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Title: The Drill Sergeant
Post by: Billy Evmur on May 07, 2020, 06:22:15 am
When I heard that christians gathered each Sunday in Hyde Park Corner to preache I sped down the Edgeware Rd to the park just as fast as my legs would carry me. When I arrived clutching my bible and saw the crowds and heard the hollering and shouting, cat calling and general hullabaloo my enthusiasm evaporated like the morning dew.

Inwardly I cried to the Lord. I had forgotten how much I hated to be centre attention, how I stumbled over words, how my brain scrambled when speaking publicly. Nor am I able to speak above a certain volume before my voice breaks into a hoarse whisper.

Now it happened that a drill sergeant was out with half a dozen squaddies doubling around the edge of the park and from about 50 yards away he spotted my bible and he came after me. He made for me like an angry wasp and his squaddies trailed behind him.

He was the archetypal drill sergeant with barrel chest and thick moustache and when he reached me he put his mouth right next to my ear and turned the air blue.

"You so and so christians, you so and so think you so and so know everything don't you, can you tell me why me and my men have to go over to Ireland tomorrow and get shot at?"

Suddenly I had a crowd. This guy was spitting fire and nobody wants to miss a preach getting a good hiding.

I said [very politely] "sir have you ever been angry?"

hah! what a laugh, he was purple and a great blue vein stood out on his temple. Of course he said he had been angry.

"Well the same seething hate that is in you when you are angry is in those people over there. We have come to show how that when Jesus hung on the cross God was taking all that hate and anger OUT of men's hearts and putting it upon Him"

An amazing thing happened.

The barrel chest suddenly deflated and he grabbed hold of my arm and said "Sir will you pray for me?" I looked into his eyes and they were like the eyes of a little boy and I could see that he was genuinely afraid.

I said I would like for him to pray with me and recieve Jesus as his Lord.

Suddenly he remembered his squaddies who had formed a semicircle behind him and the crowd of about 50 who had formed to watch and listen. "Hep!" he cried and the squaddies jumped to attention "hep!" he cried again and set off at the double the squaddies forming up behind him and so they doubled off to the gate and out of the park with me still clutching my bible and doubling behind them "Jesus loves you, He will hear your prayers ... only believe."