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Title: Pictures of agape Love...
Post by: Lori Bolinger on June 12, 2020, 10:57:21 am
I am editing the first study I did on Biblical Love.  (agape)  Scripture has at least 13 different pictures of Love for us to study.  From Christ's sacrificial Love to a Father's Love and all kinds of things in between.  I was hoping we could talk about the different expressions of agape Love recording in scripture from God to us.

I'll start with a controversial one and see what happens...God's agape Love is a romantic Love of a Holy Bridegroom and the Church He Loves.

What in this expression of Love can we glean about Agape Love that God wants us to have for all people?

To aid our discussion, the definition for Love I will personally be working from is...Biblical Love is putting another above self in an act of humility, creating a covenant whose purpose is to restore/reconcile.