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Title: How long were Adam and Eve in Eden
Post by: Bladerunner on April 01, 2020, 10:05:13 pm
As always I urge you not believe a word that is written in this thread but rather be a good Berean and find out for yourself in Acts 17:11......For GOD in Pro 25:2..(KJV).."It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."

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How Long did Adam and Eve Stay in Eden

 *Satan was a Murderer from the Beginning.  This is what Jesus tells us in John 8:14. When Satan deceived EVE, his lie not only killed Adam and Eve but he also killed us all. (all of their descendents). A murderer from the Beginning without a doubt. (1)

*We know that at Seith's birth Adam was 130 years old.(2)

*After the murder of Abel by Cain, we find the Population of the world was very significant as there were people throughout the region including east of the Euphrates River (NOD)
(1) Cain was afraid others would kill Him.
(2) He took a wife from the land of NOD East of EDEN.

To produce a substantial population that would allow this number of population in other parts of the world (NOD) in only 130 years;  the first Reproductive cycle of Eve could not have been missed. The first child of Adam and Eve (Cain) had to be close to the Fall as there was no birth's during their time in Eden.

After Adam and Eve were created, God told them to go forth and multiply. (Gen 1:28). Since their bodies would have been perfect condition and they would have "in tune" with each other, Eve would have been able to conceive within the first reproductive cycle.

Keep in mind, there was NO conception prior to the fall as we are told in Gen 4:1 (after the Fall)  Eve conceived Cain.

IF we consider the Female reproductive cycle was the same in Eden as it is now and has been for centuries after the fall, it would place her first cycle beginning within two weeks to a month after her creation.

IF we consider that the Beginning of Creation started on Tishrei 1 ( the Jewish New Year) and (3),

IF the "Wedding Chamber" (a type of the ancient Jewish Wedding ceremony)  leaves the groom and bride in the wedding chamber for seven days; They (the Groom and Bride) were left alone for those seven days. This seven days takes us through the 13th day and God would have talked to them on the 14th day since creation.(4)

Then GOD gave Adam and Eve sacrificed animal skins (Gen 3:21) on the 14th day. A future Day (the 14th day of the FIRST month) that will become passover, sacrifice of the Lamb.(5)

This same 14th day God removed them from Eden. The days Adam and Eve were in Eden in my opinion would have be eight days at the most. The seventh day of Creation was for rest. The Wedding Chamber typology (6) would have been started on the first day of the week or Saturday evening ending on Saturday evening. God would have talked with them on the first day of the week 14th day since the beginning of creation, Sunday.


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