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Author Topic: Adolf Hitler escaped to Argentina  (Read 4482 times)

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Fake information on Hitler’s escape
« on: December 23, 2018, 10:33:01 am »
For the most part I try to ignore “fake” information, but in this post I’ll present some of the fake information on the fake dead of Hitler that for some reason gets much more attentions than the “real” story.

Hitler in Columbia
The CIA disclosed a story on former German SS trouper Phillip Citroen, who contacted a trusted friend that on 3 October 1955 informed the CIA.
Citroen had told him that he met Hitler “about once a month in Columbia”, and “that Hitler left Columbia for Argentina in January 1955".
There is also a (very vague) photo of Adolf Hitler (it could just as well be Charlie Chaplin) with Citroen in Tunja (Tunga) Colombia, in 1954. Hitler called himself  Adolf Schuttelmayor (Schrittelmayer) at the time.

I haven’t found a single “reliable” source that Hitler was ever in Columbia...

Gerrard Williams - Grey Wolf
Probably the journalist that gets most attention on the fake death of Adolf Hitler from our wonderful media is Gerrard Williams, who worked for the propaganda network Reuters, Associated Press that invents wonderful news for the whole wide world.

Gerrard Williams is a disinformation agent. In his book he even admits that the most used source is the fantasy story “Hitler murió en la Argentina” by Kristenssen (Manuel Monasterio), who admitted that:
he made part of it up—to avoid trouble with the Argentine authorities at the time—he insists that the most salient points are true

According to Williams, Hitler and a small group escaped the bunker in the last days of April 1945 by a “secret” tunnel and then were transported to safety, and Hitler and Braun were replaced by body doubles.
From there they were flown to Tønder, Denmark, but then the story gets really ridiculous, because now according to Williams, Hitler and entourage went back to Travemunde, Germany; Reus, Spain; Fuerteventura, Canary Isles.
In Spain they supposedly boarded a U-boat that brought them to Mar Del Plata, Argentina.

After arriving on the coast of Argentina in Mar del Plata, Hitler and entourage travelled through Argentina; Adolf Hitler and settled in “Residencia Inalco” in Villa la Angostura on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi near San Carlos de Bariloche, some 1000 miles southwest of Buenos Aires (in the Patagonia area of Argentina).
Located in the mountains; near a popular ski resort. Juan Domingo Perón regularly came to ski there.
Here’s a picture of Residencia Inalco.

Some sites claim that Residencia Inalco only became Hitler’s main residence in 1947 (instead of 1945).
Mayby Adolf Hitler lived there until 1955, when he left for Paraguay.

According to Williams: Adolf Hitler and Eva stayed at the Nazi-financed Gran Hotel Viena on the isolated shores of Argentina’s inland sea, Mar Chiquita for a couple of days in 1946.

According to Williams, Hitler and Braun were the parents of “Uschi” and in the book the following picture from May 1944 of Hitler with Ursula (Uschi) is shown. Williams also invented a second Eva Braun pregnancy out of thin air.
According to sources on the internet, this is the daughter of Oberleutnant Erwin and Herta Schneider. Herta Ostermeyer Schneider was a friend of Eva Braun.

On page 82 of the PDF another witness that saw Hitler is introduced – (the mother of) Jorge Batinic:
One day, a German rancher was brought in for treatment for a gunshot wound, and a few days later three other Germans arrived to visit the patient. It was noticeable that two of them treated the third one as “the boss.” Mafalda had to choke back an involuntary cry of amazement when she recognized him as Hitler. He had no moustache and was somewhat graying, but she had no doubt that it was him. Shocked, Mrs. Batinic told the owners of the clinic, Drs. Arustiza and Varando; they watched him and were surprised, but did nothing. Apart from greeting the patient, Hitler hardly said a word. When the three Germans left, Mrs. Batinic asked the patient the identity of his important visitor. Realizing that she had already recognized the Führer, the injured rancher told his nurse, “Look, it’s Hitler, but don’t say anything. You know they’re looking for him, it’s better not to say anything.”

Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan published “Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler” in 2011 and also made a documentary.
A body double took Hitler’s place and an actress stood in for Eva Braun on 27 April 1945.

See Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan´s 2011 book “Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler” (only 98 pages): http://www.mediafire.com/file/1nkmtddejpiij03/dsssn.pdf

According to Williams and Dunstan Hitler and Braun had two daughters before Hitler died in 1962 in Patagonia at the age of 73: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2050137/Did-Hitler-Eva-Braun-flee-Berlin-die-old-age-Argentina.html

For anybody that wants to see a video (that I don’t recommend just like the book); the following is mostly an interview of Gerrard Williams (author of “Grey wolf”) and touches on the most important information from his book (1:01:38 long).

Plane from Austria to Barcelona
There is a reported “secret German document” that lists Hitler and Eva Braun as plane passengers on 26 April 1945 from Austria to Barcelona, but I don’t believe it’s “authentic”; if Hitler would have been on this flight, he wouldn’t have flown under his own name. I haven’t even found a picture of this document.
The Greyfalcon.us site describes it like this:
The Führer and his companions leave Hörching airport on 26.04.1945 at 20:00

The Führer's companions are as follows:
The Führer
Dr Göbbels [his name is crossed out in the original]
Mrs Göbbels and her sons  [also crossed out]
Reichsleiter Bormann*
SS Gruppenführer Müller*
SS Gruppenführer Fegelein*
General der Infanterie Burgdorf
Botschafter zbV Hewel*
SS Oberstubf. Betz
SS Stubf. Dr Stumpfegger [with a question mark in the original] *
SS Hauptstuf. Gross
Frl. Braun*
Frl. Manzialy
4 men from the Security Unit Command

The handover of the luggage [of the distinguished persons named above] will take place from 16:00 onwards at the Hörching airport entrance.

Patrick Burnside
I did find another book about the “the escape of Hitler” that’s probably much better than the Williams book, for somebody that can understand Spanish...
Patrick Burnside – El escape de Hitler (published 2000; 700 pages in Spanish): https://www.scribd.com/document/52572110/El-escape-de-Hitler-Patrick-Burnside-em-espanhol


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