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Author Topic: Agenda 21 = List of 21 Goals of the International Ruling Elite From 1993  (Read 2253 times)

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Rockefeller funded both eugenics and the German Nazis.
Bill Gates' daddy was also working for/with Rockefeller.

Also worth mentioning is that in between 1933 and 1952 in the second half of the 1940s, when Europe had been “liberated” by the Allied “heroes”, the Morgenthau Plan was executed in which Germany was starved to death, with literally millions of Germans dying as a direct result: https://www.lawfulpath.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1340#p4874

Facebook would likely censure this article if I tried to post it there.  Recently Facebook censured my post on Eugenics.
No surprise really…
Anywhere you post on the internet, it could be deleted…

Firestarter, what are your ideas on the moral problem with the population reduction movement and the eugenics movement within the American Medical System, which tends to be coming from the top of that system?
I don’t think that there are big differences between the American Medical System and in Western Europe. Maybe the US is a forerunner in medical experiments, so maybe the new initiatives are first tested in the “land of the free” before being brought to Europe...
Of course feminism and the LGBT agenda have also been promoted to reduce the amount of babies. Also financed by amongst others Rockefeller...
I don’t see any “moral problem” associated with an elite that orchestrates genocide. They are psychopaths that should be fought any way we can (Jesus Christ stood up against “them” and was crucified for it).

Yet it appears that the ruling elite of what Daddy Bush called The New World Order in his 1991 speech may also be making use of the Transformational Marxism from the Frankfurt School to serve their purposes of gaining control of the masses.  Firestarter, is this not what has been going on in Europe recently?
There is not much difference between what’s happening in the US, maybe the most important difference is that Europe is flooded with migrants, while the US isn’t, all part of the mass migration plan of the United Nations...
They plan to treble the population of Canada by importing massive amounts of migrants.

The population reduction movement of the ruling elite and the eugenics movement within the medical system are fascist manifestations, rather than Communist, Leftist or Transformational Marxist Manifestations.  Remember that in history the Nazis took over much of the ideology of the American Eugenics Movement, which was stronger in California at that time.
It is the same elite group of psychopaths that orchestrate depopulation, that started Marxism, fascism, conservatism and libertarianism.

Here’s information on the elite backers of Karl Marx: https://www.lawfulpath.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1093&start=40#p5999

This goes back to the Fabian Society that still decides on the Socialist agenda.
In a strange twist the same “socialist” Fabian Society started the Communist revolution of Russia, supported the Nazis of Hitler and founded the “right wing” Mont Pelerin Society that still is a (or the) major “society” for right wing propaganda: https://3169.createaforum.com/firestarter-on-fire/world-bank-and-imf-destroy-economies-or-modern-day-slavery/msg2605/#msg2605

As for the depopulation agenda – I doubt if you can call it eugenics as it isn’t aimed at one race in particular – it goes back to the end of the 18th century (or even before).
These psychopaths have followed the views of Thomas Malthus (1766-1834), who believed that famine and disease should be used to stop population growth.

Planned Parenthood was established by Margaret Sanger, lover of member of the Fabian Society and Round Table, H.G. Wells, who predicted (or planned) WW I, WW II, and atomic bombs.
Margaret Sanger was funded by the Rockefeller family from 1923, who also funded and were business partners of the German Nazis.

I recommend the following book by Lyndon LaRouche...
The East India College at Haileyburg became the clearinghouse for the next generation of British economists, including James Mill, his son John Stuart Mill, David Ricardo, and Parson Thomas Malthus. Jeremy Bentham was their intellectual leader until his death in 1821. Pitt encouraged the 1798 publication of Malthus' “Essay on Population, which argued for the extermination of "useless eaters". John Maynard Keynes later praised Malthus' Essay as "a work of youthful genius"
Malthus became the Chair of History and Political Economy at Haileyburg. A generation of Malthusians was put into controlling positions for the opium traffic in Asia. In his 1819 “Principles of Political Economy”, Malthus elaborated his depopulation program into a zero-growth approach to economy. India was basically a laboratory for zero-growth doctrines


Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. and David P. Goldman – The Ugly Truth About Milton Friedman (1980): https://archive.org/stream/the_ugly_truth_about_milton_friedman/theUglyTruthAboutMiltonFriedman_djvu.txt

And we now have the COVID-19 “pandemic” for the final solution. Many will die as a direct result of the crashed economy, with vaccines to reduce fertility to new lows.
That’s besides that social distancing has made it practically impossible even to flirt (and for some reason I find masked women less atractive): https://3169.createaforum.com/firestarter-on-fire/coronavirus-hoax-to-declare-martial-law-(fema)/
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