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Author Topic: Child Abuse Is Not Funny  (Read 4920 times)

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Re: Child Abuse Is Not Funny
« Reply #13 on: April 20, 2020, 10:59:19 am »
It does have to do with Nephilim because there is a connection between SRA and the Nephilim; between Satanism/Luciferianism and the Nephilim. Between high ranking Luciferians and the Nephilim. I'm putting it out there and whether or not anyone believes me, well, that's their choice.
The elite bloodlines for thousands of years have claimed that they descend from the Gods (Annunaki or Nehpilim), which gives them the right to rule supreme over us mere "human clay".
I don't think that it's a good idea to confirm that they are "Gods" by confirming them as "Nehpilim".

The most evil people that I've had the displeasure to meet were all lawyers. Some people I met are very close to the centre of power. I doubt if you've been as close to the absolute elite as me...
The most evil person I've ever met, is Judge Mr. Th.S. RoŽll, a personal assistant (kamerheer) of Princess Beatrix (former Queen). RoŽll presided over a court session in March 2013...

I don't care if it makes me sound like a lunatic either. I know what I saw and experienced. I didn't want to be part of this. I didn't choose it. It was forced on me.
What I believe is that our mind can play tricks on us and as such I'm not sure that everything you write is true.
Personally I've found out that it's very difficult to correctly write about things that have happened to me personally (no child abuse), because my "memories" are often blurred by my interpretations of what has happened.

There was an auction held in a large room with maybe about 100 people thereabouts, although I'm not sure of the exact number, and they were auctioning off children including me. That's right. I was sold to the highest bidder. These people are sick, evil and twisted. But they have so much money that maybe they think, "yeah, why not, I think I'll buy a child". And they get by with it too because nobody stops them. They do whatever they want to do. Believe that.
I think that it's good to get some of the horrible things you've been through out of your system by writing about it. I'm not sure if a public forum is the best place for that. On some forums they have a private section that is only viewable for members...
It reminds me of the Franklin Scandal where boys were auctioned in Las Vegas.

I waited a couple of days before watching this video because I knew it was going to be intense based on what you said about this video and what she describes. It's hard for me to watch these kind of videos. I had to prepare myself. But the truth is, I can never be prepared enough. I don't think anybody can but especially those who have experienced similar things. I remember one woman who told me that she didn't want to talk to me anymore about this kind of thing because it was too triggering for her and I understood why she felt that way so that ended our discussions..... Fiona is very brave and she's talking about things that people need to know. I hope that the people who did this to her and others that she mentioned will be brought to justice and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But these are powerful people with powerful connections that reaches to the very top of this evil power structure, this Satanic network of people who cover for and protect each other from exposure at all costs. That is, as long as they know how to keep secrets, do what they're told, and don't try to leave. Now I'm going to watch Part 2.
Fiona Barnett has obviously spent time investigating the NWO and satanism. This makes what she says both more convincing and dubious at the same time.
One thing she continuously stresses is that "they" were interested in her because of her high "intelligence". I think that if she was as intelligent as she thinks she would have hidden her IQ...

Personally I found the video of the 15-year-old Theresa more difficult to watch (maybe because what she describes was more recent).

The video by Van Blijenburgh is probably the "easiest" to watch as she was only a witness.
The people she names as present, are some of the most powerful people in the Kingdom of the Netherlands...

You know that you have no obligation to watch these videos. You have no obligation either to comment on them within a certain timeframe.


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