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Author Topic: Rwanda genocide, Kagame, the RPF and looting the Congo  (Read 4544 times)

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There is an endless amount of dirt on looting of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, after it was taken over by the same forces that orchestrated the Rwanda genocide, in Africa’s World War, with an estimated 5 million dead in Congo alone...

The US has a long history of supporting all sides in the Congo’s civil wars.
US troops and intelligence agents were transported to Africa to help the RPF and AFDL-CZ forces in their 1996 attack to get rid of Mobutu. Vincent Kern, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs, said on 4 December 1996 that US military training was conducted for the RPF.
On 5 May 1998, Kathi Austin (of Human Rights Watch) said that a senior US embassy official in Kigali described the US Special Forces training program for the RPF as “killers ... training killers”.

The heavily armed and armoured helicopters the US army deployed in eastern Zaire were fitted with 105 mm cannons, rockets, machine guns, land mine ejectors and infrared sensors used in night operations. US military commanders hypocritically claimed that these armed gunships were there to find and “help” the refugees.
The Pentagon and US intelligence agencies for some reason have never disclosed what information they provided to the RPF and the AFDL–CZ.

Since the end of 1996, US spy satellites were used to estimate how many refugees were in the jungle. In one of those strange coincidences, every time an encampment was discovered, Rwanda and Zaire mercenary forces attacked these sites. This happened for example in late February, 1997, when 160,000 mainly Hutu refugees were spotted in a swampy area known as Tingi Tingi and subsequently attacked.

The Pentagon increasingly relied on so-called Private Military Contractors (PMCs). Many of these PMC mercenaries have close links to some of America’s top political leaders and the largest mining and oil companies involved in Africa (who would ultimately plunder the Congo of its natural resources).
Mercenaries participate in both types of transports, military AND (for example) blood diamonds.

America Minerals Fields, Inc. (headquartered in Hope, Arkansas) was involved in the Congo’s “civil war” in 1996. Its major stockholders included long-time associates of President Bill Clinton, including George Bush Sr on its international advisory board. America Mineral Fields also enjoys a close relationship with diamond company Lazare Kaplan International, Inc., whose president is a close confidant of past and current administrations on Africa.
America Mineral Fields benefited from overthrowing Mobutu by Kabila’s mercenary army. In 1998, AMF purchased diamond concessions in the Cuango Valley along the Angolan-Congolese border from International Defense and Security (IDAS Belgium SA), a mercenary firm based in Curacao and headquartered in Belgium.

The Ba-N’Daw Report shows how one US firm was involved in looting the Congo. It is linked to the Banque de commerce, du developpement et d’industrie (BCDI) of Kigali, Citibank in New York, the diamond business and armed rebellion. J.P. Moritz and Ngandu Kamenda, general managers of Societe miniere de Bakwanga (MIBA, a Congolese diamond company), ordered to pay $3.5 million to la Generale de commerce d’import/export du Congo (COMIEX), a company owned by late President Laurent Kabila and some of his cronies, including Minister Victor Mpoyo. The transfer was made through a Citibank account and was paid to finance to the AFDL war effort.

Members of Barrick’s International Advisory Board have included former President George Bush Sr. and former President Clinton’s close confidant Vernon Jordan.
Among the “new” resources looted from the Congo is coltan: https://www.globalresearch.ca/genocide-and-covert-operations-in-africa-1993-1999/495

In May 1997, Laurent Kabila showed himself ungrateful. He reneged on contracts signed during the war and tried to restrain the influence of Rwanda, Uganda and their corporate allies on the Congo. Kabila retracted several mining contracts signed with US and European companies, including the $1 billion contract with American Mineral Fields (AMF).

On 2 August 1998, with the consent of the international community, Rwanda and Uganda launched another invasion that failed.

Rwandan forces and their allies took thousands of tonnes of coltan and cassiterite to the Rwandan capital, Kigali.
Ugandan militia confiscated Kisangani’s entire stock of wood. Their ally Jean-Pierre Bemba, leader of the anti-government Congolese Liberation Movement, seized all of the available coffee. It took 2 months to transport the loot to Uganda. Ugandan generals close to President Museveni took the profits and generously supplied arms to various militias.

Laurent’s son, Joseph Kabila, succeeded him and implemented a new policy that most importantly, opened markets to foreign interests: https://newint.org/features/2004/05/01/congo

After he became so “ungrateful”, it seems reasonable to speculate that Laurent Kabila was assassinated.

In early 1997, a trip by a representative for Kabila to Toronto (Canada) may have raised $50 million for Kabila's forces.
Among Kabila's circle of Canadian advisors was then-leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, Joe Clark (former Canadian PM and Foreign Minister).

In March 1997, 2 months before the fall of Kinshasa, Laurent Kabila’s AFDL made a $1 billion deal with Jean Raymond Boulle (founder of American Mineral Fields) for copper, cobalt and zinc in the southern province of Katanga. In return for an advance that financed the war, AMF also received a monopoly over the diamonds of Kisangani.
As part of this deal, Boulle loaned Kabila his personal jet.

An executive from US-based Bechtel corporation became a close advisor to Kabila; even assisting him with his war strategy.

The largest gold producers in the world, South Africa's AngloGold, and Canada’s Barrick Gold, joined together on a venture encompassing 57,000 km2 of north-eastern Congo.
In 1996, Barrick had made a deal with the Gold Office of Kilomoto (Mobutu government's gold monopoly), for the mining rights in almost all of its 82,000 km2 land.  This area holds as estimated 100 tons of gold in reserve. George H.W. Bush was instrumental in winning this deal.

Reportedly, First Quantum bribed government officials with $100 million in cash and shares, including payments to the national security minister, the director of the national intelligence agency and the former minister of the presidency.

Of the $19.5 million in US arms and training to Africa in 1999, $4.8 million went to nations involved in the Congo war.

Western governments rewarded the Rwandan government for installing a new puppet regime in the Congo, by doubling aid from $26.1 million in 1997 to $51.5 million in 1999 (which was used to wage more war).
The World Bank also looked favourably on the Ugandan and Rwandan governments, and praised Uganda‘s recent economic performance, which was almost complete the result of illegal exports of gold and diamonds from Congo: http://www2.law.columbia.edu/law_culture/LHworkshop2005/papers/052.doc


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