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Author Topic: We Never Went To The Moon  (Read 9129 times)

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Re: We Never Went To The Moon - Fake NASA
« Reply #26 on: November 10, 2019, 07:59:48 pm »
@Blade:  Thanks! 

@Michael:  I know all about volcanoes and gravity and the stars are also suns and other planets and NASA and everything like that.  That stuff helped to deceive me away from Christ. I grew up loosely Anglican.  I went to a Christian summer camp which thankfully gave me something of a grounding.  But everything I was learning in school was contrary to what was here.  Even though I was at a Christian camp I never really understood the gospel. 

Then it's off to University with all sorts of sins and temptations everywhere and nobody thinks the bible is good for anything, bar one or two people in my immediate circle.  Whatever the case, I have a crisis of faith and start looking for other books.  I end up going into science texts.  However I seem to see errors there that others don't, but since everybody seems to agree on this stuff I'll go along with it, but mostly I just follow Sci-Fi.

Then I have an encounter with truly evil occulted stuff going on in very close proximity to where I live.  I brush it off, but within six months things get very weird.  Now I'm suddenly deep into conspiracies and lo and be hold, thanks to my encounter, I discover that there are actual evil people in the world, and more than that devils and unclean spirits and etcetera are actually real things.  I repent and ask Jesus into my heart.  I broke out into cold sweats and there was some other presence inside me that did not like what was happening.  It was soon over and I'm in a cold sweat wondering what just happened?

So now I have a far more direct experience that yes, God and Jesus and the Bible are definitely real and so then I try to reconcile that with what I (think) I know of the world.  I try mushing science into the Bible.  Things aren't fitting and just don't make sense.  Eventually after a rough week spiritually speaking I pray and say something to the effect of, "God, I trust you.  I don't understand what's going on, but I trust you.  If there's anything else for me to see and tell others about, let me see it if you're willing."  The next day, I see a flat earth video.  I think, Yeah, why not.  I watch it. 

Well now, this makes actual sense and accords with the Bible!  The sun and the moon are the same size. They are not material objects but are lights.  The earth was made before the sun and the moon.  The flood could be real.  Evolution absolutely cannot be!  It makes for a very swift "don't let the door kick you on the way out" type of exit from strict Materialism and into Biblical Literalism.  I then understood what it means when Jesus tells us we must be like children.  I tried bringing all of my understanding of the world and things just didn't mesh.  I had to start my mind and world view totally afresh. 

I'm not the only one either.  Flat earth as a concept has booted many an Atheist or otherwise Materialist swiftly into the arms of The Lord.  The channel The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction has a good video on that which I can link to you if you are willing to make time to watch it. The argument that if the tree bears good fruit goes along way if it's drawing people to Jesus rather than away from Him.

Normally I debate these sorts of topics with atheists in the hopes it will make them analyze what effectively amounts to their holy books in the form of Newton's Principia, Einstein's General Relativity, or anything by Carl Sagan.  Broaching these subjects with Christians I thought would be easier as I would have to spend less of my Humanities background learning mathematical engineering concepts just to talk with these guys and more time with actual textual analysis or even just a few simple Bible verses.  Of course, as I can see from the efforts of others, it's not that simple.

That said, I don't think Flat Earth is entirely a salvational issue, however I don't have much truck in the theology of anyone who doesn't entertain it and still follows the Anti-Gospel of Jet Propulsion Labs and NASA (which was run by a practicing satanist if you're wondering.) 

As an aside, I'm a natural typist and wordsmith so don't think my typing a lot of words necessarily takes me a great deal of effort.  It's one of those gifts God's allowed me to have.

Cheers Michael.  I understand your time is precious and I don't really feel I need to convince you.  Just know that when you try to talk the flat earth out of me you're not getting anywhere.  Once you know the truth, you don't let it go.  If you find that sentiment offensive, that I don't consider the globe to be the truth, why?


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