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Author Topic: We Never Went To The Moon - Fake NASA  (Read 6436 times)

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Re: We Never Went To The Moon - Fake NASA
« Reply #13 on: August 13, 2019, 08:58:25 pm »
Dear patrick & blade,

I was told here that I don't have to believe in a flat earth when I subscribed to this Forum.  I do not believe the Earth is flat, nor do I believe that all of the other planets are flat.  If you want to be rid of me, fine.

You don't realize the strength of the great effect of gravity holding the oceans magnetically to the Earth.  The water in them can conduct electricity, just like all of us.  If it's God's Will that He has made them all spheres, then you can understand further how Great He is.

You figure that we are flat here on Earth, and that the Sun, Moon, Venus, etc. are also flat.  Why do you doubt His Power to do this with spheres instead??  I don't know if we made it to the Moon, but I do believe that we did.  I also believe our cameras have taken pictures of the other planets involved and found them to also be spheres.  What about the tectonic plates on moving our land?

Why do the constellations move constantly with the changes in seasons?  Why is it that our satellites/ drones photograph the Earth and they don't show all of the countries in one photo?  Why can't they take a picture of the Earth with ALL of the countries showing on the flat Earth??

I think that Satan has got you all confused badly and no one wants to say anything.  That is how he screws up the wonder of how God has created each planet and star.  You think that the Sun just goes across a Flat Earth??  Where does it go when it sinks below the Flat Earth?  Underneath the Flat Earth?  Also, how about the moon?

The core of the Earth is exceedingly an enormous magnet.  God's Wisdom and Power is greater than some men can perceive, I guess.  I was told by the Lord that the Earth has a Center and a Top, but no Bottom.  That is how the Center of the Earth is also called the Bottomless Pit.  The Earth has no bottom, because it only has a top and a center.

How does the Earth reel to and fro if it's flat?  We are told in the Bible that it will happen when the Latter days come.  We are here, in the latter days right now.  If the Earth moves at a great speed for us to comprehend, why does it mean that it doesn't.  The other planets move slower because their circumference around the Sun is a greater distance to the max.

The uppermost center of the Earth is flowing with molten lava and magma.  Is it under our Flat Earth and our Earth is flat enough, but also thick enough to create the pressure and force up the magma stored in the Earth.  Don't you realize that the Earth's crust is so under pressure from the magnetic properties that it gets so pressurized.  This causes the lava to spew out of certain weak holes in the Earth and make volcanoes.

Hey, I do love you all very much and I hope that you will let me have my own beliefs
without shunning me here.  Of course, you can have your beliefs, also.  I do not want to debate this subject, because I have enough to do.  I am swamped with work to do all day.  I have work to do with Facebook, Twitter, my websites, and 2 Forums, plus all of my regular email.  I have reached over 75,000 persons on just one of my websites.  Then, I have tons of work to do around the house taking care of it and feeding it's occupants, including four cats.

I can imagine that you don't want me here now, but I have kept quiet long enough.  I don't understand how you can believe what you do, except for Daft Dave serving it up  with the whole thing.  How Thick is this flat Earth?  Is China supposed to be on  the Bottom side of the Flat Earth?  What kind of gravity keeps the bottom of the Earth intact if it is flat?  The Flat Earth is thick or deep enough for us to mine for oil and other things?  How deep does this flat earth have to be?  Well, I'm going.

With Concern For You All & With Lots Of Love,


P.S.  If I didn't love you all so much, I would keep my lips sealed and say nothing.  Just like if you had bad breath.

I believe in the Lord God and how He wanted us to live.  I worship Him and love Him exceedingly much.  I also believe in Jesus Christ and His commandments, and in the example He gave us on how to live our lives.  With them both, and I love and adore Him as my Savior, Master and best Brother & King.  My love is strong and encompassing.

:angel:    :angel:    :angel:
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