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Author Topic: (2017-2067 ) Zionist Master Plan for next 50 years  (Read 1588 times)

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patrick jane

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Get Right


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In 2005, Richard C. Walker filed an interesting patent that can take over planes. So if this patent actually “works”, every plane can be crashed that the “Zionists” want.
Walker worked for Hewlett-Packard (HP) for 21 years until 2002. His current employer, Agilient Technologies, is a spinoff of HP that went public in November 1999.

In another one of those strange coincidences, Robert S. Mueller’s law firm, Wilmer Hale LLP, helped Walker file the patent.

Elon Musk (SpaceX), Eric Schmidt (Google), OneWeb (Qualcomm, Amazon) have worked with The Aerospace Corporation (controlled by Senior Executive Services (SES)) to launch a hundred satellites, with another 24,000 planned in the 5G plan: https://americans4innovation.blogspot.com/2018/05/ses-serco-wet-ware-soft-kill-plan-is_16.html

See U.S. Patent Number 6,965,816 awarded on 15 November 2005 to Richard C. Walker.
Of particular value right now, TRAC technology can be embedded into aircraft (at the design stage or after-market) and perform accountable functions for the purpose of gaining control and stopping the unauthorized or unsafe use of an aircraft. Known as the PFN/TRAC System™, the architecture utilizes existing Commercial Off the Shelf COTS aircraft technology to create some of the first robotics flight and remote controlled landings with an absentee pilot for these emergency scenarios.
Mentioned above the RFID Tag technology is a shortrange identification system that also can be interfaced into the PFN/TRAC interface platform's to repeat or digipeat as a report function to FACT and TSA terminals and deliver data to distant remote mass data repositories. The PFN would supply plug in connection for RFID transceiver chipsets to drive their special antenna or magnetic transceiver portion of the RFID architecture. Then the EZ pass tag could pass through the antenna array and be identified. Antenna hardware could be concealed in the air fame passageways and compartments. The gathered data would be passed on via PFN interfaced-long distance wireless technologies-either wireless telephony or other RF depending on the application. Additionally, the mined data from the tag's flash memory would be redundantly stored locally by the Primary Focal Node's Trusted Remote Activity Controller/Router's extended memory for accountability and accounting purposes with a flagged event.
(10.9 MB) https://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/2005-11-15-US-Pat-No-6965816-PFN-TRAC-SYSTEM-FAA-UPGRADES-RE-AIRCRAFT-ET-AL-Walker-Nov-15-2005.pdf

When you read the whole patent, which is a long read, you can see that this kind of technology can be used for other things, like tracking everybody in the surveillance state.
Basically this shows that Big Brother wants to track and control everything.

Besides crashing planes this kind of technology could also be used to crash cars…

Experiments with self driving cars go back all the way to the 1920s!
Among the expected benefits of autonomous cars is a reduction in traffic collisions, including lower insurance costs.
According to Consulting firm McKinsey the widespread use of autonomous vehicles could "eliminate 90% of all auto accidents in the United States, prevent up to US$190 billion in damages and health-costs annually and save thousands of lives".
In Europe, cities in Belgium, France, Italy and the UK are planning to operate transport systems for driverless cars, and Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain have allowed testing robotic cars in traffic. In 2015, the UK Government launched public trials of the LUTZ Pathfinder driverless pod in Milton Keynes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_car

A traffic jam, by definition, is caused by all of us. The root cause may be an accident, or construction, or the crush of mid-sized SUVs leaving a Billy Joel concert, but if you’re part of the traffic flow, you’re part of the problem.
Error-Prone is meant to show how much safer and more efficient self-driving cars can be on the road; indeed, when all the cars are centrally controlled to travel at the same speed in the same path, they do not crash.
Somewhere, miles ahead of where you will eventually be stuck fuming, a driver slows slightly, causing the car behind it to slow a bit more. This wave of slowed traffic moves backwards along the roadway, simultaneously growing larger and slowing down,
Our smart streets will carry sensor-laden cars, which will communicate with each other as well as a central network. Some advanced algorithm will optimize traffic flow, and cars will give each other the proper space to merge, anticipating slowdowns so that brake lights never illuminate.

Of course we cannot expect journalists to understand that developing these kinds of gadgets costs trillions and that computer technology is making man obsolete…

See James Corbett – Welcome to your driverless future (nothing on crashing cars though).

patrick jane

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Get Right


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