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Author Topic: Rwanda genocide, Kagame, the RPF and looting the Congo  (Read 2260 times)

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Re: Rwanda genocide, Kagame, the RPF and looting the Congo
« on: March 25, 2020, 10:41:23 am »
One of the whistleblowers on the crimes by Paul Kagame's Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) and its military Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) is Abdul Ruzibia (a Tutsi).
Ruzibia is by no means pro-Hutu by the way; he also points out crimes of the government of President Juvenal Habyarimana…

The following is his testimony from 14 March 2004.

The government of President Habyarimana made lists of Tutsi AND Hutu people to be killed because they (or their relatives) were fighting for or collaborating with the RPF Inkotanyi. This differs significantly from the claim that all Tutsis inside Rwanda had been listed for elimination.

The RPA killed people from all ethnic groups. Killed Hutus were buried with Tutsis in mass graves (all counted as Tutsi victims).
The RPF had a target list, which specifically called for the elimination of Hutus AND Tutsis that were considered a threat.
The RPF/RPA could have stopped the genocide. Tutsis that joined the RPA were prevented from helping people being massacred.
In Uganda, before the invasion of Rwanda by the RPA/RPF, most important positions in the government were taken by Rwandans.
On 2 October 1990, leader of the RPA Fred Rwigyema was killed by his own men (intentionally orchestrated?). Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni then selected Paul Kagame to take the leadership of the RPA army.
The mass murders by the RPF side began on 4 October, 2 days after Rwigyema was killed.

When the RPF attacked areas in Rwanda, they opened fire on villagers indiscriminately. RPF troops raped local girls, and then killed them afterwards. The RPA stole the farm animals and ate their crops, which forced the villagers into starvation. The RPA even destroyed many houses and sold the roofing sheet metals to Ugandan villagers.
The RPA killed any villager for fear of them reporting the RPA mercenaries to the Rwandan authorities. In short the RPA was ordered to kill the population without pity.
The centrepiece of Kagame’s plan was to use the offensive in 1992, 1993, and 1994, so he could “prove” to the international community that the Rwandan government was killing people in flagrant violation of human rights. Kagame first targeted and killed politicians or Tutsis, and then blamed the ruling MRND party (of course the MRND was really behind some of the murders).

When peace talks were already under way, and a ceasefire was agreed upon, Kagame and his RPA army put together a special battalion to continue hostilities while peace talks were on-going. This battalion under direct supervision of Kagame, assisted by Kayumba Nyamwasa, James Kabarebe, and Charles Kayonga was known under different names, including: NETWORK, NETWORK COMMANDO, TECHNICIANS, or CDR COMMANDO.
This special battalion had the following goals:
a. Using this battalion to spread terror and insecurity inside the country through criminal acts and impute them to the government as a pretext to resume fighting.
b. Setting off bombs throughout the country in a more coordinated manner than was done up until that time.
c. Planting small RPF cells throughout the country, recruiting and training infiltrators throughout the country, poisoning water used by war-displaced people in camps, following closely and passing information from behind enemy lines, etc.
d. Carrying out targeted killings of individuals unwanted by the RPF, etc.

Paul Kagame was responsible for shooting down Habyarimana's plane. The plan included killing people on a hit list; most of them were killed within the first 3 days of Habyarimana's death. Parti Liberal leader Landoald Ndasingwa was on this hit list (was he assassinated by the RPF?).
The following individuals were involved in shooting down the presidential airplane or transporting the missiles first to Kigali and then to the firing site in Masaka on Kagame’s orders:
Major RUZAHAZA (Captain at the time); Eugene SAFARI (Demobilized Warrant Officer); Sgt Moses NSENGA (Corporal at the time); Sgt Didier MAZIMPAKA; Captain Frank NZIZA: Eric HAKIZIMANA (former Cpl, now Lt); and Sgt Aloys RUYENZI.

