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Author Topic: Rwanda genocide, Kagame, the RPF and looting the Congo  (Read 4544 times)

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By common consensus it was really the Hutu Interahamwe that massacred some 800,000 of the Tutsi minority over the course of some 100 days. I’ve been searching and searching and searching for who really controlled the Interahamwe.
The following 3 part story, that for some reason was deleted from the internet, makes a strong case that the Hutu militias, particularly the Interahamwe, were controlled by double agents of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF)!

The Interahamwe militia was founded by the Tutsi Anastase Gasana. Gasana was a member of the ruling Hutu party MRND; he joined the MDR and became advisor to (Hutu) Prime Minister Nsengiyaremye before becoming foreign minister in the government of Uwilingiyimana. Gasana wasn’t put on trial by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) for his role in founding the Interahamwe.
In July 1994, Gasana instead joined the RPF and became a minister in the first government formed after the military victory of General Paul Kagame.
The first and second vice-president and treasurer of the Interahamwe were also Tutsi.

Former RPA officer Abdul Ruzibiza explained that many in the RPA resembled the ethnic Hutu, and:
Among the demonstrators, there were soldiers of the RPF infiltrators as Lieutenant Kiyago, Lieutenant Jean-Pierre Gatashya, Captain Hubert Kamugisha, Sergeant Mugisha, aka Interahamwe, and others. The goal was to heat the head, sow chaos and destruction throughout the country.

A former Interahamwe Tutsi told that most Hutus that evolved to high position in the Interahamwe had been recruited by the former president of the RPF, Alexis Kanyarengwe (a Hutu from Ruhengeri), and trained in camps in Uganda before being “injected” into the Interahamwe.

Another striking thing is that the Interahamwe exterminated Rwandans (mostly Tutsis) near areas controlled by Kagame’s men.
Luc Marshal, who commanded the Belgian mission of the United Nations in Rwanda (UNAMIR), stated that “Not once the RPF had tried, despite the numbers they had in place, to secure areas for Tutsis to allow them to find refuge”: http://web.archive.org/web/20160415220117/http://www.theproxylake.com/2010/10/genocide-of-tutsis/2/

Important “evidence” on which the Hutus were convicted for genocide in Rwanda included a fax to the UN by the informant “Jean-Pierre” on weapons caches. “Jean-Pierre”, who worked with the Interahamwe, was really double agent Turatsinze Abubakar, who worked closely with the RPF of Paul Kagame. Abubakar’s testimony demonised the Habyarimana government, accusing it of planning genocide against the Tutsis.
A former UNAMIR provided a document that Turatsinze Abubakar was in constant contact with the liaison officer of the RPF, Karenzi Karake.
Abubakar’s wife confirmed at the ICTR that her husband had worked for the RPF in Mulindi, before he was killed by Kagame’s men.

Jean Kambanda is the only one of the supposed responsible for the genocide that was convicted on “hard” evidence – his “confession”.
Kambanda was effectively put through 9 months of psychological torment before he “confessed”. He was kept isolated in a hotel for 9 months, was denied the right to see a lawyer and was denied contact with his family or friends.

During those 9 months, former Canadian cops threatened him and his family daily if he did not cooperate. One of the lawyers involved in the “questioning” is the notoriously corrupt Pierre Duclos.
The “confession” document Kambanda signed after those 9 months was in English, which is not his first language, he didn’t understand that he “confessed” responsibility for genocide.
After Kambanda had signed that document, he was finally taken to Arusha to appear before a judge and assigned a lawyer. This lawyer was the best friend of the Prosecutor, who tricked him into pleading guilty.

On 23 September 2003, Kamanda defended himself with a statement that includes:
At no time, during the exercise of my function as Prime Minister, did I have any knowledge of the conception of any plan for these massacres, neither before nor after the assassination of President HABYARIMANA.
The role of the crisis committee was limited to taking the first security measures and to ask the advice of the representative of the Secretary-General of the UN. General DALLAIRE, Commander of UNAMIR, as well as Colonel MARCHAL, participated in all the meetings in which those decisions were made. It was unthinkable to plan the taking of power or genocide and to invite foreigners into the meetings held for such a thing. General NDINDILIYIMANA made a complete report to me of the unfolding of the events up to my entry into office.
I also swear also that the spread of trouble over the entire Rwandan territory was not caused by the government or by the FAR. The infiltrators of the RPF are responsible for that.
We succeeded in capturing their plans, the names of their agents, and their arms caches in Kigali, Bisesero, Kibungo, etc. The mass graves dug deep by the accomplices of the RPF were discovered in many places.
The terrorised population knew of this and considered it as a threat to their lives.
The government, I at the head, never stopped to explain to the population that they cannot confuse the Tutsi and the RPF and that their accomplices must be arrested and brought before the authorities.

The following is really the first part of this excellent investigative reporting...
It sheds some more light on Paul Kagame’s responsibility for bringing down the plane with Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana on 6 April 1994 (which was the “start” of the mass murder).

In March 2000, the “National Post” (from Canada) revealed that the United Nations had a confidential investigation report from 1994, in which former intelligence officer in the Office of the G2 Rwandan Patriotic Army, Jean-Pierre Mugabe, confirmed that Paul Kagame was responsible for the attack on the Falcon 50 of President Habyarimana.

Former US Senator from Georgia, Cynthia McKinney, Bill Clinton’s special envoy to Central Africa, interpreted the withdrawal of the defamation lawsuit against Cameroon journalist Charles Onana, who had accused Kagame for killing Habyarimana, by the Rwandan authorities as a guilty plea:
In 2001, I organized as a member of the International Relations Committee U.S. Senate, a panel discussion on the attack. I invited CIA analysts, investigators of the ICTR, a former collaborator of Paul Kagame and several international experts on terrorism. It became clear during this meeting that Paul Kagame and members of his army, the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA), were involved in the attack.
When Paul Kagame has waived the trial that he had filed against Charles Onana, I interpreted this as an admission of guilt. There is therefore a [NO?] shadow of a doubt that the sponsor of this despicable and evil act is Paul Kagame.


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