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Author Topic: Rwanda genocide, Kagame, the RPF and looting the Congo  (Read 4544 times)

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The RPF and the US government did not want an international intervention force to obstruct its victory.
23 days into the genocide, the RPF wrote to the UN that “the time for UN intervention is long past. The genocide is almost completed. Most of the potential victims of the regime have either been killed or have since fled”.
According to the official narrative, the genocide lasted 100 days, with all murders blamed on the Hutus…

Since the moment Kagame seized power in Rwanda, the US and Britain have provided him with undiminished financial and military aid. The Rwandan army has grown into a formidable force that played a prominent role in UN “peacekeeping” operations, notably in Sudan and the Central African Republic.
Only in 2010, there was a brief stop after the UN documented RPF atrocities in the Congo, during the 2 Congo wars of 1996-97 and 1998-2003. It also indicated that Rwanda was backing the notorious M23 group in Congo. Britain suspended aid to Rwanda, but resumed it in 2012.

President Kagame explained that he has won presidential election by almost 100% per cent, by the ”uniqueness of the country as well as the citizens’ voice about their governance”.

In August 2010, the French newspaper Le Monde reported on a draft UN report on human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 1993 to 2003. The report described that the RPF since its takeover of Rwanda in 1994 proceeded to carry out “systematic and widespread attacks” against Hutu refugees who had fled to Congo that “could be classified as crimes of genocide”.
Significant areas… have been the scene of systematic and sustained killing and persecution of the civilian Hutu population by the Rwandan Patriotic Front…
These actions were consistently reported to be conducted in areas where opposition forces of any kind – armed or unarmed, or resistance of any kind … were absent. Large scale indiscriminate killings of men, women and children, including the sick and elderly were consistently reported.
I couldn’t find these sections in the definite version of the report…

Britain set up the Umubano Project to develop Rwanda. Kagame praised the UK with: “We have received support from many countries but our partnership with the United Kingdom has been very significant”.
Former British PM Theresa May wrote in a message “I am proud of what the United Kingdom and Rwanda have achieved together as partners and as friends thanks to the cooperation and vision of President Kagame who I congratulate on his re-election. Today, Rwandans have the best life chances they have ever had”.

In 2016, Leopold Munyakazi, a Rwandan linguist teaching in New Jersey, suggested that what happened in Rwanda was not genocide, but a civil war over state power. Rwanda issued an international warrant charging him with genocide, and the Obama administration deported him.
Munyakazi was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to life imprisonment, which was reduced to 9 years. Munyakazi was injected with a psychotic drug in prison, which made him “deranged” for years now.

In January 2018, US President Donald Trump met Rwanda's Paul Kagame at Davos at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, where he praised the new head of the African Union with: "It's an honour to have you as a friend": https://www.spiked-online.com/2019/05/03/rwanda-25-years-on/

Christian Davenport and Allan Stam of the Universities of Michigan and Virginia were hired by the ICTR to investigate the Rwanda genocide. When they started they completely believe the official narrative that the “extremist” Hutus were solely to blame.

In November 2003, Stam and Davenport presented some of what they had found out so far at a conference in Kigali. They showed that comparing the 800,000 to 1 million to have been killed, to official census data from 1991 of a total of approximately 600,000 Tutsi in the country in 1991 with about 300,000 surviving the 1994 massacre, that only about 300,000 of those killed were Tutsi, and more than that – 500,000 to 700,000 – Hutus were killed.
When they showed this obvious conclusion, a military man stood up, interrupted the presentation and forced them to stop. They were forced to leave Rwanda at once and labelled “genocide deniers".

Under the Rwandan constitution, "revisionism, negationism and trivialisation of genocide" are criminal offences for which hundreds of people have been tried and convicted for.
Five have been sentenced to life imprisonment, another 5 were sentenced to more than 20 years in jail, 99 were sentenced to 10–20 years in jail, 211 received a custodial sentence of 5–10 years, and the remaining 169 received jail terms of less than 5 years for genocide denial.
In 2010, the American law professor and attorney Peter Erlinder was even arrested in Kigali and charged with genocide denial, when he was defending presidential candidate Victoire Ingabire against charges of genocide.

It is impossible to know how many ethnic Hutu or Tutsi died in the genocide, because there is no observable difference between the “typical” Hutu Rwandan and the typical Tutsi Rwandan.
It could be of course that the scale of the killing was smaller than reported.
Following the Kigali conference, the ICTR prosecution teams of Webster and Mulvaney told Stam and Davenport that they had no further use for them, because their findings at the Kigali conference had made their efforts “superfluous”.

In 1996, the ICTR started its “investigation” by interviewing 12,000 witnesses. The witnesses represent a highly biased sample; the ICTR simply “forgot” to interview many people who could implicate members of the ruling RPF.
Stam and Davenport couldn’t ignore that the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) was responsible for many of the killings.

Stam and Davenport found it striking that the extreme killing sprees escalated where RPF forces were located. Stam and Davenport twist this into explaining that the closeness of the RPA forces forced the extremist Hutus to go on a murder spree.
A simpler explanation is that the RPA murdered many of those victims, for which the Hutus (FAR) have been blamed: https://psmag.com/social-justice/what-really-happened-in-rwanda-3432


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