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Author Topic: Rwanda genocide, Kagame, the RPF and looting the Congo  (Read 4544 times)

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In 2013, a panel led by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan wrote that Gertler acquired mining interests in the Congo for an average of one-sixth of their market price.

Dan Gertler was especially close to Joseph Kabila’s aide Augustin Katumba Mwanke, who won’t be talking as he died in a plane crash in 2012.
On one occasion, Gertler, Katumba and their families vacationed together on a yacht on the Red Sea. Katumba then check into an Israeli hospital for a scheduled operation. When the operation went awry, Katumba slipped into a coma, and Gertler rushed in 13 doctors, including 3 from London.
Katumba has praised Gertler for saving his life; see Gertler visiting him in hospital.

Mining tycoon Dan Gertler appears in 120 documents of the Paradise Papers, regarding his relationship with London-listed Glencore, which uses Appleby’s Bermuda branch.
These documents showed that in 2009 Glencore “loaned” $45 million for 2 years to Gertler for helping to make a deal with Congo officials over a joint venture with state-owned Gécamines at the Katanga copper mine in 2009. The loan document stated that Congo had to agree on the Katanga deal.
Katanga “persuaded” Congo into a signing bonus worth $140 million, instead of more than $580 million. The reduced bonus meant that Katanga paid one quarter of the market price for copper at the time.

In February 2009, Katanga announced a sizable loan from a group that included Glencore and Lora Enterprises, a British Virgin Islands company owned by a trust that benefits Gertler’s family.
In 2014, it emerged that Glencore first lent the capital that Gertler’s company in turn lent to Katanga, which then acquired new shares in Katanga.

In February 2017, Glencore bought Gertler’s stake in major Congo mines, including Katanga, for more than $500 million.
One of the reports alleged that Gertler agreed to exchange diamonds for weapons to Congolese armed forces, at a time when national armies, militias and warlords were killing and raping indiscriminately.

In September 2016, the US Justice Department settled a bribery case with New York-based hedge fund Och-Ziff Capital Management Group under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for $413 million. This mentioned Lora Enterprises, which was described as controlled by an unnamed Israeli “DRC partner” (which must have been Gertler).
The Justice Department accused Och-Ziff for lending Lora Enterprises $110 million in November 2010 that was used, to make “approximately $20 million in corrupt payments to be made to various DRC officials”, including unnamed “DRC official 2” believed to be Augustin Katumba Mwanke: https://www.icij.org/investigations/paradise-papers/room-of-secrets-reveals-mysteries-of-glencore/

I first looked into the Chabad, when I investigated the Bayrock scandal in which Trump was a business partner of Tevfik Arif.
I found out that Lubavitcher Dan Gertler is also in business with the ENRC of the Chabad-linked Kazakh trio that were/are business partners of Tevfik Arif…

In 2012, Dan Gertler’s Canada-based Emaxon Finance International Inc., paid $15 million in cash and loans to the country’s state-owned diamond miner MIBA, for a four-year contract to sell 88% of its diamonds (a near monopoly of Congo’s diamond trade).
In 2007, Dan Gertler became a shareholder in CAMEC, a company listed on London’s AIM exchange.
in 2009, the Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation PLC (ENRC), the Kazakh-founded mining company controlled by the partners in crime of Trump’s business partner Tevfik Arif – the Kazakh trio - Alexander Mashkevitch, Alijan Ibragimov, and Patokh Chodiev, acquired CAMEC.
ENRC bought CAMEC through purchase agreements with a number of offshore companies which were listed as CAMEC’s shareholders. Some of these offshore companies appear linked to Gertler.

See Alexander Mashkevitch on the left with a Torah scroll that was donated to the Chabad Russian Centre of South Florida in 2011.

In 2009, SMKK (Societe Miniere de Kabolela & Kipese SPRL) was half-owned by the state’s Gecamines (La Generale des Carrieres & des Mines), and half-owned by ENRC. ENRC wanted to acquire all of SMKK but didn’t exercise its right. Instead, ENRC made a deal with the Gertler-controlled Emerald Star Enterprises Ltd., based in the British Virgin Islands.
On 21 December, 2009, ENRC paid Emerald Star $25 million for an option to buy the remaining 50% of SMKK.
In February 2010, Gertler’s Emerald Star made a deal to buy Gecamines’ stake in SMKK for $15 million. Four months later, ENRC completed the transaction by buying Gertler’s Emerald Star for another $50 million (paying a total of $75 million), or 5 times what Gertler had paid.

