook my[a] sins?
3 Otherwise my mistakes may be multiplied,
    and my sins may abound,
and I may fall before my adversaries,
    and my enemy may rejoice over me.
4 O Lord, Father and God of my life,
    do not give me haughty eyes,
5     and remove evil desire from me.
6 Let neither gluttony nor lust overcome me,
    and do not give me over to shameless passion.

Discipline of the Tongue[c]
7 Listen, my children, to instruction concerning the mouth;
    the one who observes it will never be caught.
8 Sinners are overtaken through their lips;
    by them the reviler and the arrogant are tripped up.
9 Do not accustom your mouth to oaths,
    nor habitually utter the name of the Holy One;
10 for as a servant who is constantly under scrutiny
    will not lack bruises,
so also the person who always swears and utters the Name
    will never be cleansed[d] from sin.
11 The one who swears many oaths is full of iniquity,
    and the scourge will not leave his house.
If he swears in error, his sin remains on him,
    and if he disregards it, he sins doubly;
if he swears a false oath, he will not be justified,
    for his house will be filled with calamities.

Foul Language
12 There is a manner of speaking comparable to death;[e]
    may it never be found in the inheritance of Jacob!
Such conduct will be far from the godly,
    and they will not wallow in sins.
13 Do not accustom your mouth to coarse, foul language,
    for it involves sinful speech.
14 Remember your father and mother
    when you sit among the great,
or you may forget yourself in their presence,
    and behave like a fool through bad habit;
then you will wish that you had never been born,
    and you will curse the day of your birth.
15 Those who are accustomed to using abusive language
    will never become disciplined as long as they live.

Concerning Sexual Sins
16 Two kinds of individuals multiply sins,
    and a third incurs wrath.
Hot passion that blazes like a fire
    will not be quenched until it burns itself out;
one who commits fornication with his near of kin
    will never cease until the fire burns him up.
17 To a fornicator all bread is sweet;
    he will never weary until he dies.
18 The one who sins against his marriage bed
    says to himself, “Who can see me?
Darkness surrounds me, the walls hide me,
    and no one sees me. Why should I worry?
    The Most High will not remember sins.”
19 His fear is confined to human eyes
    and he does not realize that the eyes of the Lord
    are ten thousand times brighter than the sun;
they look upon every aspect of human behavior
    and see into hidden corners.
20 Before the universe was created, it was known to him,
    and so it is since its completion.
21 This man will be punished in the streets of the city,
    and where he least suspects it, he will be seized.

22 So it is with a woman who leaves her husband
    and presents him with an heir by another man.
23 For first of all, she has disobeyed the law of the Most High;
    second, she has committed an offense against her husband;
and third, through her fornication she has committed adultery
    and brought forth children by another man.
24 She herself will be brought before the assembly,
    and her punishment will extend to her children.
25 Her children will not take root,
    and her branches will not bear fruit.
26 She will leave behind an accursed memory
    and her disgrace will never be blotted out.
27 Those who survive her will recognize
    that nothing is better than the fear of the Lord,
and nothing sweeter than to heed the commandments of the Lord.[f]

Sirach 23:2 Gk their
Sirach 23:3 Other ancient authorities add From them the hope of your mercy is remote
Sirach 23:7 This heading is included in the Gk text.
Sirach 23:10 Syr be free
Sirach 23:12 Other ancient authorities read clothed about with death
Sirach 23:27 Other ancient authorities add as verse 28, It is a great honor to follow God, and to be received by him is long life.

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Sirach 24 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

The Praise of Wisdom[a]

24 Wisdom praises herself,
    and tells of her glory in the midst of her people.
2 In the assembly of the Most High she opens her mouth,
    and in the presence of his hosts she tells of her glory:
3 “I came forth from the mouth of the Most High,
    and covered the earth like a mist.
4 I dwelt in the highest heavens,
    and my throne was in a pillar of cloud.
5 Alone I compassed the vault of heaven
    and traversed the depths of the abyss.
6 Over waves of the sea, over all the earth,
    and over every people and nation I have held sway.
7 Among all these I sought a resting place;
    in whose territory should I abide?

8 “Then the Creator of all things gave me a command,
    and my Creator chose the place for my tent.
He said, ‘Make your dwelling in Jacob,
    and in Israel receive your inheritance.’
9 Before the ages, in the beginning, he created me,
    and for all the ages I shall not cease to be.
10 In the holy tent I ministered before him,
    and so I was established in Zion.
11 Thus in the beloved city he gave me a resting place,
    and in Jerusalem was my domain.
12 I took root in an honored people,
    in the portion of the Lord, his heritage.

