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Author Topic: Adolf Hitler escaped to Argentina  (Read 4482 times)

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Re: Adolf Hitler escaped to Argentina
« on: December 22, 2018, 11:16:46 am »
I’m afraid that the Vril Society is just too bizarre for me. I haven’t been able to find out which part of story on Vril is truth or fiction. Maybe later (in another thread) more on the Thule Society and its connection to Vril and Hitler.

In this post I’ll present information on the 2 German submarines that travelled from Europe to Argentina to take Adolf Hitler and his entourage to safety.

There is hard evidence that 2 German submarines travelled from Europe to Argentina in this period of 1945 - U-530 and U-977...
Why would it matter to the German soldiers to surrender in Argentina or Europe?

On 10 July 1945, U-530 surrendered to the Argentine navy in Mar del Plata. This is fact.
The captain of the ship, Otto Wermuth, “did not explain why it had taken him more than two months to reach there[/B]”.
Wermuth had destroyed the ships logs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_U-530

It’s difficult to find out what really did happen (because of all the disinformation).
Wermuth destroyed the logs to hide what had happened...

On 17 August 1945, U-977 surrendered to the Argentine navy in Mar del Plata. This is an undeniable fact.
According to the official story, U-977 left from Kristiansand, Norway on 2 May 1945.
On 5 May 1945, U-977 was outbound north of Scotland, when the captain of the ship, Heinz Schäffer, decided to escape to Argentina and surrender there.

According to Schäffer, he asked his crew for a vote (yeah sure: the military is really democratic...). Because 16 crew members wanted to return, they went back to Norway, where on May 10 these 16 left the submarine in dinghies and went to Holsnoy Island near Bergen (Norway).
This is completely ridiculous...

It then went under water for 66 days, and on 14 July 1945 it suposedly touched at the Cape Verde Islands where the crew went swimming.
These 66 days is, according to experts, even more ridiculous than the return to Norway after a vote...
According to Commander Heinz Schäffer, they arrived in Mar del Plata after 99 days at sea from Bergen on a journey of 14,157 km, 8,797 mi (7,644 nautical miles): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_U-977

Jerome Corsi found a US naval intelligence report, dated 18 July 1945, by the Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires who notified Washington that there was reason to believe U-530 had landed Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in the south of Argentina before the submarine surrendered at Mar del Plata.
According to Captain Otto Wermuth, he departed its “German home base on 19 February 1945”.

According to the following report on the U-530; it:
Left Kiel 19 February 1945 at 1800.  Diving and Schnorchel trials at Horten.  Left Kristiansand 3 March 1945 together with 500-ton U-boat under command of Oberleutnant zur see KOCH.  U-530 herself under command of Oberleutnant zur See Otto WERMUTH

The U-977 had a maximum surface speed of 32.8 km/h; 20.4 mph (17.7 knots) – under water slower...
The U-530 had a maximum surface speed of 33.9 km/h; 21.1 mph (18.3 knots)
33 km/h is a maximum of 792 km per day, this would take a journey of 14,157 km at least 18 days (but Spain to Argentina is much shorter)...

This means that if the U-530 left Hamburg (Germany) on 14 February, and left Norway on 3 March 1945, it could have gone to Argentina, get back to Spain, pick Hitler up on May 1, and be at Argentina again by May 20, return to Spain, and drop a third batch of Germans in Argentina before surrendering on 10 July 1945 in Mar del Plata.

If U-977 left Kristiansand, Norway on 2 May 1945 (and we ignore the ridiculous story that it returned to drop 16 crew members in Norway), it could have landed Hitler at Argentina on May 20.
It could then return to Spain to pick up a second load of elite Nazis, drop them off, return again to Spain to deliver a third group of Germans, and surrender on 17 August 1945 at Mar del Plata.

