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Author Topic: Some American Historical Antecedents of the 2016-2019 Populist-Patriot-Alternative Media Movement  (Read 1292 times)

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Some American Historical Antecedents of the 2016-2019 Populist-Patriot-Alternative Media Movement

See   https://www.christianpost.com/news/populist-candidates-preceded-donald-trump-161140/?fbclid=IwAR1hWgrpOFImavyxN1dYCL_oo6X0CzKIOCHVJt9akYQBS4ghkRYbfGt_f1c

These comments are  excerpts from an article, Friday, April 08, 2016.  "5 Populist Candidates That Preceded Donald Trump," By Michael Gryboski, Christian Post Reporter

"Indeed, the best explanation of Trump's surprising success is that the constituency he has mobilized has existed for decades but the right champion never came along," wrote Michael Lind in Politico Magazine last month."

"Unfortunately for Trump, when it comes to comparing him to these past politicians all but one of them failed to become president."

1. "Andrew Jackson: A controversial figure who eventually ended up on the $20.00 bill, Andrew Jackson was a very popular public figure during the early nineteenth century among working class voters.

"Jackson embodied the ideal of the self-made American man, and his populist appeal lay in his message of inclusion against what he characterized as entrenched establishment interests," noted PBS."

Andrew Jackson was also a member of the American Scots-Irish people who became a leader, not only of them but of many more frontier Americans.

For example, Andrew Jackson put together an unusual army of militia - including Frontier militia from Kentucky and Tennessee, regular Army, New Orleans creoles, who tended to be middle class, freed black men, some Indians such as Choctaws, and important for the several cannon in Jackson's highly diverse army, some Gulf of Mexico pirates, Jean Lafitte and his brothers, .who brought some of their big guns to the battlefield, along with their ability to handle the cannon, as well as sailors, and settlers of mixed races. With this army Jackson beat the best army in the world at that time at New Orleans, which was the last major battle of the War of 1812.

"2. William Jennings Bryan: The passionate orator was the only man on this list whose populist label came with a capital "P," serving as the figurehead for the Populist Party.

This movement advocated for the interests of working class individuals, especially farmers, against upper class business interests."

"3. George Wallace: the Economist noted in a piece Wallace published days after his death in 1998, some considered him a "populist" while others considered him a "demagogue."

"His chosen villains were liberals, communists, and 'pointy-headed' intellectuals. His was the message of America's poor farmers and factory workers being crushed by big government in Washington; of the common people against the elites," noted the Economist."

"4: Pat Buchanan: A former aide to three Republican administrations, conservative pundit and writer Pat Buchanan had his own efforts to become president.

During a failed campaign to become the Republican nominee in 1996, Steven Stark of the Atlantic argued that Buchanan "has the most potential to change our politics."

"His campaign is testing the viability of hard-right-wing populism, which, given the unchecked erosion of middle-class wages and living standards, may be the shape of politics to come," wrote Stark."

"Buchanan's hope is to unite the disparate and often contradictory forces that constitute what is left of populism under the banner, no less, of the Republican Party, the traditional home of those established interests that populism has usually fought."

"5. John Edwards: U.S. Senator John Edwards of North Carolina campaigned to get the nomination for the Democratic Party in 2004 and 2008, losing both times.'

"The entire system is rigged, and it's rigged against you . From insurance companies to drug companies to oil companies, those people run this country now . And I think you got to take them on and beat them," said Edwards.

"The idea that they are going to voluntarily give away their power ... that will never happen . They have billions of dollars invested in making sure there is no change, that the system continues exactly like it's continuing today."

But the Populist-Patriot-Alternative Media Movement which got Trump elected in 2016 came specifically out of the Populist-Patriot movement on Short Wave in the 1990's of the 20th century.

And it was a kind of Marxist Dialectic of Oppositions Colliding that brought about the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Without the extreme Leftist ideology and actions of the two Clinton Administrations from January of 1993 to January 2001, the Short Wave Patriot-Populist movement of the later nineties would probably not have existed.

And it was an event which happened in the early days of the First Bill Clinton Administration - the Waco Massacre - which set off the Short Wave Patriot-Populist Movement. The Waco Massacre also helped create the Militia Movement.

Historians and some Political Scientists may look more closely at the late 20th century Short-Wave Radio Patriot-Populists as leading into the early 21st century Populist-Patriot-Alternative movement which hijacked the Old Bush type Republican Party, and threatens to take the ball away from them and ran with it.

This is what the Democratic Party's impeachment of Trump is about, to get the ball back in the important 2020 election.

The short wave broadcasters of the nineties I knew about were Jeff Baker, Bill Cooper, Mark Koernke, Linda Thompson, Larry Nichols, Steve Quayle, and a young Alex Jones. They would not have been the beginning of the Patriot-Populist Movement on the Internet which existed in 2016 had it not been for the Bill and Hillary Marxist Regime and the Waco Massacre.

While I was listening to Jeff Baker's short wave network, Amerinet, I first heard James Lloyd, who talked about the Christian Remnant while he was then still partly following dispensationalist Chuck Smith of Cavalry Chapel.

These short wave broadcasters were an opposition movement to the more extreme Leftist or Marxist movement within the Democratic Party as it existed in the nineties.

Matt Drudge played an important role historically in the origins of the 2016-2019 Populist-Patriot-Alternative Media Movement. Like the Short Wave Patriot-Populist broadcasters, Matt Drudge first gained popularity by exposing some of the criminal activities of Bill Clinton. Drudge exposed to the public the Monica Lewinsky scandal. which helped to get Clinton impeached in the House. Short Wave broadcaster Larry Nichols also contributed to that impeachment by his broadcasts and writings.

Drudge met Andrew Breitbart during the 1990s or a little later and became his mentor. Breitbart later helped to run the Drudge Report. Andrew Breitbart was a very early 21st century person who exposed the Transformational Marxist ideology, including Identity Politics, of the emerging American Left and Democratic Party. The Democratic Party's interest in the LGBT Movement came more fully to light later, after the 2016 elections. And the Left's involvement in the "Drag Queen Clown Story Time" is also more recent.

It is interesting that one of the short wave broadcasters of the nineties - Steve Quayle - financed his work by selling food supplements and survival gear. Remember that the alternative health care movement had one of its points of origin in the Back to the Land or "Whole Earth" Movement within the Hippie movement during the seventies. Yet Steve Quayle apparently pioneered the sale of food supplements as a means for financially supporting the Populist-Patriot Movement on short wave then, which began to shift the Alternative Health Care Movement away from the Left and toward the more Conservative Populist-Patriot Movement, which emerged in 2016.

I remember when Genesis Communications Network gave the short wave broadcasting slot that belonged to Larry Nichols to the younger Alex Jones. Jones began selling food supplements to support his work, and continued doing so after he shifted over to the Internet.

Paul Joseph Watson, one of the broadcasters on Infowars, which belongs to Alex Jones, said that the Patriot-Populist-Alternative Media Movement is a "Counterculture," meaning it is a lot more than just a political movement. That "Counterculture" includes creating and giving out information on the Alternative Health Care Movement. One of the popular alternative health care items that Infowars Store of Alex Jones sells is called DNA FORCE, which contains Pyrroloquinoline Quinone, and supporting supplements to increase its being absorbed and its action. There is a recent research history on this supplement on the Internet. It involves energy developed at the cell level.

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