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*Bladerunner | Theology | Words of God / How long were Adam and Eve in Eden
« Last post by Bladerunner on April 01, 2020, 10:05:13 pm »
As always I urge you not believe a word that is written in this thread but rather be a good Berean and find out for yourself in Acts 17:11......For GOD in Pro 25:2..(KJV).."It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."

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How Long did Adam and Eve Stay in Eden

 *Satan was a Murderer from the Beginning.  This is what Jesus tells us in John 8:14. When Satan deceived EVE, his lie not only killed Adam and Eve but he also killed us all. (all of their descendents). A murderer from the Beginning without a doubt. (1)

*We know that at Seith's birth Adam was 130 years old.(2)

*After the murder of Abel by Cain, we find the Population of the world was very significant as there were people throughout the region including east of the Euphrates River (NOD)
(1) Cain was afraid others would kill Him.
(2) He took a wife from the land of NOD East of EDEN.

To produce a substantial population that would allow this number of population in other parts of the world (NOD) in only 130 years;  the first Reproductive cycle of Eve could not have been missed. The first child of Adam and Eve (Cain) had to be close to the Fall as there was no birth's during their time in Eden.

After Adam and Eve were created, God told them to go forth and multiply. (Gen 1:28). Since their bodies would have been perfect condition and they would have "in tune" with each other, Eve would have been able to conceive within the first reproductive cycle.

Keep in mind, there was NO conception prior to the fall as we are told in Gen 4:1 (after the Fall)  Eve conceived Cain.

IF we consider the Female reproductive cycle was the same in Eden as it is now and has been for centuries after the fall, it would place her first cycle beginning within two weeks to a month after her creation.

IF we consider that the Beginning of Creation started on Tishrei 1 ( the Jewish New Year) and (3),

IF the "Wedding Chamber" (a type of the ancient Jewish Wedding ceremony)  leaves the groom and bride in the wedding chamber for seven days; They (the Groom and Bride) were left alone for those seven days. This seven days takes us through the 13th day and God would have talked to them on the 14th day since creation.(4)

Then GOD gave Adam and Eve sacrificed animal skins (Gen 3:21) on the 14th day. A future Day (the 14th day of the FIRST month) that will become passover, sacrifice of the Lamb.(5)

This same 14th day God removed them from Eden. The days Adam and Eve were in Eden in my opinion would have be eight days at the most. The seventh day of Creation was for rest. The Wedding Chamber typology (6) would have been started on the first day of the week or Saturday evening ending on Saturday evening. God would have talked with them on the first day of the week 14th day since the beginning of creation, Sunday.


(1) Truth: in defense of the Pre-Trib Rapture, page 98
(2) Genesis 5:3
(3) Koinonia House, "The Feast of Trumpets"
(4) Koinonia House, "The Wedding Model".
(5) Lev 23:5
(6)  (Genesis 29:21-23, 27-28) for the seven days of the huppah
Open Discussion / Re: Great Quotes ...
« Last post by patrick jane on April 01, 2020, 09:53:57 pm »
Mr E - got any good quotes?
*Bladerunner | Theology | Words of God / Jesus Christ, Our Lord GOD
« Last post by Bladerunner on April 01, 2020, 09:23:32 pm »
As always I urge you not believe a word that is written in this thread but rather be a good Berean and find out for yourself in Acts 17:11......For GOD in Pro 25:2..(KJV).."It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."

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Can anyone describe Jesus. I mean really describe HIM....

I run upon this poem some time ago as it was inspired by Pastor Dr. Shadrach Meshach Lockridge of San Diego Calvary Baptist Church, and supplemented from many additional sources.

My King

He is the King of the Jews
He is the King of Israel
But He’s also
King of all the Ages;
King of Heaven;
King of Glory;
King of Kings;
…and Lord of Lords.

He is
a prophet before Moses;
a priest after Melchizedek;
a champion like Joshua;
an offering in place of Isaac;
a king from the line of David;
a counselor above Solomon;
beloved, rejected, and exalted
like Joseph;
and yet far more…

The Heavens declare His glory…
and the firmament shows
His handiwork.