The RPF only allowed journalists in their zones if they would right positive propaganda on the RPF/RPA. Some journalists received bribes from the RPF, like Hussein Abdou Hassan of the BBC.
Anyone who tries to speak out against President Kagame is quickly eliminated.
For the last 10 years, Rwanda has been a police state run by a leadership educated in the bush: http://hungryoftruth.blogspot.com/2009/01/testimony-of-abdul-ruzibiza.html

Following is the complete report by French Judge Jean-Louis Bruguičre, who concluded that the RPF shot down the plane with President Habyarimana. I don’t think that it’s a good document though; it’s practically unreadable because of its length without structure (like chapters or a good introduction and conclusion).
I sometimes find it hard to find what “evidence” is presented (and how reliable it is) for the allegations in the document (which is one of the most important things in a legal document).

The following is interesting (but I think the testimony of Abdul Ruzibia in the previous link is the much better read)…
(157)That as to these missile-launchers, Abdul RUZIBIZA stated that while he was at the R.P.F. headquarters in Mulindi he learned that the SAMs, which had come from the Ugandan arsenal in the beginning of January 1994, had been introduced into the C.N.D. in Kigali hidden on board a Mercedes truck transporting firewood; and, he added, that he had heard talk about a training program in Uganda in January 1993 for R.P.A. personnel, which included enlisted men Eric HAKIZIMANA, Stevens TWAGIRA and Andrews NYAVUMBA, all members of the ‘Missiles Section’ under the command of Lt. Alphonse KAYUMBA and his adjutant Lt. Franck NZIZA; and

(158)That, in discussing the final stage of the operation, he went on to state that, knowing the approximate time of arrival of the President’s flight and identifying the Falcon 50 by its characteristic engine noise, Eric HAKIZIMANA fired the first missile, which missed the target, and that it was the second missile fired by Franck NZIZA that hit the plane and caused it to explode in flight; and he added that at the end of this operation the hit-team fled, leaving the two empty missile-launcher tubes behind; and

(159)That furthermore, Abdul RUZIBIZA learned that around 5:30 pm, Lt-Col. Charles KAYONGA received a call from Paul KAGAME alerting him to the return of the President’s plane and that he must not miss this operation, and that at the moment of the attack, Charles KAYONGA, who was posted on the top floor of the C.N.D., saw the plane explode; and

(281)Considering that the R.P.F.’s possession of Soviet-made SAM 14 and 16 ‘IGLA’ missiles is not only attested to by a number of witnesses who are former members of the R.P.F. or soldiers in the R.P.A., such as Christophe HAKIZABERA, Jean-Pierre MUGABE, Sixbert MUSANGAMFURA, Denis KAGIRANEZA and Abdul RUZIBIZA, who specified that the members of the ‘missile section’ were trained in Uganda or by Evariste MUSONI, but also by elements of the investigation into the Ugandan military arsenal; and

(314)That Belgian Crpl. Johnny BOREUX, who took part in escorting the R.P.F. battalion to its encampment in the C.N.D. on 28 December 1993, stated in his testimony of 15 December 1996 in Brussels, that he noted that the system put in place ‘permitted [R.P.A.] soldiers in civilian clothes to infiltrate KIGALI and commit attacks’; and

(320)That it is also important to remember that Abdul RUZIBIZA, a former Captain in the R.P.A., and a member of the ‘Network Commando’, specified that the two missiles used in the attack were brought onto the grounds of the C.N.D. during the month of March 1994; and

(361)That this evaluation was confirmed in the testimony, on 18 December 2003, of Balthazar NDENGEYINKA, former R.P.A. Colonel, who stated in a face-to-face discussions with Col. Charles MUHIRE, then Chief of the Operations Bureau of the R.P.A. General Staff, MUHIRE acknowledged that ‘they’ (R.P.F.) had shot down the presidents’ plane and that the meeting which the President attended in DAR-ES-SALAAM was, in fact, nothing more than a pretext to get him out of Rwanda, that his return into KIGALI had been purposely postponed so as to force a night flight and that the hour of Falcon 50’s take-off from the airport in DAR-ES-SALAAM was communicated by telephone to the general headquarters of the R.P.A. in Mulundi; and

(435)That the final order to shoot down the President’s plane was given by Paul KAGAME, himself, during a meeting held in Mulindi on 31 March 1994, with the planning and the operational phase being entrusted to Col. James KABAREBE, who was specifically charged with the formation of a team specialized in the use of surface-to-air missiles furnished by Uganda; and


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