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Author Topic: The Politically Incorrect Gender Crossover Effect  (Read 1471 times)

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The Politically Incorrect Gender Crossover Effect
« on: August 09, 2019, 07:18:04 am »
The Politically Incorrect Gender Crossover Effect
Bernard Pyron

In this society and culture, it is some accomplishment for a man to live to be 85 and not be mentally or physically disabled.

The politically incorrect gender crossover refers to a minority of men who live to be 80, 85, 90 or older and are not cognitively or physically disabled in some way. Toward the end of the article cited they bring up the  male hormone gender difference between men and woman, that men have a higher testosterone level than most women.  The ideas on the Gender Crossover Effect come partly out of the telemere theory of aging.


"In nearly every culture on earth women outlive men — significantly so in the oldest years. But the men who do survive to become elderly are hardier than the women. A US National Institute of Aging study showed that 44% of men over age 80 are "robust and independent" compared with only 28% of women."

See: Perls, Thomas (2004). The oldest old, in: Scientific American, The science of staying young,Vol. 14, No. 3, 2004, p. 6


"The common idea that advancing age inevitably leads to extreme deterioration does, indeed, seem to require revision......The economic burden of caring for people older than 85 could be vast, especially if a
huge percentage of them need special care. Yet it may well be
that health bills for the oldest old will be lower than previously
expected. Some of the first evidence supporting my suspicions came
from a study on Alzheimer’s disease that I conducted with my
mentor, Lewis A. Lipsitz of the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for Aged in Boston. "

least cognitively, the oldest old were in-
deed in better shape than has usually
been assumed. What, we wondered,
could explain their good condition? We
suspect that the answer to this riddle is
that, for whatever reason, some people
are particularly resistant to acquiring the
disorders that disable and kill most people."

"This selective survival hypothesis
may also clarify various other once puzzling findings demonstrating unusually
good cognitive and physical health in the
oldest old.......Early signs of the gender crossover can be seen in studies of 80-year-olds " Men who survive to this age without
major health problems often continue to
live without needing special care. Richard M. Suzman and his colleagues at the National Institute on Aging found that
men older than 80 years in one such
study were more independent than were
similarly aged women. Their report indicated that 44 percent of the men in that age group were robust and independent compared with only 28 percent
of women. Additionally, Kenneth G.
Manton and Eric Stallard of Duke University estimated the active life expectancy, that is, the years of independent life left for members of the U.S. senior population. Their findings showed
that after age 85, men could expect to
live a healthy and active life longer than
women could."

"The testes have been regarded as the source of maleness at least since ancient Rome, where eunuchs & women were not permitted to "testify" (testis is Latin for "witness"). In the male, LH stimulates secretion of testosterone by the interstitial cells of Leydig in the testes. FSH stimulates spermatogenesis in the seminiferous tubules of the testes."

"There is no sudden "andropause" event in males that is comparable to the menopause event of females. Instead, testosterone levels tend to decline gradually with age. This decline occurs most dramatically in those with cardiovascular disease or a predisposition to adult-onset diabetes. Although sperm count declines, fatherhood has been verified for a male as old as 94."

There are some very recent movements in empirical science that are relevant to the Politically Incorrect Gender Crossover.  One of these recent discoveries is about Chromosome Telomere Length as being determined by  Amount of Stress, Certain Nutrients,and Exercise.  Chromosome Telemere Length  theoretically determines lifespan and overall health.

The second recent scientific work relevant to the Gender Crossover is the focus upon nutrients which determine health at the cell level, and Pyrroloquinoline Quinone or PQQ, and NAD + Cell Regenerator and similar nutrients.  These are supplements used by an elite - and it may be that a more effective - and more expensive - version of hese supplements are available only to the elite, while the version of these supplements sold to the larger number of people do not work as well.

The higher testosterone level among men over 85 or over 90 who remain physically and mentally active is an hypothesis, and subject to research, which probably will show a more complex relationship in these men between testosterone  levels and their remaining physically and mentally active. There are a number of other biochemicals, hormones and brain transmitters which can have an effect upon mental and physical capabilities.

Many men who have high testosterone levels do not live to be 85 or 90.   Some who do live to be 85 or more have physical and mental disabilities. It may be that men who make it to 85 or 90 and are not physically or mentally disabled in some ways have  higher testosterone levels.  There are other factors involved. The first  other  factor that comes to mind is intelligence, and the second is the three factors which contribute to longer chromosome telomeres - certain nutrients, regular exercise and ability to reduce stress.  Men who live to be 85 or 90 and are not disabled probably have longer telomeres than average.

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