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Author Topic: We Never Went To The Moon  (Read 9129 times)

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Re: We Never Went To The Moon - Fake NASA
« Reply #26 on: November 11, 2019, 08:02:42 pm »
Dear Sneakydove,

I can't answer you completely today, but wanted to say that the Lord can stop the rotation of the Earth for long enough to help Joshua.  God can certainly do that.  Will chat soon, hopefully tomorrow or so.  I will probably add to this post ASAP.  Thanks!

Hey Sneakydove,

I have some time tonight, so I'll post a little.  What I'd like to know is how deep or thick is this Flat Earth?  How is extreme pressure built up so much that it has to release and spew out of the Earth, if there is no gravity.  A round Earth means that gravity is constantly trying to pull the top of the sphere toward or into the middle.

Being a sphere, the crust gets extreme resistance upon itself, because a sphere compacting upon itself is where the Pressure begins and a sphere has nowhere to go if it is sinking towards it's center.  Things stabilize by the Earth coming inward and also flying outward while it spins so fast.

A sphere is round and so it cannot go anywhere inward.  Spheres can't contract because they have no spacers anywhere.  The sidewalk can expand and contract to ease it's problems of winter and summer.  Do you know what I am saying here?  That's why a round circumference stays the same and doesn't cave in on itself.

I was told that the center of the Earth was the bottomless pit, or Hell.  It is very hot there because of the compacting and pressure of Earth trying to fall back into it's center, caused by strong gravity.  If gravity is strong enough to move the ocean tides, than we must realize that gravity exists on the Earth and also the Moon.  It's the moon that moves the waves by it rotating on the Earth.

How about Saturn being a sphere, also?  Does it have only constant fixed rainbows or are they rings instead?  It Saturn is a sphere, then why not the Earth?  If you go far to the East of Earth, why don't you drop off the shelf of it?  Why don't we hear about persons taking a step too far over the edge of the Flat Earth and falling?

A pit on a Flat Earth would have a bottom if it were flat.  Why does the Lord God say instead, the 'bottomless' pit?  A pit on a Flat Earth would have a bottom.  But, being a sphere, the bottom is instead a 'center' and the top of the Earth is the top, where everyone is living.  Where is the End or most West land on the Earth before ending and which country is there to butt up to another country?  Why does a ship sailing West not fall off the edge of the land, if it is Flat?  Where does that ship go?  When does West end??  Where does East end?  How come we can keep traveling around the Earth without coming to the Edge?

The Moon creates gravity on the ocean waves so that they are rushing.  The moon circling the Earth makes the tides move a certain way.  The Earth must be moving with tons of gravity in the center, to spin around, which throws water and land on the circumference outward and slings whatever is on top outward from the spinning around.  Strong gravity from the Earth's iron core is magnetically locking the Earthly magnet to compact with great force.

If this was a Flat Earth, why would there be any gravity at all?  There would be no sphere trying to compact upon itself and so no extraordinary friction or great heat at the center would even matter.  Why do we see countries continuing as we travel West and we never fall off the Flat Earth or the sea.  The sea conducts electricity or magnetism and stays where it is because of gravity and the magnetic core.

Which countries are located on each Edge of this Flat Earth?  How do we continue to travel West endlessly without falling off?  What is there, gravity underneath the Flat Earth?  How is it created to travel from country to country back to the same country that you passed earlier if it is flat and not round?  Why do we see different views of the countries according to a picture that is produced by a satellite?  Why can't the satellite take one picture that includes all of the countries and seas of the World in one pose?

How deep is the ground on this Flat Earth?  If it is deep or not deep, and it is not round, then it must be like a humongous rectangle or box.  It must have a flat bottom, unless it has a semicircular bottom.  You see how the pressure and gravity increases as you travel further down in the ocean.  The water starts crushing in on your body to where it is a final destruction.  That is gravity and the heaviness of the water.

I could go on with more, most likely, but this will have to do for starters.  Let me know what you think.  Someone is not playing with a full deck here.  God could make the Earth be a sphere, for He is spectacular and quite able to do it.  Or He could make it Flat, but how would there be a bottomless pit in the center, not a top or bottom.  Without gravity, how does the feather and snow, or hail, fall from the top of the air above to the ground?  What makes 'down' the way that things should fall?  There Must be gravity.  How does this gravity exist in the first place?

Hey, I could go on, but I digress.  I want to know what you think of this info. 


« Last Edit: November 12, 2019, 08:37:08 pm by MichaelC »
I believe in the Lord God and how He wanted us to live.  I worship Him and love Him exceedingly much.  I also believe in Jesus Christ and His commandments, and in the example He gave us on how to live our lives.  With them both, and I love and adore Him as my Savior, Master and best Brother & King.  My love is strong and encompassing.

:angel:    :angel:    :angel:


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