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Author Topic: The AIDS hoax  (Read 13366 times)

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Jon Rappoport – AIDS INC.; Scandal of the Century
« on: March 07, 2020, 08:44:32 am »
Jon Rappoport is one of the very few that writes intelligent comments on the current coronavirus “outbreak”.
The following PDF, book from 1988 (with an introduction from 2003) is a good collection on the AIDS “scandal of the century”. The shocking thing is that just about all of the evidence that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS was already known more than 30 years ago...

What was called “AIDS” was a variety of states of immune suppression, with a large number of causes (not including HIV). The only way to cure immune deficiency is rebuilding the health and removing the cause of their health problems.

One of the causes of immune deficiency, especially in the Third World, is malnutrition or starvation (which also happens in junkies) - the single largest source of immune-suppression in the world.
AIDS in the Third World is diagnosed by 3 symptoms: weight-loss of 10% or more, chronic diarrhoea, and chronic fever. These are (also) signs of chronic malnutrition.
According to the UN infant mortality has risen considerably (in 1988). Of 416,000 children born in Angola each year, about 60,000 die in before they’re 1 year old and 100,000 die before the age of five. According to the World Bank, more than a third of the people in Zaire die of malnutrition.

A 1985 paper by Chlebowski indicates:
In studies of children in developing countries, mortality rates progressively increased from less than 1% in well-nourished children to as much as 18% in the severely malnourished population, with most deaths resulting from infections. Malnutrition-associated adverse effects on the cellular immune system, include a decrease in the total number of T lymphocytes... demonstrating a significant reduction principally of the T-helper lymphocyte population.

Based on observations of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia infections in malnourished children in Haiti, Gondsmit proposed that malnutrition with concomitant herpes virus infection could give rise to symptoms that are indistinguishable from AIDS.

In Uganda, the story pushed by big pharma is that in 1985 a new disease called slim (AIDS) appeared; whose primary symptom is weight-loss. Some scientists noted that “slim” is nothing new.
In 1986, E.H. Williams reported an analysis of 30,129 patients from 1951 to 1978 at a Ugandan hospital. Diarrhoea was the sixth most common cause of admission (1041 patients). Did the "new slim disease" already start way before 1978?

Also in Brazil there is severe malnutrition. Throughout the country, there are high levels of malaria, TB, polio, leprosy, VD, yellow fever and even the bubonic plague was found in 41 villages
Malaria can produce false-positive results on AIDS blood tests.

Another apparent cause of immune deficiency (conveniently labelled AIDS) is pesticides.
In Brazil, people working with pesticides get severely ill from the deadly nerve toxins.
In 1985, the widely banned pesticides aldrin and dieldrin were widely used in Africa and Latin America, powerful nerve toxins whose effects can cause “AIDS”. In the 1970s, another pesticide banned in the US, phosvel, was still distributed in the Third World and may still be sold in Latin America.
Parathion was developed first by Nazi scientists as a weapon during WWII. Parathion is widely used as a pesticide in the Third World; 60 times more toxic than DDT.
According to the WHO, aldrin, dieldrin, lindane and DDT; result in 5000 deaths per year and 500,000 got poisoned in those areas of the world where they were used in 1972.

Big pharma also sells highly toxic drugs to the Third World that can suppress the immune system – later called AIDS.

In 1983, John Beldekas and Jane Teas made a strong case that at least some of the AIDS cases were caused by African Swine Fever (ASF). They even found the Swine Fever in the blood of AIDS patients.
It was already known that in the same areas with a high concentration of AIDS (Africa, Brazil, Haiti), there were Swine Fever outbreaks in herds of pigs.

