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Author Topic: Adolf Hitler escaped to Argentina  (Read 7233 times)

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Re: Adolf Hitler escaped to Argentina
« on: December 24, 2018, 10:14:10 am »
In this post information on witnesses that saw Adolf Hitler in Argentina and Paraguay.

The following 10:27 video shows 3 witnesses that saw Adolf Hitler in the Eden hotel, La Falda (a hotspot for Nazis). The hotel owners were the Nazi sympathisers Walter and Ida Eichhorn, who during the war regularly corresponded with Nazi Germany and went there at least twice a year.
Witnesses Dr. Montaya and Alejandro Almosni tell about Hitler at the Eden hotel.
Katelina Gamero tells that she personally served Adolf Hitler when he was in the Eden hotel for 3 days in 1947.
Hernan Ancin, carpenter for the Hungarian Nazi Pavelich surviving in Argentina, tells that he drank a cup of coffee with Hitler in 1953, when he came with his wife and 3 bodyguards  to the building of Pavelich.

I have found more information on reported witnesses of Hitler in South America on the greyfalcon.us site.

In 2011-2012 (?) the 80-year-old Argentinean Roberto Brun, living in London at the time, told Gerrard Williams that he had waited on Hitler in Buenos Aires in 1953 and again in 1956. He describes the first of these occasions as follows:
[Hitler] probably came to the hotel six or seven months after I started working, and the preparation that day was very special including bringing one special chef to cook. Mandaver [the restaurant’s manager] didn’t tell me who it was, but I knew he was a very, very big chef. I remember black hair with little touches of white, a skinny face, no mustache. When he got up from the table to walk, Mandaver was with me to one side. And all the people were respecting him. And Mandaver said, ‘do you know who it is?’ And I said ‘no.’ He said ‘the Führer’.

Brun also saw Hitler’s wife before one of the dinners in which he waited upon Hitler.
Brun also confirmed the presence of Martin Bormann, Hitler’s faithful secretary (who according to the state media was killed shortly after Hitler).

Catalina Gamero, who served Hitler for 3 days in 1949, was 15 when she went to live with the Eichhorns in 1945.
Eight days after the 'important visitor' left La Falda, Ida and Walter Eichhorn took Catalina to the Eichhorn's house on Pan de Azucar Mountain (“El Castillo”), where Hitler stayed for 15 days; the last time that Catalina saw Hitler.
Gamero also remembers taking telephone calls from Hitler at the Eichhorn home through operators in La Rioja and Mendoza until 1962.

I’ve found a detailed description from carpenter Hernán Ancin’s meetings with the Hitlers, while he was working for Paveli as a carpenter in the Argentine coastal city of Mar del Plata.
Ancin worked for Paveli ’s company from the middle of 1953 to September or October 1954. In the southern summer of 1953, the Hitlers were regular visitors to the building site where Ancin was working. Ancin saw Hitler with Paveli 5 or 6 times.

Ancin describes the (Masonic) handshake by which Hitler and Paveli greeted each other:
When Hitler [arrived] he raised the closed fist of his right hand with his arm extended. Paveli went to him and put his hand on Hitler’s fist, enclosing it. Afterward, they smiled, and Paveli shook hands with Hitler. This was always the greeting.
Ancin recalled Hitler as having "light eyes, a friendly gaze—[he was] quiet and very polite.

Ancin also saw Hitler in Mar del Plata at an old colonial-style house behind the San Martin Park. He didn’t know if Hitler lived there or was only visiting (the house was in fact the property of Lahusen).
While in the city Hitler always travelled by car, but on one occasion the carpenter saw him sitting on a bench near the sea. Ancin noticed that Hitler had problems with walking; he dragged his feet, and Eva held his arm when he walked.
Ancin said about “Hitler’s wife”:
Hitler’s wife was a little heavy. She seemed to be just over forty years old. She was large, well-fed you could say. She wore work clothes, very cheap, beige, just like his. She was a woman who gave you the feeling that she had suffered a great deal, or at least that she was suffering from something, because it was reflected in her face. She always seemed worried, and almost never smiled
Hitler’s wife, I don’t remember—I assume she spoke a bit of Spanish, because she always said ‘thank you for the coffee.’ … Hitler spoke Spanish with difficulty, and had a strong German accent.
Probably in 1954, after their return from the holiday at the Lahusen-owned house in Mar del Plata, Eva left Inalco and Hitler. She moved to Neuquén, a quiet town about 230 miles northeast of San Carlos de Bariloche.

Eloisa  Luján was one of the "tasters" for the meals of Hitler (to prevent him being poisoned).
Angela Soriani was the niece of Hitler's cook at  Hacienda San Ramon, Carmen Torrentegui.

Hitler used different identities but the most important one was Kurt Bruno Kirchner.  Under that name he travelled to Asuncion after the overthrow of Gen. Juan Domingo Peron in 1955.

In 1990, Paraguayan-German journalist Rainer Tilch received information from professor and ornithologist Karl Bauer, a resident of Ytú, Caacupé, who told him that Germans in the Altos region knew about Hitler’s stay in Paraguay, and that one of them even personally met Hitler.
Bauer, told Tilch:
If you do not want to believe me, I'm going to introduce you to some old Germans from the Altos area, who know a lot more about it than I do. One who personally knew the Führer.

