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Author Topic: Divine Science - New Thought Christianity  (Read 3131 times)

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Re: Divine Science - New Thought Christianity
« Reply #39 on: June 27, 2019, 01:49:27 am »

I think divine science utilizes hallucinogens and worships Lucifer while studying Blavatsky and other mystical occult material. Very dangerous indeed.

Divine Science, the New Thought school in particular shared here in the OP and thru-out, does not promote drug use, neither the worship of the traditional idea/concept of 'Lucifer',...neither is it associated with Blavatsky and any theosophical school, except having a similar emphasis in its study of universal esoteric truths and principles that are consonant within most all religious traditions.

Science is universal, and only particular within a given field of study, however thats qualified.

Ample links were given and a general description of what DS (Divine Science) is and teaches, while the broader extent and spectrum of knowledge of God (divine knowledge as a whole) encompasses all that exists. Therefore a misrepresentation of the New Thought school of DS would be ignoble, as well as the presumptions of 'luciferian' worship to Theosophy, a common misconception among those buying a sanitized version of 'Christianity' icognizant of its own adaptations of older pagan myths and metaphors.

You would be well aware of our commentary on the 'Satan/Lucifer' connection in other threads and forums, showing that 'Satan' and 'Lucifer' are not necessarily the same personality, and that 'Lucifer' as the 'Morning Star' or 'Venus' has no satanic connotations or associations whatsoever but what was applied to it by 'legend', 'mythology' and 'tradition'. There is much deeper knowledge of the occult meanings and correlaries here, but 'Lucifer' as the 'Light-bearer' as a symbol is most positive and enlightening, while even Jesus promises those who overcome the 'morning star'! If 'God' is LIGHT, and he gives light for a soul to 'bear' or to 'shine forth',..then 'God' is the source, substance of knowledge. 'God' is the also LIFE. - both trees in the Garden have their place....Spirit-life....and...'discerning knowledge'. But that would take a deeper look into the metaphors at play.

We would remind again,....The founding truth of Divine Science is -

God is all, both invisible and visible.
One Presence, One Mind, One Power is all.
This One that is all is perfect life, perfect love, and perfect substance.
Man is the individualized expression of God and
is ever one with this perfect life, perfect love, and perfect substance.


This is the stuff the John  fought so hard against in the Church.  Warning about Gnosticism was a theme of his letters.  Bad stuff!

I disagree since a good bulk of John's teaching are gnostic in nature,...as he bases his Christ teaching on concepts such as 'love, light, knowledge, truth'....and it being 'experiential' in God's kingdom...which is spiritual and omnipresent. John's gospel has been redacted and tampered with as well, so gnostic elements may have been 'edited' out, however...much of John's gospel and its gnostic elements remains :-)

We would remind you that knowledge (science) is most fundamental. The knoweldge of 'God' (divine science) is foundational to all reality, if 'God' be the Source of all. Divine Science is a practical school allowing students to apply the science to their own lives, which is the art of true religious practice,.....which the old timers called "practicing the presence of God". Again,...its recognizing the spirit-reality, essence and consciousness of LIFE within all that exists, and that LIFE which pervades and encompasses all that exists as THE INFINITE.

Ever Expanding Consciousness


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