In the gay community, the drug poppers (nitrites) is responsible for immune deficiency – AIDS.
In 1982, Sue Watson wrote in a (rejected) letter to the largest gay publication in America "Advocate":
Our studies show that amyl nitrite strongly suppressed the segment of the immune system (cellular immunity) which normally protects individuals against Kaposi's sarcoma, Pneumocystis pneumonia (the number one defining AIDS-disease), herpes virus, Candida, amebiasis, and a variety of other opportunistic infections. The upshot of this research is that persons using nitrite inhalants may be at risk for development of AIDS.

Vaccines can and also cause (hidden) immunosuppression.
Vaccines can also cause a false positive on the HIV test!

Burroughs-Wellcome marketed the highly toxic AZT with $80 million, which adversely affects bone marrow and causes serious anaemia – or AIDS.

In 1980, the first 5 “AIDS patients” in Los Angeles were misdiagnosed. They suffered from pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and several other infections. Pneumocystis occurs when there is immune suppression for virtually any reason.
They quickly called this a new “syndrome”, but forgot to mention that all of these gay men were heavy users of nitrites and other drugs.

The HIV test, for a virus that caused nothing, was very deceptive. It could read falsely positive for that irrelevant virus. They supposedly detect the antibodies, with no reason to think that all of these HIV-positives would become severely ill later.
The efficiency rates of the Elisa HIV were exaggerated at 93.4% true positives and 99.78% true negatives. If hypothetically speaking 3 out of 10,000 people in the US were infected with the HIV virus, the Elisa test in 100,000 people, would correctly find 28 HIV-positives with 220 falsely positive test results.
If you also do the Western blot HIV test, at best this would lower the false positives to 25%.

In the Third World medical care is scarce and good labs for testing are very rare.
HIV-test facilities in Uganda have a false-positive rate of 17-40%, which means that they shouldn’t be used!

In various states in the US, Justice Departments train doctors that the only acceptable treatment for AIDS is poisoning with AZT.
One AIDS clinician told Rappoport that AIDS patients are sometimes diagnosed as having full-blown AIDS because of a positive HIV test, without any symptoms. Or even without an HIV-test but with only a low T-cell count and being gay.

Out of the 55,000 reported AIDS cases in the US, 91% are men, and 9% are women. This means that it can’t be caused by a sexually transmitted virus.
While the first AIDS-case were reported in the gay communities of San Francisco, New York, and LA, American gays from all over the US visited the gay bathhouses in these cities, and returned to where they lived. The HIV virus should have been transported back to Des Moines, Atlanta, Sandusky, Salt Lake City, etc.

There were about 20,000 haemophiliacs in the United States, with estimates of 50% to 80% being HIV-positive. In January 1987, the CDC reported (only) 543 cases of AIDS among haemophiliacs (or only 4 to 5% of those estimated to be HIV-positive were diagnosed as having AIDS).
The haemophiliac population in Germany and Central Europe is about 7,000. Among them was not a single AIDS-case reported.
Between 1978 and 1983, there were millions of transfusions in the U.S., when the blood supply was not screened. In February 1988, the CDC reported a total of (only) 1466 transfusion AIDS cases in the US. Or about 0.005% of those who received transfusions in the past 10 years were diagnosed with AIDS...

In 1985, roughly 360,000 Haitians were estimated to be on the road to AIDS. In 1988, there were only 920 reported cases of AIDS in Haiti.
Surveys in Kenya and Uganda predicted millions of AIDS cases. Later it seemed obvious that these high numbers were caused by false positive HIV-tests.

According to Rappoport, we should demand jail terms for pharmaceutical executives who market and sell dangerous, immunosuppressive drugs and pesticides to the Third World.

Jon Rappoport – AIDS INC.; Scandal of the Century (1988): http://www.pauladaunt.com/books/Banned%20books%20and%20conspiracy%20theories/Jon%20Rappoport%20-%20AIDS%20Inc%20Scandal%20of%20the%20Century.pdf
For some reason 2 forums that I joined in 2016 have been deleted from the internet - Davidicke.com and Letsrollforums.com.
For some reason internet “search” engines block my posts: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?508090-Google-censors-the-world/page2


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