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Author Topic: How God expresses His Love towards us....  (Read 3451 times)

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Re: How God expresses His Love towards us....
« Reply #52 on: June 02, 2021, 09:54:34 pm »
Sometimes God expresses His love for us through trials and tribulations.

That's hopeful and helpful, PJ.  It will be wonderful relief to find out that it is the actual reason.  Thanks!

Hello brother I love you Michael. I miss you and we all miss you. I sent you a PM here and on TF


Dear pj,

I can't remember how to find the PM that you mention here, but I will try.  I know that I am more of a benefactor than an administrator here and I try to find time to post here, but I am usually needed doing other chores.  I was in the hospital again a couple few days ago and spent 3 nights there, trying to breathe in again.  My lungs just couldn't get enough air into them to take oxygen in and it was causing me to shake violently and spasm.

They tried to get me to be able to stretch my lungs larger so that I had a chance, plus gave me a few drugs.  They could not get my blood pressure down from 180 and finally sent me home regardless because I wouldn't stay longer and wanted an immediate discharge.  I went to the ER and they admitted me into a semi-private room.  BP never did go down.

When I got home, I was lucky if I could walk to the bathroom, much less do any of the work that had piled up while I was in there.  It made me take some time to realize how trippy things are.  I don't really suppose I have much longer to go.  It's just the transition of being slowly asphyxiated that I don't relish or find bearable.  I suppose that Jesus got his breath cut when He was on the cross too.  He could only stand on that step over and over for so long.  I don't understand if you know what I mean here to be honest.

I have large and small oxygen tanks delivered here at home and also have an oxygen machine here in my bedroom to use all night.  Sometimes, I forget to breathe in and at others, I am too tired to breathe in again.  It takes some work.  There are certain muscles that it takes to breathe in and after a while, they get tired when your breathing is labored.

The food at the hospital was the best part indeed.  I ate like a happy king and didn't have to cook or do dishes.  Delicious and anticipated every day.  I could have food any time of the day or night, so I often had some snacks and  ice cream in the middle of the night.  Yummm!

The people there were very caring and kind, and the only thing that bugged me was because they had to wait on me hand and foot.  They wouldn't let me lift a finger to do my own simple tasks.  I'm surprised they didn't go to the bathroom for me or chew my food first before giving it to me.  Do you know what I mean??  They sure were very appreciated, though.

I'm finally back to breathing on my own here at home and can walk around on my own steam.  I don't have to take my oxygen tank to the bathroom or kitchen with me to survive.  I get so tired of lugging it around.  I suppose one of the main reasons that I have some time to post here is because someone else is helping me with the chores here now.

Will get going, pj.  I will try to remember how to do a PM here and write you.  Will see what happens.  I wasn't too computer literate on the forum here before, so it will take some doing.  I can barely even work my cell phone, much less this.  I don't know how to work the quote things here, either.

May God Spread His Love Over Your Heart Like A Peanut Butter Sandwich!!

Much Love, Michael

« Last Edit: June 02, 2021, 10:13:02 pm by MichaelC »
I believe in the Lord God and how He wanted us to live.  I worship Him and love Him exceedingly much.  I also believe in Jesus Christ and His commandments, and in the example He gave us on how to live our lives.  With them both, and I love and adore Him as my Savior, Master and best Brother & King.  My love is strong and encompassing.

:angel:    :angel:    :angel:


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