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Author Topic: Biblical Flat Earth and Cosmos  (Read 21448 times)

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patrick jane

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Re: Biblical Enclosed Flat Earth and Cosmos
« on: July 31, 2018, 10:22:42 am »
A New Nation : God intervened again by setting apart a nation, a people, a kingdom to bear His name. From Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, down through Moses, Aaron and Joshua, Judges like Samson and Gideon, Kings like David and Solomon, Prophets like Elijah, Daniel and Samuel. Through the rise and fall of many demonic empires.

The God of all creation revealed Himself and His plan to redeem humanity from the curse of sin (and later as in now, the curse of the law), and death and demonic oppression. Finally, from the town of Nazareth the Promised Messiah emerged, the Son of God, the Word made flesh, whose sacrifice would free the world from the curse, who would save mankind and make it possible for us to be reborn in the Spirit.

Jesus Christ would now live IN us, and from that point until present the spiritual war took on a new twist. For decades and centuries after the resurrection the word of and truth of God began to spread through Christianity. Freeing mankind from the bondage of sin that had held them captive for generations. For the first time since the flood, people began to understand who and what they had been in servitude to the pagan kingdoms.

Throughout Asia, Europe and parts of Africa, the truth of God and Christ kept spreading, increasing, declining and increasing again over centuries. satan used his puppet emperors of the Roman empire to torture, imprison and persecute the first Christians. This only revealed more the power of the gospel of Christ and the hope of eternal life that He brought to bear.

Faith in Christ spread abroad. The Roman empire crumbled under it's own heathen weight. Now satan began to re-brand his agenda from trying to crush the spread of the truth of Christ to usurping it. Now satan began re-branding some of the old demonic kingdoms and demonic occult priesthoods and "Christianizing" them.

Seducing people with wealth, power and earthly pleasures and corrupt the Church of Christ from within. Pagan temples were "re-purposed" as Christian temples, pagan rites and rituals were re-purposed into Christian ceremonies etc. The Catholic church played a big role and still do. But nearer the beginnings and for centuries, scores of thousands of people were kept far from the Bible.

But by the grace of God the truth endured and the gospel spread. The age of Imperialism came and despite the evils of Imperialism, the gospel spread with it's spread though ships and colonization. The kingdom of satan was amplified but he was continually forced to work from the shadows. The occult knowledge and pagan rituals that went back to ancient Babylon were preserved through the centuries by various strains of secret societies, esoteric mystery schools and underground brotherhoods.

This is where it remained for the most part, in the shadows, but as much control over the earth that satan had through governments, military and financial means, the truth of God was so widespread that hardly anyone OPENLY worshiped Lucifer. Witchcraft and Luciferian beliefs were not something that populations as a whole would readily and openly accept.

This is something that satan would have to achieve if he were to rule the world and declare himself to be God. In order to get the world back to where satan wanted it he had to implement another strategy. Something so big that eve those who know that satan exists wouldn't thin he could pull off. In ancient times and even recently people were still aware of the realm that God created for us to live in.

When the truth of Jesus Christ was made known, the Biblical Cosmology had been given it's full context. The distinction between the creator and creation was made clear and the futility of the fallen angels' rebellion was made plain to see. In order for satan to claim he is the supreme being and worthy of our worship, he would have to rewrite the entire script.

He would have to repackage himself and his message he reset the setting and the stage itself like an old Shakespearean play to reintroduce the old characters. satan needed a whole new angle. Yet he did it with an old familiar tactic. Bestowing ancient wisdom and forbidden knowledge to humanity again, playing upon our pride and arrogance.

This occult knowledge and "gnosis" was now called SCIENCE.

Science and the Occult
Much of the groundwork had already been laid in ancient Greece and the "Philosophers" who actually studied the occult practices and mystery schools before Jesus was born. They then proceeded to pontificate on these demonic occult practices and pagan rituals.This effectively sanitized these beliefs and practices because they were legitimized by these philosophers.

Later generations saw these men as wise and educated and simply the profound thoughts and musings of mere men. During the Renaissance in Europe, many of these ideas once again began to take hold as they were increasingly considered harmonious with the Bible, which we know is not true. Slowly these ideas became embedded within theology and theologians and academia, as well as things related to Hermes Trismegistus and the like.

All of this translated into Latin and disseminated among intellectuals with interest in such material. The Kabbala too began being studied anew by many monks and "thinkers" and together with writings on Alchemy which "allegedly" came from Muslim mystics, these three veins of occult knowledge began to spread.

How little do most students realize that the bulk of those individuals revered today as being the pioneers and visionaries of materialistic science were in fact greatly influenced by concepts, teachings of occult manuscripts with the core tenets of Mysticism. Da Vinci, Newton, Francis Bacon, Robert Flood, Copernicus, all names we learn about in "school".

We learn that these men simply derived their genius discoveries by way of pure observation and logical deduction. However, a further look at the methods and ways they arrived at their "discoveries" and conclusions while all coincidentally reading the same occult mystic materials reveals that no, these "discoveries" were also in ancient mystic teachings.