Gertler also has a copper and cobalt joint venture with ENRC - Comide SPRL.
ENRC is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

In 2009 and 2010, Congo’s government suddenly cancelled the Kolwezi, Frontier and Lonshi projects with First Quantum. When in January 2010, Gecamines cancelled its contract with First Quantum it secretly awarded its stake in the Kolwezi project to the Highwind Group, another one of Dan Gertler’s networks of offshore companies.
In August 2010 Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation PLC (ENRC) announced to buy indirect control of the Kolwezi licence from Dan Gertler. This was the day after the ICC Court of Arbitration had ruled against the Canadian miner First Quantum, which had protested about the state of Congo revoking its Kolwezi mining licence.

ENRC loaned the Highwind Group the money to cover the $60 million signature bonus and also paid $175 million to control 50.5% of the stake. This suggests that Highwind promised financing even before Gecamines sold on its stake in Kolwezi.

In May 2010, the Frontier and Lonshi copper mines were confiscated from First Quantum and then secretly awarded to 3 offshore companies, of which 2 are linked to Dan Gertler.
That ENRC bought these mines anyway, it looks like ENRC expects to buy the licenses from these offshore companies.

In January 2012, First Quantum Minerals Ltd. and Eurasian Natural Resources Corp. (ENRC) agreed on a $1.25-billion settlement over First Quantum’s misadventures in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This was only weeks after Kabila was re-elected as president of the Congo.
Analyst at UBS Securities Matt Murphy concluded that as First Quantum spent about $1.3-billion to acquire and build Kolwezi and Frontier, it effectively got its money back.

Global Witness called on Glencore ENRC to publish details of the transactions as it looks like corrupt Congolese officials received kickbacks through these offshore companies, in return for selling assets to Gertler below the market price: https://cdn.globalwitness.org/archive/files/global%20witness%20memo%20to%20enrc%20shareholders%2012.6.12_1.pdf

Tevfik Arif, although no Jew is also very close to the Chabad, was the business partner of Donald Trump in Bayrock.
In September 2010, Arif was arrested by the Turkish police for running a prostitution ring, on board a luxury yacht, with the Kazakh-based billionaire and Belgian citizen Alexander Mashkevitch, the president of metal and mining Eurasian National Resources Corporation (ENRC) and a member of the World Jewish Congress, with his ENRC colleagues, Patokh Chodiev and Alijan Ibragimov.

The Sapir Organization, owned by Georgian property developer Sapir Tamir, partnered with Bayrock. Sapir, the Kazakh trio, Musa Bazhaev, and the Reuben brothers (real estate partners of Gertler’s business partner Beny Steinmetz,) were guests at the weddings of Tevfik’s children.
Patokh Chodiev has said that the “Kazakh trio” first met the London based billionaires, David and Simon Reuben, in the spring of 1992.

Musa Bazhaev, head of Alliance Group in Russia, was also on the Savarona boat with the prostitutes, and is close to both Alexander Mashkevitch and Vladimir Putin.
See from left to right: Bazhaev, Alexander Mashkevitch, and Tevfik Arif: https://archive.is/QLNLU/8bfd9a69dd5437ad244355325ade2fa9a92ba7ce.jpg

See Musa Bazhaev with Putin.

Donald Trump’s Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, occupied a management position at Mittal. Johannes Sittard was Mittal's second in command in 1995-2001.
The ENRC and Alferon are both chaired by Johannes Sittard. Lakshmi Mittal paid $100 million to Alferon to acquire Karmet steelworks in Kazakhstan for $310 million in 1995. Alferon is owned by the Kazakh trio, Alexander Mashkevitch, Alijan Ibragimov, and Patokh Chodiev.

Sittard said that he used the Chodiev group to pay a huge commission (bribe) to Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev (Alexander Mashkevitch’s friend, whose son-in-law, Zia, was Bazhaev’s brother): https://www.lawfulpath.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1359&p=4938#p4938

For more on the connections of the Kazakh trio to Tevfik Arif, the Chab-Lubavitch friend and business partner of Donald Trump: https://3169.createaforum.com/firestarter-on-fire/trump-bayrock-doyen-soccer-transfers-and-the-kazakh-gangster/


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