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Author Topic: Hypocrisy  (Read 2144 times)

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Re: Hypocrisy
« on: January 26, 2019, 11:09:13 am »
You said:When I first read the Bible, the (for me) surprising result was that I became a fan of Jesus Christ.
I saw in Jesus Christ a great revolutionary.I don´t know if there is a "solution".

I see you were on the right track. I take it that the revolutionary idea you had of Jesus faded and you lost interest.????
No I haven't lost interest in Jesus Christ.
I'm just disgusted by a Christian Church that claims to follow Jesus Christ but in reality is doing the devil's work.

You already know several examples of Jesus Christ opposing the Tanach (for example on the Sabbath that significantly was changed by the sun worshipping founder of the Christian church, Emperor Constantine, to SUNDAY). The Bible is more than 90% against Jesus.

No doubt you also know that the chosen race of the Tanach (a.k.a. Old Testament) are the Jews (or the descendants of the Tribe of Judah, one of the 13 (!) Tribes of Israel).
I guess you don't know that in the New Testament the definition of Jew was significantly changed to include anybody that lives "like a Jew", so according to the New Testament "Jew" isn't even a "race". More than 90% of the people that claim that they are Jews supposedly descend of Ashkenaz (so not even 1 of the Tribes of Israel).

Why would you, a non-Jew I presume, follow a racist ideology that makes you second rate?!?

Forget those other false religions as there is only one true religion and only one true GOD.
You´re the one with a one-dimensional idea of religion. You are in fact supporting mental slavery, mind control, while Jesus Christ was fighting to break the chains...
You are in fact spreading gospel against Jesus (doing the devil´s work). You should be ashamed of yourself!

He has told us that those who believe in HIM will not go through the wrath of GOD but rather taken to Heaven where we will receive an immortal body and see Jesus Christ as He is.
I rather stand up for what I believe in than look the other way while evil destroys our world.

Firestarter, All you need to do is to seek Jesus and truly repent your sins(turn in a different direction). Ask Jesus to come into your heart and at the same time, turn control of your life over to him. The good thing, You can do this in the recesses of your mind. Nothing else need be done at this time for:

IF YOU ARE TRUE IN YOUR HEART, Jesus tells us, you will receive 'Salvation', a gift so precious and the Holy Spirit, who will teach you if you will listen, guide you down the path to righteousness and protect you from any outside evil.

All of this, if you will simply trust in HIM for He will deliver you from woes of this world.
I´m "true" in more ways than you could even imagine. I don´t need to ask anybody´s "forgiveness" as I have a clear conscience.

Don´t tell any psychiatrist that you believe Jesus "tells" you anything, you could be sentenced to schizophrenia...
Please don´t tell me on the notion that God or his one and only Son would speak to anybody (you?) personally, or grants somebody wishes (discriminating against others?) - because this is utterly preposterous!


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