He who is, who was, and who always will be;

The first and the last
He is the Alpha and Omega
the Aleph and the Tau
the A and the Z;

He is the ego eimi,
the "I AM that I AM"
the “I AM that I AM”

The voice of the burning bush
the Captain of the Lord’s Host
the conqueror of Jericho

He is our Kinsman-Redeemer
and He is our Avenger of Blood;
and He is our City of Refuge;

He was crucified on a cross of wood;
Yet He made the hill
on which it stood.

By Him were all things made
that were made;
without Him was not anything made
that was made;

By Him are all things held together!

In Him dwells
the fullness of the Godhead bodily;
The very God of very God.

He became
the first fruits of them that slept.

He is our Performing High Priest;
Our Personal Prophet;
Our Reigning King.

He is enduringly strong;
entirely sincere;
eternally steadfast;

He is imperially powerful;
immortally graceful;
impartially merciful;

He stands alone in Himself:
He’s unique,

He’s the Loftiest idea
& in Literature;

He’s the highest Personality
in Philosophy;

He’s the Fundamental Doctrine
of Theology;

He’s the Supreme Problem
in “higher criticism”!

He’s the Son of God!

There is no means of measuring
his limitless love:

It was written in blood,
on that wooden cross
erected in Judea
2,000 years ago.

He was born of a woman
so that we could be born of God;
He humbled Himself
so that we could be lifted up;
He became a servant
so that we could be made joint-heirs;
He suffered rejection
so that we could become His friends;
He denied Himself
so that we could freely receive all things;
He gave Himself
so that He could bless us in every way.

is Available to the tempted and the tried;
Blesses the young;
Cleanses the lepers;
Defends the feeble;
Delivers the captives;
Discharges the debtors;
Forgives the sinners;
Franchises the meek;
Guards the besieged;
Heals the sick;
Provides strength to the weak;
Regards the aged;
Rewards the diligent;
Serves the unfortunate;
Sympathizes and He saves!

His Offices are many;
His Reign is righteous;
His Promises are certain;
His Goodness is limitless;
His Light is matchless;
His Love never changes;
His Grace is sufficient;
His Mercy is everlasting;
His Word is enough;
His Yoke is easy and
His Burden is light!

He’s indescribable;
He’s incomprehensible;
He’s irresistable;
He’s invinceable!

The Heaven of heavens
cannot contain Him;
Man cannot explain Him

The Pharisees couldn’t stand Him
but soon learned
that they couldn’t stop Him;

They railroaded Him
through 6 illegal trials,
and yet

The witnesses couldn’t agree against Him
and the personal representative
of the ruler of the world,
couldn’t find any fault with Him;

Herod couldn’t kill Him
death couldn’t handle Him
the grave couldn’t hold Him!

He has always been and always will be;
He had no predecessor and
will have no successor;
You can’t impeach Him and
he isn’t going to resign!

His name is above every name;
That at the name of Yeshua
Every knee shall bow
Every tongue shall confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord!

His is the kingdom,
and the power,
and the glory…
for ever, and ever.

Hallelujah! …and Amen!
Hello PJ, John, Bladerunner and others....

Maybe someone can explain something to me about how this board is functioning? 

This appears to be Jon Wood's thread as OP, but somehow it shows Bladerunner as the thread starter?  Does this mean it was copied and pasted from elsewhere and brought here by Bladerunner?  It's really confusing.  If that's the case, it might look like a person has posted here when they didn't really, but it was migrated? 

It seems like almost everyone has moderator status-- maybe too many cooks in the kitchen making changes.  There are posts in at least one of Firestarter;s threads that are attributed to me, that are not mine.  Maybe this is another symptom...

Concerning the topic of this thread-- I could offer a perspective, but I'm not certain that this is still an active discussion.

*Bladerunner | Theology | Words of God / New Bible Translation
« Last post by Bladerunner on April 01, 2020, 09:07:04 pm »
As always I urge you not believe a word that is written in this thread but rather be a good Berean and find out for yourself in Acts 17:11......For GOD in Pro 25:2..(KJV).."It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."

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New Bible translation technology by Wycliffe spreading Gospel faster than ever before?

It seems technology is catching up with third world countries and their people. It remains to be seen if the translation into other languages will be a correct translation. Of course, this also depends on the Bible version the translator is reading FROM?

