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Author Topic: The absent Bride  (Read 1424 times)

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Billy Evmur

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Re: The absent Bride
« on: March 28, 2020, 03:56:05 am »
I never understood it. I know Billy Graham got into trouble and some televangelists because they refused to condemn people to hell.

I love Billy Graham even if I disagreed with his theology at some points.
The point is it one thing to believe in the Wider mercy, that billions of human souls will not end up in eternal misery, the wicked will be turned into hell. But you've got to back it up. You have to have the scripture to show your doctrine. Believing in the 1000 year reign if you really think it through does throw the doctrine of eternal destiny into a different light.

God wooed me over a considerable length of time leading up to my being saved through a gospel magazine. It was a bi-monthly magazine but because it was shipped from America [God bless America] it would arrive any time between 6 and 10 weeks. But I always KNEW when it had arrived, I mean unfailingly, I worked long hours in a tough job and would travel home in the tube and somehow know on the day that my copy of T.L.Osborn's  Faith Digest had arrived and I was never wrong.

One day I came home, I lived in a company hostel for junior managers in London, I expected to find my magazine but it was not in the mail box ... I was so-o disappointed.

After supper a mate of mine came busting in my room and he said "look I really hope you will not be mad at me but I've been intrigued for months about that magazine you get from America so when I saw I pinched it and took it to my room to read ... here it is...."The message of the magazine was always God's great love in sending His Son to die for us PERSONALLY He died for us, that He had not changed and if we will believe in Him He will come and take up His abode in us. It was packed with stories of miracles from T.L.'S fantastic African crusades.

Well I didn't believe the miracles, after all he's American and quite a colourful guy at that, mebbe he just gets carried away. But I LOVED the sermons, packed with scriptures, I bought a bible to check up on what he said. There was one scripture that always leaped out out me "Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday and today and forever" simple you think but I used to stare long and hard at that trying to figure it out. When eventually I got saved through that magazine I understood it. .

And I am unashamedly a Pentecostalist. and I found a little Pentecostal church to attend. Here's what I never understood. I never could understand those dear old saints, how that in meeting they would stand to give testimony and praise the Lord and pray so beautifully and then we'd go down to Hyde Park Corner to preach. They would jump up on a soapbox and start screaming at the people, crying out against their wickedness and thunder hell-fire and damnation at them, they were like crazy men and women.

Yet these were the very same saints who just now were telling such GOOD things about the Lord, how He had blessed them, how patient and merciful He was with them. It did my head in.  Don't they realise that the people are hurting? many in deep trouble of one sort or another? don't they understand that the message they need so much was all the wonderful things they were saying in church? That He saves, He heals, He is an ever present help to any who are in need ... it broke my heart.

And STILL more than 40 years later it breaks my heart that christians can't get on to the GOOD NEWS that is in the gospel when they are witnessing. Sure people must repent, I did, because when I understood that scripture, that He is the same as in bible days, I wanted Jesus more than I wanted sin ... I ran to him.
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