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Author Topic: The "Deep State" As An Opposition Faction To the Nationalist-Patriot-Populist-Alternative Media-New  (Read 1911 times)

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The "Deep State" As An Opposition Faction To the Nationalist-Patriot-Populist-Alternarive Media-New Counterculture Movement
Bernard Pyron

The Nationalist-Patriot-Populist-Alternative Media-New Counterculture Movement had part of its origin in the Short Wave Broadcasters of the mid to late nineties, who were in opposition to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Regime and their Waco Massacre in 1993. 

This Movement  can also be traced to the work of Andrew Breitbart and Matt Drudge. Many of Breitbart's videos of the years before the 2016 Election are still on the Internet.  He was one of the first to begin explaining the role of the Frankfurt School's Transformational Marxism in the creation of the ideology of the American Democratic Party as it has existed since about 2016.  Matt Drudge exposed the Bill and Monica sex scandal, and his Drudge Report, which Breitbart worked on for a while too, made outstanding in public perception, for many, the doctrines of the Nationalist-Patriot-Populist  Movement.

This new Conservative "Political"  Movement, which got Trump elected in 2016, arrived on the scene with its own Alternative Media, to rival and point out the lies of the Old Dinosaur Media which promotes the agenda of the New World Order.

This Movement has also been called A New Counterculture, meaning there is more to it than just political ideologies and an opposition to the growing totalitarian nature of society, culture and government.  The New Counterculture is also opposed to what is called Allopathic Medicine, which is limited to drugs and surgery.  Even as far back as the Steve Quayle Short Wave Show, he was selling food supplements to finance his operation.  Alex Jones continued to do that and did it successfully on a larger scale.  And so the New Counterculture brought the knowledge of and availability for sale of food supplements, some of  which are more effective for promoting health than is Allopathic Medicine, in part because drugs do not generally improve health and Allopathic or conventional medicine. does not focus upon prevention of either degenerative or infectious disease.

And, many of the spokespeople for the New Counterculture also talk about Christianity, and mostly Protestant Christianity, which is unusual for those in a political-type movement


What is meant by the Deep State?"  http://www.bing.com/search?q=What+is+he+Deep+State&form=QBLH&sp=-1&pq=what+is+he+dee


"The term was originally coined to refer to a relatively invisible state apparatus in Turkey "composed of high-level elements within the intelligence services, military, security, judiciary, and organized crime" and similar alleged networks in other countries including Egypt, Ukraine, Spain, Colombia, Italy, Israel, and many others"

The "Deep State" could be federal career bureaucrats in a number of different agencies created over the years by the  Congress and Presidents - and these  unelected  federal bureaucrats, or some of them, pursue goals which are opposed to the goals of elected members of Congress and the President.

"Trump and Steve Bannon, his former chief strategist, have both made allegations about a deep state which they believe is interfering with the president's agenda. In 2018, describing the deep state as an "entrenched bureaucracy", Trump accused the United States Department of Justice "of being part of the 'deep state'" in a statement advocating the prosecution of Huma Abedin. Some Trump allies and right-wing media outlets have alleged that former president Barack Obama is coordinating a deep state resistance to Trump."

See: https://www.govexec.com/feature/gov-exec-deconstructing-deep-state/

"More than half of federal employees had said the previous October they would vote for Hillary Clinton, according to a Government Executive/Government Business Council survey. Just 34 percent were for Trump. (As many as a quarter of federal employees had said in an earlier Government Executive/GBC poll that they would resign were Trump to win the election.)"

So, a large number of Deep State members are in agreement with the ideology and goals of the present day Democratic Party - which in part explains why Trump Supporters say the Deep State is interfering with the agenda of the contemporary Patriot-Nationalist-Populist-Alternative Media - New Counterculture Movement.

"According to a poll of Americans in April 2017, about half (48%) thought there was a "deep state", defined as "military, intelligence and government officials who try to secretly manipulate government", while about a third (35%) of all participants thought it was a conspiracy theory and the remainder (17%) had no opinion. Of those who believe a "deep state" exists, more than half (58%) said it was a major problem"

Yet three years later than April 2017, with the hyping of fear from death due to the Coronavirus and the lock down of the economy it could be that the country is even more divided on the subject of the existence and threat of the Deep State.

The Deep State is  not the main faction that has hyped the fear of death from Coronavirus. But since the Deep State is allied with the Democratic Party and what is called the New World Order (See Daddy Bush's 1991 speech on the New World Order), it is a suspect of being a faction in the hyping of the Coronavirus. 

 At least in the first few months of 2020 it appears that the top of the American Medical Profession has been the leading faction in hyping fear from that virus, along with the Red Chinese Communist Party, and the "old American Media," or what can be called the New World Order Media.  And, the vaccine agenda of a big part of the American Medical Establishment at its top - the Huge Pharmaceutical Corporations - are a major part of the faction - which is not a conspiracy theory, but is history,

"For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived." Revelation 18: 23

Merchants is from εμποροι, emporoi, which Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, number 1713, says means "a wholesale tradesman." A Linguistic Key To the Greek New Testament, Vol 2, by Fritz Riennecker, 1980, page 508, says emporoi means "...merchants who deal in foreign imports and exports." They include the world traders

The emporoi are not just local small businessmen, but are international merchants, now the giant international corporations..

And now the emporoi include the giant pharmaceutical corporations who are at the top of the American Medical profession.

Sorceries is from the Greek φαρμακεια, or pharmakeia, Strong's Exhaustive Concordance number 5331, is said to mean "medication, “pharmacy,” magic, literally or figuratively - sorcery, witchcraft.”

In the Nazi regime there was a large conglomerate of corporations -  the Internationale Geshellshaft Farbenindustrie, or I.G. Farben, run by
the Swiss banker Herman Schmitz. Drug, or pharmaceutical corporations,
were an important part of I.G. Farben, including the Bayer Company, Merck, and Hoechst.

A branch of the German parent company of Merck was established in the
United States. In 1891, George Merck, grandson of the German Emanuel  Merck, took over the Merck New York office and established  Merck & Company. In about 1902 the American Merck Company made and
sold chemicals including bismuths, iodides, and narcotics such as morphine and ****. Then, later George W. Merck was in the Roosevelt administration as Director of the War Research Service during World War II. This was the George W. Merck who was head of Merck and Company, a large American pharmaceutical outfit. Merck remains one of the giant U.S. pharmaceutical corporations, with its origins in Germany, where the parent company was part of the Nazi business empire, a totalitarian manifestation. The U.S. and international pharmaceutical industry has roots in the Fascist  Nazi movement.  The vaccination agenda - which came to be part of the Population Reduction Movement -  can be said to also have its roots there
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patrick jane

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