"New technology has emerged that will enable quicker translation of the Bible and faster spread of the Gospel, accelerated by indigenous people doing the work of translation.

Wycliffe Bible Translators has announced a remarkable development in translation software, "ParaText," for smartphones, called "ParaText Lite," describing it as a game-changer in several ways. Paratext is a joint project between UBS and non-profit organization SIL International, a Christian non-profit literacy organization whose main aim is to study and document lesser-known languages and translate the Bible into local tongues. Wycliffe Bible Translators USA has raised funds for these efforts, including a portion of the funding for the development of PT Lite.

ParaText Lite has allowed mobility in countries where technology like laptops and recording equipment, which is hard to access and maintain, has offered an almost universally-accessible central database for collaboration in translation work, and is enabling missionaries with data stored in long-outdated computer models to upload and update their work, all while sidestepping internet limitations.

Doug Hennum, Wycliffe's chief innovation and information officer, explained in a phone interview with The Christian Post that this new technology fundamentally changes the role of Westerners coming into foreign lands to do Bible translation. Instead, the natives are increasingly able to take part in the process.

"And that's the exciting thing that we're seeing is this shift over the last seven to 10 years where nationals, indigenous people are wanting to do the work themselves. They are beginning to say instead of just us helping you white Westerners do this we want to do it, help us learn how to do it," Hennum said.

ParaText Lite is a version of the ParaText technology that can run on a digital tablet or phone.

Hennum has traveled to parts of Africa and Papua New Guinea where some of this work is being done. On a recent trip to the western part of the Serengeti they were looking at a Masai warrior in full traditional dress, complete with a loinskin with a spear in one hand and a smartphone in the other hand.

"It blew me away that everywhere we've traveled — we were just in the middle of the Congo — same thing. They've all got a smartphone. They know how to use that technology. But if you put a computer in front of them they're almost lost," he told CP.

"So when we have introduced these tablet-based drafting tools, they pick it up so quickly. It's having a tremendous impact on them being able to do a lot of that up front work in translation."

He believes a move of the Holy Spirit is afoot as more previously unreached people groups are able to receive God's Word in their native tongue, translated by people who think and speak like them.

"It's like they are all reading from the same script," said Hennum, recounting his interactions with natives in remote areas on several continents who are sharing from their hearts.

"They're all saying the exact same thing. You just know that it's God moving throughout the world in the hearts of these people."

Hennum and his associates at Wycliffe look at technology as a tool that can be used for good or for ill as more concern about youth being addicted to digital devices appears and the culture's general dependence on it increases in the West and throughout the world.

"I like to look at how can we leverage if for the Kingdom. And in the U.S. we are used to this inundation with technology and apps, our phones, computers and tablets but when you get into the middle of Africa somewhere it's very different. They are just beginning to use that and it is their connection to the outside world and it is beginning to give them some sense of worth as they are able to connect. Before they felt so isolated and disconnected.

But if this tool is able to produce God's Word more accurately and more quickly, "we know the impact that God's Word has and I get excited about that."

As a result of ParaText's new technology the immense time it used to take to learn a new language and relate it to a known language, and produce a translation of scripture is significantly shortened.

"Now, by utilizing indigenous nationals that understand their heart language and can now do a lot of the initial drafting of the text...getting 80 percent of the way to translation," Hennum said.

Wycliffe then works with consultants that are experts in linguistics, bring it up to as high quality as can be attained for a faithful translation. The technology is shifting the work of missionaries who had done that work to being more of a coach, mentor, and trainer in helping the natives do the work.

When one of their own people do the translation it is more widely received by their community than when someone from the outside comes in, he explained.

Wycliffe just celebrated their 1,000th translation of the Bible in the fall. To put this in perspective, it took 67 years to complete the first 500, and the second 500 took only 17 years. And the speed at which they are able to translate continues to grow.

"We have a goal of seeing all of the remaining languages that haven't had any Scripture at least starting to get translation work by the year 2025," Hennum said.

He has been with Wycliffe for nearly nine years and used to regard that goal as overly ambitious if not all but impossible.

