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Author Topic: Biblical Flat Earth and Cosmos  (Read 21212 times)

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patrick jane

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Re: Biblical Enclosed Flat Earth and Cosmos
« on: August 02, 2018, 12:16:20 am »
From @Gleason92 :

"I would like to add a little more to this (from memory) before I carve out some time in the indeterminate future to fully support this claim. Here's the birds eye view of calculating the Moon distance deception.

After crunching the values you are left with one number, let's say for argument's sake that number is 27,000 (I made this up for argument's sake). Now the last step of the formula is to divide 27000 by a factor. We all know divide means to break the whole into smaller pieces. But there's a catch, if you divide any number into ANY value that's between 0-1 you actually have an answer that is GREATER than original.

For example:

8 pieces divided by 4=2 pieces.


8 pieces divided by 0.25=32 pieces.

This is one justification of just how sly and cunning this deception truly is. So if trig value for moon distance is 27000, you would divide by a number>1 and reach an answer<27000, in reality, like I alluded to, about 3000 miles. Ahhh but since we MUST account for curve we inject a variable that reduces our divisor to, surprise, a value in between 0-1 effectively increasing the total to>27000 or in this case the alleged 230 thousand miles or so of pure fantasy that is currently alleged as the distance today.

The videographed proof of this rests on YouTube and was presented by user Jeranism and friends. Here's the catch, I firmly believe Jeranism is cointelpro, BUT to remain credible, even the opposition must filter in truth from time to time. Not only is this a time but they placed video shots of the spreadsheet with the formulas on the screen and provided a detailed breakdown of every step of the calculation. So if you'd rather not wait for me to recreate, there's your source.

Masonic Globe Math

Here's the original globe and curvature math if I'm not mistaken :

8 inches per mile squared means as you add each mile to the formula, the curve gets steeper because it's allegedly a ball

So1 mile=8 inches*(1 mile^2)=8 inch "downward sloping curve" 1 mile out, or let's say we want to express that value in feet. 8 inches/12 inches (one foot)=0.666 feet
10 miles=8 inches*(10^2)=800 inches or 66.6 feet
100 miles=8 inches*(100^2)=80,000 inches or 6,666 feet

And this :

Fun math related fact readers. I learned that the distance to the Moon, currently alleged to be about 230,000 miles away requires a special "curvature variable" in the trig formula to conclude this ridiculous value. When you apply the directly observed values to the trigonometry formula, surprise the Moon is about 3,000 miles away. I can revisit my source and lay the formula out here if requested, but it could take some time.

Now to Eratosthenes. His stick experiment "works" because you must assume large and far away sun. If you assume local smaller (think 3,000 miles away, same as moon, as also depicted by the Masons) sun and flat Earth, his experiment yields the same results." My Eratosthenes video is coming soon !!!

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