13 “I grew tall like a cedar in Lebanon,
    and like a cypress on the heights of Hermon.
14 I grew tall like a palm tree in En-gedi,[c]
    and like rosebushes in Jericho;
like a fair olive tree in the field,
    and like a plane tree beside water[d] I grew tall.
15 Like cassia and camel’s thorn I gave forth perfume,
    and like choice myrrh I spread my fragrance,
like galbanum, onycha, and stacte,
    and like the odor of incense in the tent.
16 Like a terebinth I spread out my branches,
    and my branches are glorious and graceful.
17 Like the vine I bud forth delights,
    and my blossoms become glorious and abundant fruit.[e]

19 “Come to me, you who desire me,
    and eat your fill of my fruits.
20 For the memory of me is sweeter than honey,
    and the possession of me sweeter than the honeycomb.
21 Those who eat of me will hunger for more,
    and those who drink of me will thirst for more.
22 Whoever obeys me will not be put to shame,
    and those who work with me will not sin.”

Wisdom and the Law
23 All this is the book of the covenant of the Most High God,
    the law that Moses commanded us
    as an inheritance for the congregations of Jacob.[f]
25 It overflows, like the Pishon, with wisdom,
    and like the Tigris at the time of the first fruits.
26 It runs over, like the Euphrates, with understanding,
    and like the Jordan at harvest time.
27 It pours forth instruction like the Nile,[g]
    like the Gihon at the time of vintage.
28 The first man did not know wisdom[h] fully,
    nor will the last one fathom her.
29 For her thoughts are more abundant than the sea,
    and her counsel deeper than the great abyss.

30 As for me, I was like a canal from a river,
    like a water channel into a garden.
31 I said, “I will water my garden
    and drench my flower-beds.”
And lo, my canal became a river,
    and my river a sea.
32 I will again make instruction shine forth like the dawn,
    and I will make it clear from far away.
33 I will again pour out teaching like prophecy,
    and leave it to all future generations.
34 Observe that I have not labored for myself alone,
    but for all who seek wisdom.

Sirach 24:1 This heading is included in the Gk text.
Sirach 24:6 Other ancient authorities read I have acquired a possession
Sirach 24:14 Other ancient authorities read on the beaches
Sirach 24:14 Other ancient authorities omit beside water
Sirach 24:17 Other ancient authorities add as verse 18, I am the mother of beautiful love, of fear, of knowledge, and of holy hope; being eternal, I am given to all my children, to those who are named by him.
Sirach 24:23 Other ancient authorities add as verse 24, “Do not cease to be strong in the Lord, cling to him so that he may strengthen you; the Lord Almighty alone is God, and besides him there is no savior.”
Sirach 24:27 Syr: Gk It makes instruction shine forth like light
Sirach 24:28 Gk her
Sirach 24:34 Gk her

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Sirach 25 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

Those Who Are Worthy of Praise

25 I take pleasure in three things,
    and they are beautiful in the sight of God and of mortals:[a]
agreement among brothers and sisters, friendship among neighbors,
    and a wife and a husband who live in harmony.
2 I hate three kinds of people,
    and I loathe their manner of life:
a pauper who boasts, a rich person who lies,
    and an old fool who commits adultery.

3 If you gathered nothing in your youth,
    how can you find anything in your old age?
4 How attractive is sound judgment in the gray-haired,
    and for the aged to possess good counsel!
5 How attractive is wisdom in the aged,
    and understanding and counsel in the venerable!
6 Rich experience is the crown of the aged,
    and their boast is the fear of the Lord.

7 I can think of nine whom I would call blessed,
    and a tenth my tongue proclaims:
a man who can rejoice in his children;
    a man who lives to see the downfall of his foes.
8 Happy the man who lives with a sensible wife,
    and the one who does not plow with ox and ass together.
Happy is the one who does not sin with the tongue,
    and the one who has not served an inferior.
9 Happy is the one who finds a friend,[c]
    and the one who speaks to attentive listeners.
10 How great is the one who finds wisdom!
    But none is superior to the one who fears the Lord.
11 Fear of the Lord surpasses everything;
    to whom can we compare the one who has it?[d]

Some Extreme Forms of Evil
13 Any wound, but not a wound of the heart!
    Any wickedness, but not the wickedness of a woman!
14 Any suffering, but not suffering from those who hate!
    And any vengeance, but not the vengeance of enemies!
15 There is no venom[e] worse than a snake’s venom,[f]
    and no anger worse than a woman’s[g] wrath.