"Now, for the first time, it not only seems achievable, but I keep wondering if we're going to hit if before 2025, just because I see this pace accelerating."

"So many national Bible translation organizations, they may be small, but so many of them God is calling to be part of this."

In about a three to five year period Wycliffe is partnering with around a thousand organizations to help get these translation projects off the ground.

"It's exponentially getting the Word out," he said.

He and his wife were recently in Nairobi, Kenya, at a banquet for a Bible translation group. As they were sitting there, being asked lots of questions by the Kenyans, something one of them said hit him like a ton of bricks.

"We really need to build up missionaries here in Kenya so we can send them to the United States. You need missionaries so bad."

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Wycliffe had adapted the technology themselves. They helped fund it but the group has no developers working on the Bible translation tools. The Christian Post regrets the error. "




*Bladerunner | Theology | Words of God / The Land of Israel
« Last post by Bladerunner on April 01, 2020, 08:28:30 pm »
As always I urge you not believe a word that is written in this thread but rather be a good Berean and find out for yourself in Acts 17:11......For GOD in Pro 25:2..(KJV).."It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."

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Jerusalem Post Israel News
Was the Bible right? Inscription may confirm ancient Israel’s borders
Abel Beth-Maacah is mentioned in the Bible several times.
Email Twitter Facebook fb-messenger
Jars found at Abel-Beth-Maacah. (photo credit: ROBERT MULLINS)
Jars found at Abel-Beth-Maacah.
(photo credit: ROBERT MULLINS)
How far north did the biblical kingdom of Israel extend?
A newly-discovered Hebrew-language inscription might confirm that the border of ancient Israel reached areas that some archaeologists were previously skeptical about, thus confirming the Bible’s account.
Read More Related Articles

    Farmers work ‘round the clock’ to ensure produce during coronavirus
    Coronavirus is a Zionist plot, say Turkish politicians, media, public


Recommended by
The inscription was discovered at the site of Abel Beth-Maacah, archaeologists Dr. Naama Yahalom-Mack and Dr. Nava Panitz-Cohen from the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem told The Jerusalem Post.
Abel Beth-Maacah is mentioned in the Bible several times.
“Ben-hadad responded to King Asa’s request; he sent his army commanders against the towns of Israel and captured Ljon, Dan, Abel-Beth-Maacah and all Chinneroth, as well as all the land of Naphtali,” reads the first reference in I Kings 15:20 (translation by Sefaria.org).
Later, in II Kings 15:29, the city is listed among those conquered by the king of Assyria.
As explained by the researchers, the prominent tell was discovered in the 19th century and identified with the city mentioned in the Bible because of its location and the resemblance between the name of the Arab village Abil al-Qameh that was located on top of it and the ancient biblical name. It is located on the border with Lebanon, not far from the border with Syria.
Latest articles from Jpost
Top articles
Israeli researchers develop innovative diagnostic
method for coronavirus
“It is a very large and prominent site, and before we started our project eight years ago it had never been excavated, possibly because of its border location,” Panitz-Cohen told the Post.
The archaeologists pointed out that 3,000 years ago the city was also at the crossroad between different political entities, namely the Kingdom of Israel, the Aramean kingdom and the Phoenicians, who were not part of a unified state but lived in several independent cities along the northern coast.
Although Abel Beth-Maacah has yielded several important discoveries over the years, including a unique piece of artwork shaped like the finely-chiseled head of a bearded male – as well as figurines, seals and jars – no finding so far has allowed the archaeologists to understand the city’s political affiliation in the Iron Age.
“The question archaeologists ask is to whom they paid their taxes. This though doesn’t necessarily change the culture, the cults, pottery and the cuisine of the city. Maybe it means that the Israelites, the Arameans and the Phoenicians at that time, 10th and 9th centuries BC[E], shared many cultural traits,” Panitz-Cohen said.
At the very end of the excavation period last summer, the team, led by the two archaeologists from Hebrew University and Prof. Robert Mullins from Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, found five crushed jars in an Iron Age building.
Only much later, when Antiquities Authority restorer Adrienne Ganur was working on them, did she realize one of the jars featured an ink inscription, quite rare for that time. After further studies, Prof. Christopher Rollston from George Washington University in Washington said that the inscription included the word Lebenayau, or “belonging to Benayau,” a name formed by the root Bana – which in Hebrew and many Semitic languages refers to the concept of building – and the theophoric ending “yahu” – referring to YHWH, the God of the Israelites.
Yahalom-Mack and Panitz-Cohen explained that more work is needed in order to prove that Abel Beth-Maacah was part of the Kingdom of Israel. The jar could have been brought from afar and the name written on at a later stage, or the city might have been home to people having different cultural and ethnic identities.
Some answers will come from further research on the artifact, which is underway. For example, testing the source of the clay from which the jar was made.
A crucial question about the inscription is also related to its dating: The archaeologists think that it likely dates back to the second half of the 9th century BCE, or the beginning of the 8th at the latest. If this proved to be true, the inscription would be one of the earliest examples of this type of northern theophoric ending.
Other mysteries surround Abel Beth-Maacah.
For example, the fact that they “have identified cultic activities, some of them unique, that differ from archaeological expressions of religious activities at contemporary sites,” Yahalom-Mack pointed out. Or that so far, the site does not present any sign of the late 8th century BCE destruction brought by the Assyrian conquest, which is mentioned in the Bible and has emerged at other sites in the area.
Answers to these issues might be found this summer when the team is returning for another excavation season.
“This coming summer, we are going to be excavating again for another month, focusing on the area and the building where we found the jars, among other intriguing Iron Age contexts,” Yahalom-Mack concluded. “If it turned out to be a destroyed building, it will be the first Iron Age II destruction we encounter.”