The German Hermann Rademacher also told Tilch about Hitler’s stay in Paraguay.
Bormann had arrived in Paraguay in 1956, living for a couple of years in a property of Alban Drug, in Hohenauen the area of Alto Paraná.  In 1958-1959, he was attended by the notorious Dr. Josef Mengele, who had also settled in Paraguay.

Helmut Janz told Tilch that he had met a German who had seen Hitler and Eva Braun at the big annual party of the German Shooting Association of Altos ("Verein Patria") in 1968.

According to the testimony of Carmen von Schmeling, Hitler visited Paraguayan General Emilio Díaz de Vivar at least once.

According to lawyer Mariano Llano’s account, a woman of the Von Schmeling family introduced Hitler to Diaz de Vivar, in 1961.
In 2011, Llano revealed that Hitler's presence in Paraguay had been confirmed to him by President Alfredo Stroesnner on 3 November 1994, who told that he was asked by General Peron personally to protect Hitler, which he did (of course).

The German Julio Heinechen told Llano that he had seen Hitler in San Bernardino on several occasions.

Pedro Cáceres assured Llano that he had met Hitler and Eva Braun in Asunción in 1960.
Cáceres also said that Dardo Castelluccio had confirmed that Hitler was in Paraguay: http://tst.greyfalcon.us/bizarre3.htm
(archived here: http://archive.is/9gNrY)

There are some writers about the faked death of Adolf Hitler that have the highest profile. One of these is Abel Basti. What hampers his credibility is that he has changed his story along the way. This could be understandable as with better information his earlier claims were debunked. At first Basti claimed that Hitler died in 1962, but later he has said in 1971.
Basti published a book in 2003 “Hitler In Argentina”. His later book “El exilio de Hitler” (The exile of Hitler) was published in 2010, but if I understand correctly was never translated from Spanish.

Hitler escaped the bunker in Berlin around 20 April 1945 via a tunnel and then went to Austria.
There is a reported “authenticated secret German document” which lists Hitler as one of the plane passengers on 26 April 1945 from Austria to Barcelona. In Spain Hitler travelled to probably Vigo or maybe Ferrol (Canary Isles), where he took the submarine to the coast of Patagonia, Argentina.
A document of the British secret services confirms that a Nazi submarine convoy left Spain at the time, and after making a stop at the Canary Isles, continued to the south of Argentina.
The route via the Canary Islands has also been backed up by CIA agent Bob Baer.

Hitler arrived in Mar del Plata, Argentina by German submarine in early July 1945 (why would it take him so incredibly long to get there?).
Hitler and Eva Braun, in a motorcade of at least three cars, drove to Bariloche. They took refuge in a place about 15 miles east of the town San Ramon, some 1,000 miles southwest of Buenos Aires. The Incalco Ranch, located in Villa la Angostura on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, was the eventual refuge for Adolf and Eva.

In 1945, several Buenos Aires newspapers, reported that rubber boats had landed on the coastline with passengers from submarines.
Already in 1947 the Hungarian Ladislao Zsabó published a book about the fake death and escape of Hitler. He had heard that Hitler’s destination was the German Antarctica, from which he should have understood Patagonia, Argentina: http://beforeitsnews.com/conspiracy-theories/2011/09/nazi-expert-i-have-proof-hitler-died-in-1960s-1163749.html

Hitler spent a decade in Argentina, before he moved to Paraguay, where he died on 3 February 1971.
Basti claims that Hitler was buried in an underground bunker in Asuncion, which is now a hotel.
In 1973, the entrance to the bunker was sealed and 40 people came to say goodbye to Hitler. Brazilian serviceman Fernando Nogueira de Araujo attended the service: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/hitler-escaped-germany-and-lived-in-paraguay-until-his-death-in-1971_uk_5786109ce4b08078d6e78435
(archived here: http://archive.is/C8Z8n)

Abel Basti claims that Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan “stole” his research on the escape of Adolf Hitler to Argentina. Williams and Dunstan came to him asking for information on the escape of Hitler to Argentina. It’s stupid that at a later time he complained that they used “his” information: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/27/hitler-lived-1962-argentina-plagiarism

Here are 3 photos that show somebody that looks like Hitler at (?) the Eden hotel with the Eichorns.
The Greyfalcon.us site writes that the 3 photos of Adolf Hitler with Walter and Ida Eichhorn at the Eden hotel, in La Falda (Argentina) are from “the Eichhorn marriage in Berlin, during a meeting with Hitler when he was already the Führer of Germany”.
I couldn’t find to find more  information to confirm this...

Here’s a report that confirms that on 23 October 1945 the FBI was informed about the warm friendship between Ida Eichhorn and Adolf Hitler, and that possibly Hitler could find a “safe retreat at her hotel (La Falda)”:
d. that if Hitler should at any time get into difficulty wherein it was necessary for him to find a safe retreat, he would find such safe retreat at her hotel (La Falda) where they had already made the necessary preparations.

According to another letter (with typos) to Edgar J. Hoover dated “Nov 2rd 1945” (?); Hitler...
is liveing in a great underground establishment beneath a vast hacienda -  675 miles westfrom Florianopolis; 450 miles northwest of Buenos Aires
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