The Evil of a Wicked Woman
16 I would rather live with a lion and a dragon
    than live with an evil woman.
17 A woman’s wickedness changes her appearance,
    and darkens her face like that of a bear.
18 Her husband sits[h] among the neighbors,
    and he cannot help sighing bitterly.
19 Any iniquity is small compared to a woman’s iniquity;
    may a sinner’s lot befall her!
20 A sandy ascent for the feet of the aged—
    such is a garrulous wife to a quiet husband.
21 Do not be ensnared by a woman’s beauty,
    and do not desire a woman for her possessions.[j]
22 There is wrath and impudence and great disgrace
    when a wife supports her husband.
23 Dejected mind, gloomy face,
    and wounded heart come from an evil wife.
Drooping hands and weak knees
    come from the wife who does not make her husband happy.
24 From a woman sin had its beginning,
    and because of her we all die.
25 Allow no outlet to water,
    and no boldness of speech to an evil wife.
26 If she does not go as you direct,
    separate her from yourself.

Sirach 25:1 Syr Lat: Gk In three things I was beautiful and I stood in beauty before the Lord and mortals.
Sirach 25:8 Heb Syr: Gk lacks and the one who does not plow with ox and ass together
Sirach 25:9 Lat Syr: Gk good sense
Sirach 25:11 Other ancient authorities add as verse 12, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of love for him, and faith is the beginning of clinging to him.
Sirach 25:15 Syr: Gk head
Sirach 25:15 Syr: Gk head
Sirach 25:15 Other ancient authorities read an enemy’s
Sirach 25:18 Heb Syr: Gk loses heart
Sirach 25:18 Other ancient authorities read and listening he sighs
Sirach 25:21 Heb Syr: Other Gk authorities read for her beauty

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Sirach 26 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

The Joy of a Good Wife

26 Happy is the husband of a good wife;
    the number of his days will be doubled.
2 A loyal wife brings joy to her husband,
    and he will complete his years in peace.
3 A good wife is a great blessing;
    she will be granted among the blessings of the man who fears the Lord.
4 Whether rich or poor, his heart is content,
    and at all times his face is cheerful.

The Worst of Evils: A Wicked Wife
5 Of three things my heart is frightened,
    and of a fourth I am in great fear:[a]
Slander in the city, the gathering of a mob,
    and false accusation—all these are worse than death.
6 But it is heartache and sorrow when a wife is jealous of a rival,
    and a tongue-lashing makes it known to all.
7 A bad wife is a chafing yoke;
    taking hold of her is like grasping a scorpion.
8 A drunken wife arouses great anger;
    she cannot hide her shame.
9 The haughty stare betrays an unchaste wife;
    her eyelids give her away.

10 Keep strict watch over a headstrong daughter,
    or else, when she finds liberty, she will make use of it.
11 Be on guard against her impudent eye,
    and do not be surprised if she sins against you.
12 As a thirsty traveler opens his mouth
    and drinks from any water near him,
so she will sit in front of every tent peg
    and open her quiver to the arrow.

The Blessing of a Good Wife

13 A wife’s charm delights her husband,
    and her skill puts flesh on his bones.
14 A silent wife is a gift from the Lord,
    and nothing is so precious as her self-discipline.
15 A modest wife adds charm to charm,
    and no scales can weigh the value of her chastity.
16 Like the sun rising in the heights of the Lord,
    so is the beauty of a good wife in her well-ordered home.
17 Like the shining lamp on the holy lampstand,
    so is a beautiful face on a stately figure.
18 Like golden pillars on silver bases,
    so are shapely legs and steadfast feet.

Other ancient authorities add verses 19–27:
19 My child, keep sound the bloom of your youth,
    and do not give your strength to strangers.
20 Seek a fertile field within the whole plain,
    and sow it with your own seed, trusting in your fine stock.
21 So your offspring will prosper,
    and, having confidence in their good descent, will grow great.
22 A prostitute is regarded as spittle,
    and a married woman as a tower of death to her lovers.
23 A godless wife is given as a portion to a lawless man,
    but a pious wife is given to the man who fears the Lord.
24 A shameless woman constantly acts disgracefully,
    but a modest daughter will even be embarrassed before her husband.
25 A headstrong wife is regarded as a dog,
    but one who has a sense of shame will fear the Lord.
26 A wife honoring her husband will seem wise to all,
    but if she dishonors him in her pride she will be known to all as ungodly.
    Happy is the husband of a good wife;
    for the number of his years will be doubled.
27 A loud-voiced and garrulous wife is like a trumpet sounding the charge,
    and every person like this lives in the anarchy of war.

Three Depressing Things
28 At two things my heart is grieved,
    and because of a third anger comes over me:
a warrior in want through poverty,
    intelligent men who are treated contemptuously,
and a man who turns back from righteousness to sin—
    the Lord will prepare him for the sword!

The Temptations of Commerce
29 A merchant can hardly keep from wrongdoing,
    nor is a tradesman innocent of sin.


Sirach 26:5 Syr: Meaning of Gk uncertain


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