If they looked at the Bible, Old Testament, GOD WORDS would tell them what Land is Israel's

As always I urge you not believe a word that is written in this thread but rather be a good Berean and find out for yourself in Acts 17:11......For GOD in Pro 25:2..(KJV).."It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."

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There are many who flee from Dispensationalism, some who agree with it and others like one well know scholar stated;  are 'Leaky Dispensationalist.

Dispensation is stated in the KJV Bible 4 times:    1Co 9:17;  Eph 1:10; Eph 3:2; Col 1:25. The word in itself is Biblical.

I have found that one can divide the Bible in many sections but they do not in anyway help with the literal reading and understanding the Bible. The following is my position on "Rightly Dividing the Bible (God's WORD)

Pre-Law, Law, Jesus's Ministry,  Age of Grace, The End Days

You may have different dispensations but these actually work for me?

All Pre-Law covers Creation, the Flood, etc.(Genesis to Deuteronomy)

The Law  given to Moses in and Prophets was until John (the Baptist) Luke 16:16 (Deuteronomy to Matthew, Mark and Luke)

Between The Law, the ministries of John the Baptist, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Jesus were in process until the beginning of the "Body of Christ (the Age of Grace)" which started at Acts 2:1.
The Age of Grace will last from Acts 2:1 to the removal of the Church (Body of Christ) via Harpazo.

After the Church is no longer on this earth, The antichrist will be revealed. The Beginning of the End days.

The only way the Old Testament could end and the FORCE of the NEW Testament could happen is with the death of a Testator. Jesus Christ. (Heb 9:16-17)

As always I urge you not believe a word that is written in this thread but rather be a good Berean and find out for yourself in Acts 17:11......For GOD in Pro 25:2..(KJV).."It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."

If you wish to leave a comment (s) click on the following link:


One can see this post in its entirety on page #4 of "An Experimental Approach to a Long Accepted Belief: Comments" as the following is a copy of the original.

By: Jon Wood
    Global Moderator
    Jr. Member


I’ll get it out of the way so you can read something else if you have no interest. This is the “Fully God and Fully Man” topic. Well... at its heart, this is that. You might wonder what might be different, this is old stomping ground for many of you.

I want to play with the concept in a way that may have been done before, but definitely isn’t the standard back and forth that goes on day in and day out for people like us. What if we approach this by getting the hard part out of the way? It means exactly what you think that means. What if we work from the premise being granted that Jesus is God? Now, what sort of topics and biblical passages do we get into in now trying to prove to someone that he was genuinely a man? Fun, no?