Of course this would only be possible with outside help to provide fuel (and to not bomb the submarines), but it is well known that many German Nazis escaped to South America (for example by planes of the Dutch KLM on passes of the International Red Cross).
So it is sure that outside help was available…
(archived here: http://archive.is/OyNOo)

There are disclosed FBI-documents from people who say they saw Hitler, Braun and entourage arrive in Argentina in 2 submarines.
On the following link I’ve found reports in English on the arrival of the submarines in Argentina (the link doesn’t work anymore...): http://www.aviacionargentina.net/foros/historia-de-conflictos-mundiales.29/10223-u-boote-en-mar-del-plata-secretos-desclasificados.html

The following report of 13 July 1945 shows that the Argentinean navy didn’t believe the ridiculous stories that were told to them by Otto Wermuth about the U-530:
He proceeded to Christiansand, Norway, and left there in March, working in the North Sea and North Atlantic. He spent some time off the port of New York. He did not see a single ship all the time he was at sea (sic).

The Argentineans concluded explicitly that it had been possible for the U-530 to “land people”:
There are rumors (being investigated) that a strange submarine was seen by fishermen off the coast on the 9th; other rumors are to the effect that it was known to be off the coast a week before its surrender.
Had it been the intention to land people, this would be a logical procedure—land the people and then stand off for some time in order to give those people an opportunity to hide themselves before the possibility of their landing from a submarine could be noted.
Although the condition of the submarine is such that it obviously had been at sea for a long time, the exact time is impossible to determine by inspection. There appears to be no reason why the sub could not have returned to a European port before coming here and have brought passengers.

Witness Guydano claimed that: “Hitler and his party when they landed from submarines in Argentina two and half weeks after the fall of Berlin” (around 20 May 1945).
The two German submarines landed “along the tip of the Valdez Peninsula along the southern tip of Argentina in the gulf of San Matias”.
The other FBI report of 14 July 1945, confirmed that German submarines landed on the Argentine coast (on 28 June) and witnesses had “claimed that Hitler had landed in Argentina on 20 June”.

Source Z stated that on 28 June, submarine surfaced off Santa Cruz near San Julian and landing 2 unidentified persons, one a very high-ranking army officer and the other an important civilian, possibly a woman. Sub was reportedly refuelled by a sailing vessel.
Source Y (…) stated (…) that 2 persons were landed near Stoeder, Argentina, about 27 June 45 (...) A german national (...) took them to Veronica, Argentina.
Source V also reported that it was generally believed in Mar Del Plata at time of surrender that the log book was in existence.

It also features the statements of the German Arturo Meyer, “of dubious reliability”, who reportedly had been told by Nicanor Sanchez Aizcorbe “that  Hitler had been in Argentina for 20 days”.
This could be seen as a confirmation of the other stories, but because of what follows – plastic surgery, flown to Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil – I don´t take this last part seriously…

Here’s the report from 14 August 1945 - the firsthand account of someone named Guydano. Guydano explained that the escape of Hitler had been arranged by 6 Argentinean top officials.
See the following excerpt:
GUYDANO was one of the four men who met Hitler and his party when they landed from submarines in Argentina two and half weeks after the fall of Berlin.
Hitler... with two women, a doctor, and several other men numbering in or about fifty persons came ashore. (...) at the dusk the party arrived at the ranch where Hitler and his party are now in hiding.
According to GUYDANO, this affair was arranged by six top Argentine officials as far back as 1944, and GUYDANO further reports that if Hitler is apprehended the names of these six top officials will be revealed.
GUYDANO is ready also to reveal the names of the three other men who, with GUYDANO, helped Hitler inland to his hiding place.
GUYDANO advised that he was given $15,000 for helping in the deal... realizing that it is only a matter of time before Hitler is apprehended, he is desirous of clearing himself at this time

(archived here: http://archive.is/1dvrJ)

Here’s a later FBI-report dated 21 September 1945 that describes that Guydano had told his story to a reporter of the Los Angeles Examiner on 29 July 1945.
the subs landed along the tip of the Valdez Peninsula along the southern tip of Argentina in the gulf of San Matias

That German submarines landed on the Argentine coast (on 28 June) is also confirmed by the following FBI report of 14 July 1945.
There were earlier witnesses, “source of unknown reliability”, who claimed that Hitler had landed in Argentina on 20 June.

Here is the disclosed collection of FBI-documents on this topic (a lot of these documents aren’t worth the time and don’t include many of the reports that I’ve posted here): https://vault.fbi.gov/adolf-hitler/adolf-hitler-part-01-of-04/view
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