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Author Topic: Biblical Enclosed Flat Earth and Cosmos  (Read 16226 times)

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patrick jane

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Re: Biblical Enclosed Flat Earth and Cosmos
« on: August 03, 2018, 10:12:49 am »
From my good friend Gleason92 @ Theology Forums, the BIG Forum that I operate. Gleason is more advanced in his research, study and knowledge of flat earth than me perhaps and has years of experience behind him whereas I'm only 8 months into my study & research. Things are heating up in the top echelons of the flat earth "spokespeople" :

The flood as we know was not simply a rainstorm rather the windows of heaven opened so I would gather the levels could be higher than our current ice wall and could have reached the base of the dome beyond the wall. The ice wall may not have even existed in the days of Noah, before the great flood and the current ice could be a remnant from the great flood.

We will never know because the field of academic science and the longest running treaty in the history of humanity has a vested interest in ensuring we never know.

I mean this flood created the geologic column that academia deceptively uses as proof of old Earth while never admitting the perfectly reasonable alternative....a cataclysmic flood could have caused enough trauma to the sample, in a MUCH shorter timeframe, to yield the same results.

This is why it's silly that we are essentially reduced to "who has the biggest..... College credentials". It's the last vestige of a losing argument that begins with willful ignorance of what's already posted in these 70+ pages.

Of course going the "credential" route also can lead to Dr. Robert Sungenis, who is way more studied in academia than the likes of Cobra and xenn and after about 10 years of digging deep into the material concluded we live in a geocentric universe, which your may ascribe to as well and is just a stone's throw from flat Earth truth.

I must admit I have egg on my face. PJ has been promoting the documentary "the principle" for quite some time. I never carved out the time to watch it and felt a little guilty about that.

Now for those serious about flat Earth truth, this is the place to start.

What I didn't really realize, was this was the Kate Mulgrew narrated documentary and I watched it already in 2015 or 2016. See the documentary came out in in October of 14 I believe but there was this hoopla in MSM the prior April because the geniuses in academia cried they were bamboozled into looking foolish for supporting heliocentricity on a geocentrist documentary.

Those fake news articles the prior April were where I first stumbled on the great documentary. Secondly, I only knew of Dr. Sungenis from his Catholic apologetic work, I didn't know he was both a geocentrist since 2003 and the guy who made the principle.

Now, full disclosure, Dr. Sungenis believes the Earth is NOT flat. But the difference between the likes of him vs. A cobra or xenn is he both understands and respects the position and speaks to it intelligently using his education to engage in actual talking points. What he doesn't do is show silly pictures and handwave away all the ahem *problems* with the globe model.

If you have any interest, the latest developments in flat Earth truth are very intriguing.....

Kent Hovind is sick of addressing flat Earth questions directed to him so he recently partnered with Dr. Sungenis to tell the world how wrong we are. But Hovind is a heliocentrist so it's the old enemy of my enemy is my friend.

They then targeted Rob Skiba as the representative of flat Earth. Hovind then challenged Skiba to a debate, this all unfolded the past 2 weeks or so.

Skiba officially responded with a counter offer since it's not exactly fair with 2 on 1. Skiba said Hovind vs. Sungenis debate first on helio vs Geo and he'll debate the winner on flat Earth.

Hovind is pretending that's a solid no to his debate request so he's pretended to move on. I believe yesterday or today is the deadline for Hovind to respond. So if Hovind is a no to the debate, he loses and Skiba vs. Sungenis.

Well last night Skiba uploaded a one hour 45 minute interview between himself and Sungenis that is very enlightening and I highly recommend everyone watches


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