I’ll probably give you more backstory at a later time. I’ll give this some time to see where it goes for a little while. I’ll be checking  out your initial thoughts from the background for at least a little while. Maybe we can come up with some new crazy theory or something, of course, maybe i’m The only one that even likes the idea, lol.
« Last Edit: January 07, 2020, 09:57:03 pm by Jon Wood »

One can see this post in its entirety on page #4 of "An Experimental Approach to a Long Accepted Belief: Comments"

Thanks Ted, I’m working on a response to your second post and reviewing everything else so far. I hope to be back soon with some thoughts.

I’d like to remind us (myself included) that the focal point is not directly deity or Jesus being God, the focus is primarily on Jesus being human. It is difficult to make a topic like this stay in that direction, but it’s working better than I thought it would already, so thanks for an interesting discussion so far everyone. I’m looking at this from angles I probably wouldn’t have thought about on my own

Jon...It is difficult to access if you found the answers you are/were looking for? With the "the focus is primarily on Jesus being human.", what part of His life are you looking for....Was you looking to the beating he took prior to the cross....Why HE did it... His young Life.....Etc....You have any direction I might be able to shed some light on a particular subject?

Stay Safe my friend

Firestarter On Fire / Re: 36 years after George Orwell’s 1984
« Last post by Mr E on April 01, 2020, 06:28:30 pm »
I'm more afraid of sadistic psychiatrist, human rights violating lawyers, vaccines and computer technology than some coward cops beating me up (I DO have scars on my legs from the time the cops send their dogs to chew on my legs because I didn't follow orders)....

They do NOT want things to go back to “normal” quickly. This state of “medical martial law” isn’t temporary - social distancing and school closures will continue to be enforced about 2 out of every 3 months.
This will continue for at least 18 months, until the new mandatory coronavirus vaccine can be injected into all of us so massive depopulation will be achieved.

Never mind that per definition it would be impossible (even hypothetically) to develop a vaccine to protect us from a mutating virus, as the best big pharma could achieve is to develop a vaccine for last year’s virus...

Because they can continue the fear mongering over COVID-19, this will usher in a completely new way of “life”. Some things never will go back to normal. We will have to adapt to the “new normal”.
One objective of the coronavirus false flag is to teach us to only “socialise” with those who are “safe” and keeping our distance from those who pose a coronavirus “risk” (I guess this includes anybody that refuses to be tracked by their smart phone).

Israel is going to use the cell-phone location data to track anybody who has been in touch with known COVID-19 carriers.
Singapore uses mobile phone data to track and publish on every known coronavirus case.

One can imagine a Brave New World where you can only book a flight, if you allow the airline to track your past movements through your phone data.
We’ll accept such measures, much as we’ve let them take away our other human rights, because we’re all severely brainwashed to be good, obedient slaves: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/615370/coronavirus-pandemic-social-distancing-18-months/

The World Health Organization has called for aggressive measures, including identifying and isolating infected individuals and those they have been in contact with through mobile phone (and other) data.

The new Safe Paths app could inform health officials about your movements in a privacy-violating-preserving way under the guising of fighting the coronavirus “pandemic”: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/615372/coronavirus-infection-tests-app-pandemic-location-privacy/

This week, technology start-up Unacast launched a new app called "Social Distancing Scoreboard," which uses the location data of smartphones and grades geographical regions, on how well residents are abiding to the government-enforced social distancing rules.

Big data analysis firm Ghost Data used facial recognition software on half a million Instagram posts to identify people who were violating Italy's quarantine orders.

Telecommunications firm Vodafone provides European governments with “heat maps” of location data, to track mass gatherings: https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/how-governments-are-tracking-social-media-enforce-covid-19-quarantines

China uses a mandatory smartphone app that orders certain “risk” users into quarantine.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is developing a new system to track the population, under the guise of the COVID-19 “pandemic”.
The exact nature of that surveillance system is unclear, but the federal government will probably combine data from phones, social platforms and other databases to monitor the population: https://nypost.com/2020/03/26/cdc-to-launch-new-surveillance-system-to-track-coronavirus-spread/

It looks like maybe Firestarter was somehow able to edit my post???
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Rwanda genocide, Kagame, the RPF and looting the Congo by Firestarter
April 04, 2020, 09:58:01 am

April 03, 2020, 11:10:25 pm