The Copernican cosmology of a vast universe and planetary systems and even a Big Bang to start it all off can be found in the Kabbalistic texts from long before Copernicus. The concepts of molecules, atoms and chemical reactions, elemental transmutations by way of atomic fusion and fission, were first presented in the more imprecise writings of Alchemy.

The idea that nature and the cosmos were governed by invisible forces and laws which could be discovered and calculated and reapplied through various technological means, are actually underlying precepts of hermeticism. With a lot of help from the well financed occult brotherhoods and secret societies, such as the Rosa Crucians and Freemasons, Jesuits and the Royal Academy, the first institution dedicated to the advancement of "scientific" understanding.

The "universe" suddenly got very very BIG and God became very very removed. To the point that it was believed that the universe could have formed without God. Models of the Copernican THEORY were expanded and refined. Darwin stepped in to explain how LIFE could have emerged from the primordial ooze long after the had formed after billions of years.

Universities and Lecture Halls largely built, staffed and maintained by the same wealthy "brotherhoods", secret societies and organizations, became hostile territory to anyone who opposed the n"newly discovered" science. The "universe was now presented as a vast almost infinite space with our tiny blue planet somewhere in the middle perhaps.

And now we might "control" this "planet" but we may not be alone. In fact, it's now fairly reasonable to believe alien life exists, even extremely intelligent and advanced life forms. So the stage was set and the same set of characters could emerge with new costumes, they exchanged the robes for white lab coats and space suits.

The 20th century
So much happened in a 100 year span compared to all the centuries before, it would be difficult and daunting to try covering it all here. In a nutshell, satan has established a new but old way of doing business and facilitating and "managing" ways to bring the fallen entities back to earth.

In the halls of academia this science so called can now theoretically disperse the idea the "something" could could come down to earth as in "Aliens" for instance, and so the dimensional or spiritual veil must be considered again.

The barrier that God seems to have put in place to stop the watchers before the Flood. Could fallen angels once again reveal themselves to mankind as alien "saviors" and put in place to "govern" satan's earthly kingdom? Can demonic spirits even now, manifest themselves in the physical realm, inhabiting people, moving objects and attacking individuals? Yes, I believe and at least "perhaps".

Yet the ability for the demonic to manifest in the physical world is still very limited. The Bible seems to indicate that this veil will remain in place until shortly before the return of Jesus Christ. When it will be removed and the spirit of the antichrist will have a period of unprecedented access to earth and humanity one last time before satan meets his own end.

I have a lot of questions and certainly don't have all the answers. I'm not an expert on Biblical eschatology or end times prophecy, and the rise of Scientism and it's roots in occultism. But my recent studies tell me and others that quantum physics and quantum mechanics play a significant role in what the Bible refers to and could be the Great Deception.

Atomism and the progression into modern atomic theory, string theory, dark matter and Massive Hadron Colliders. The atom has long been split with fearsome destructive power or energy producing sources. Has this quantum realm been undeniably proven? Has it? Is it simply coincidence that all of these occult connections exist?

Today's researchers, physics researchers and scientists point to an uncanny multitude of similarities with new age quantum ideas and theories and ancient Kabbalistic and ancient forms of hermeticism, Hindu and Alchemist writings.

Through the history of Atomism we see the familiar trend of an original mystical philosophy crafted into what is now considered only a knowledge and materialistic science base.

Ironically, we have been lead back to these original forms of hermeticism. Has mankind been tricked in to building the very "machines" that will serve as the key to unleashing a large number of entities from a dimensional prison. Led to believe that we are reaching for immortality, when really we are "playing God".

None of us had any idea this modern (last 500 years) was all Kabbalism because we were all told it was science. Science tells us now that string theory can't be debunked yet and that every other rival theory fails in exactly the 10th and the 26th dimensions.

No kidding, really? Just believe. Scientists and especially CERN and related fields idolize these occult ancient teachings, they rave about them and think it's magical. Seduced. Strong Delusion.

They admit, "it's as if somebody is playing a trick on us" and "we don't have a good way of looking at it" - Some think CERN is attempting to reach other dimensions and demonic realms. If you understand what divination is and how the Bible forbids it, because it includes contacting the demonic realms and this is what ALL of occultism really is.

Quantum entanglement is now used as a proof that the ancient occult teachings were correct, as a vindication of science. Of course there are many many more real materialistic scientists who disagree with the "leadership" of the scientific "community" and the tension builds.More and more people are looking at quantum physics as a source and a connection to spirituality, instead of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

As we can see, the reasons for hiding the truth of the shape of the earth and the truth about the Enclosed Flat Earth and Cosmos are many. I have posted in this thread about how conspiracies work very smoothly and the "levels of knowledge" as well as the VERY FEW who could possibly have ever seen the earth from high enough in space or the REAL unaltered images which must exist.

Christians and non-Christians should be made aware and research these things and search the scriptures.

Youtube channel : - "the Truth is stranger than fiction" - Documentary Aethereal - The Battle For Heaven and Earth.

It's crazy to think that we've all been learning and teaching what is really Babylonian Mysticism.


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