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Author Topic: Divine Science - New Thought Christianity  (Read 3169 times)

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Re: Divine Science - New Thought Christianity
« Reply #13 on: January 18, 2019, 03:44:15 am »

New Age occultists always pull up the same few verses.

The truth of what I shared earlier holds. If there be no truth, value or meaning in such sharings, those parts will evaporate like mist in the noon-day sun. But what is of eternal value and meaning maintains.

Truth, wisdom, light is universal by nature.

'God' is LIGHT.

Divine Science is simply the recognition of the fundamental reality of 'Spirit', and a system of principles that coordinate with that universal knowledge and knowing. Since it is 'knowledge', it is foundational to its own reality and is concordant with the laws and principles that inhere within it and are behind its law of expression, the pattern and movement of creation. 'Knowledge' is key to all that exists, so 'science' is at the heart of existence, it is intrinsic to creation.


"The kingdom of heaven is within you"

"To be spiritually minded is life and peace"

"Even now you are sons of God"

"you are the light of the world"

"you are the temple of God"


'New Age' is just a descriptive term, that can apply to any view, school or context. Plenty of Bible verses speak of a 'new age' to come, so with right knowledge and understanding, there is nothing to fear about the term, despite typical polemics and christian apologetics disparaging it. Divine truth, knowledge and wisdom is timeless really, although some aspects of its revelation unfold through dispensations.

'Occult' knowledge also is just knowledge that is hidden, secret or 'apocryphal'....it is of mystery, shrouded, and available to those who devote time and study to discover the deeper esoteric truths, precepts and principles. The Bible and other religious books are full of 'occult' symbols, terms and allegorical descriptions.

Yes and it all goes back to the fallen angels teaching mankind forbidden knowledge, black magic, incantations and spells along with many other evil and harmful things. Worshiping Lucifer is a tell tale sign and you have mentioned Blavatsky and Crowley I believe and perhaps you study them and adhere to their teachings. The whole concept leads AWAY from God and to selfish desires and thoughts.

I disagree. Neither DS or Theosophy teaches or endorses black magick! Quite the opposite, since its path is emphatically love and wisdom oriented, for the higher good and unfolding of divine potential in man. It appears you need to do more research about 'Lucifer',...we've covered that in other threads.  Since 'God' is the source of all life, light, knowledge, truth, wisdom....the path Godward towards Source is the WAY. - different schools, paths and traditions may differ in their approach, methodology, ritual, mythos and nomenclature...but the path towards life is always love, light, truth and LIFE oriented. This very light and life is in the very heart and soul of man, since man is the temple of God. - from that seed of life and immortality, the Christ within....all the potentials and possibilities of life spring, unto infinity.

I've found a study in theosophical texts and divine science ones draw the soul Godward, not towards selfish desires or SIN. - the whole emphasis of the study of divine knowledge and wisdom, is 'God-oriented' and 'Christ-centered', since 'God' alone is light, knowledge and LIFE. - anything deviating from God (divine love, light, truth, knowledge, wisdom) is 'sin', and the path of disintegration, death, oblivion, non-existence, error. So, its a matter of understanding here, and applying our insight and perception within their appropriate contexts.

Ever Expanding Consciousness


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