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Author Topic: Earth's Majestic Curvature  (Read 503 times)

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patrick jane

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Earth's Majestic Curvature
« on: July 20, 2021, 03:36:36 pm »
Branson Vs. Bezos: Who Really Wins This Space Race?​

The Amazon founder may not be first to blast off but he has far more financial firepower. He's even winning the public relations battle.

Chris Bryant
July 10, 2021, 12:00 AM CDT


Within the next fortnight two of the Earthís wealthiest individuals will attempt to fly into space. Richard Bransonís flight on Sunday aboard a Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. spaceship will be followed by Jeff Bezosís rocket trip with Blue Origin LLC on July 20. In a summer not lacking in awe-inspiring spectator sports, this rivalry remains pretty unique. And itís not without risk.

Itís taken a couple of decades for both men to realize their ambition of going into space. Blue Origin was founded in 2000 and Virgin Galactic four years later. The critics will harp that they could have devoted their time and money toward more worthy terrestrial endeavors (and paying more tax). Their jostling to be first smacks of billionaire bravado.

Yet the spectacle is unmissable. If seeing Earthís majestic curvature inspires better care of this planet, then Iím all for rich folks taking a joyride into space. (At around $250,000 a ticket to fly with Virgin Galactic, this remains a rich personís pastime.)

And if Branson and Bezosís space odyssey inspires even a handful of kids to attempt hard things, so much the better. I just hope nobody feels ill: Branson is planning to live stream his trip.

While thereís symmetry in billionaires blasting off within days of each other, Branson and Bezos have followed quite different technical paths and theyíve done so with markedly different budgets. They canít even agree on what technically counts as ďspace.Ē

Where Is Space?​
Where Earthís atmosphere ends and space begins is far more ambiguous than you might expect. Even the billionaires donít agree.

Bezos is adamant that space begins at the internationally recognized Karman line some 62 miles (100 kilometers) above sea level. Blue Origin typically reaches an apogee of around 66 miles. By contrast, Virgin Galactic flies to an altitude of around 55 miles, thereby surpassing the 50-mile mark at which U.S. military pilots are awarded their astronaut wings. For what itís worth, I donít think this matters.

Bezosís New Shepard rocket takes off and lands vertically, whereas Virgin Galactic spaceflight system comprises a rocket ship that detaches from a carrier aircraft at around 45,000 feet, having taken off horizontally much as a regular plane would. Virgin Galactic has completed three piloted suborbital space flights already. Blue Origin has been to space 15 times, but never with people on board.

Bezos appears to be outspending Branson and no wonder: Bezosís $214 billion fortune makes Branson look like a pauper. The Virgin Group founder is worth ďjustĒ $7.9 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

There's Rich and Then There's Richer​
Jeff Bezosís net worth eclipses Richard Bransonís very healthy fortune

Bezos has sold around $1 billion of Amazon.com Inc. stock annually to fund Blue Origin. By comparison, Branson has said heís invested almost $1 billion in Virgin Galactic, which burns through around $250 million of cash yearly. Heís sold several chunks of Virgin Galactic stock to help fund his pandemic-hit terrestrial interests. If Sundayís flight is a success Iím convinced that Virgin Galactic will soon raise more capital while the shares are flying high.

Branson has historically made up for what he lacks in financial power with a talent for self-publicity. His last-minute bid to beat Bezos into space is pure Branson, as were indiscreet comments about his wife vowing not to attend his funeral if he doesnít make it home.

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patrick jane

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Re: Earth's Majestic Curvature
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2021, 03:39:30 pm »
Space Virgins Get Lucky?

3 minutes

Space fantasy fan-boys and fan-girls have just received their latest damage-control propaganda update from actor Richard Branson where he claims to have gone to space and filmed the spinning-ball Earth for us (but really he just did some parabolic maneuvers simulating free-fall while in a fancy plane)! 

Unfortunately for old Dick and his riders, rather than use a normal lens to film the Earth, like all honest amateurs do when sending up their high altitude balloons, these space virgins, just like NASA, Space X, the Red Bull dive and all other so-called "official" sources, always suspiciously choose to use a fish-eye lens causing the horizon to constantly and radically warp from convex, to flat, to concave. 

As the camera tilts relative to the horizon the ends warp up or down respectively, but when held still and level the horizon is flat.  As the normal back camera shows, the horizon actually remains perfectly flat and rises to the eye-level of the camera all the way up. 

If the Earth was actually a globe, no matter how large, the surface of the globe would curve downwards in all directions away from the observer causing them to necessarily tilt their heads down more and more the further they ascended to be able to see the horizon.  In reality, which is only consistent with rising over a flat plane, the horizon rises along with the observer and remains precisely at eye-level for the entire ascent! 

This trick is apparent both in Branson's trip this week as well as Baumgartner's Red Bull dive from several years ago.  The fish-eye lens cameras show a constantly warping horizon which was already curving the picture at ground level the very same amount of so-called "Earth curve" that it showed at 128,000 feet just before diving. 

The trick is given away however when they switch to the regular non-fish eye lens camera inside the craft which shows a perfectly flat horizon still perfectly at eye-level while hovering over 20 miles above a supposed globe.  Do you see something wrong with this picture?  If you do, then welcome to the truth of your hoaxed reality.  If you don't, then enjoy watching these terrible slack-jawed actors with their mouths gaping wide open at how ridiculously gullible you sheeple are.


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