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Author Topic: The BLACK heart of Bill Gates  (Read 5009 times)

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The BLACK heart of Bill Gates
« on: May 16, 2021, 02:03:10 pm »
It's uncanny beyond mere coincidence. It's almost like Bill Gates read this book and got the idea to create a virus, a vaccine and soon to come-- an antidote for the complications, side effects and deaths related to that vaccine he created to counter the virus he created.  Conspiracy?  It might be, if it wasn't true.

Create a virus

Develop a vaccine for the virus you created

Offer an antidote for the vaccine you created since the vaccine delivered "unintended consequences."

Except the consequences were not unintended at all.  They were by design, just as the virus was by design and the vaccine was by design, so too is "the cure" for those consequences.  You had to make people believe that the virus was deadly (it wasn't) to create fear in order to convince them or otherwise force them to take the vaccine, but now the cure for the negative and deadly effects of that vaccine-- people will actually beg for the antidote.

-It's the plot of a book called Black by Ted Dekker and it was written in 2004.  Not just a shadow of what we are living today, but a detailed plot.

A sinister figure behind the scenes funds the development of a virus, a vaccine that goes wrong, and an antidote to the vaccine--- all planned from the start so that he can profit first from the vaccine, but then with the entire world on their knees- he can not only profit greatly, he can control and decide who lives and who dies-- who gets access (or not) to his "cure."

How closely is this mapped in BLACK?  Here is a short excerpt from chapter 18--

She sighed. "Okay.  We call it a DNA vaccine, but in reality it's actually an engineered virus...:

"Your vaccine is a virus?" he demanded.

"Technically, yes.  A virus that immunizes the host by altering its DNA against certain other viruses.  Think of a virus like a tiny robot that hijacks its host cell and modifies its DNA, usually in a way that ends with the rupturing of that cell.  We've learned how to turn these germs into agents that work for us instead of against us.  They are very small, very hardy and can spread very quickly--- in this case, through the air."

"But it's an actual virus."  He was reacting to the news as so many others did to this revelation-- the idea that a virus could be made into a vaccine for the benefit of humanity.

"Yes, a virus, but also a vaccine, though unlike traditional vaccines which are usually based on weaker strains of an actual disease organism."


It gets better-- remember again, this was written in 2004.  In the story, it's the vaccine that mutates when it is exposed to heat. (today's vaccines too must be stored and transported on ice).

CRISPR technology is used to cut the DNA of the virus at the fifth and ninety-third gene, splicing the two ends together to create the antivirus vaccine which became deadly when exposed to heat.... and in this way it was the antivirus vaccine, not the virus itself that brought the world to the brink of destruction threatening to wipe out entire populations--- UNLESS you received the antidote to the vaccine, conveniently made available only from those same people that turned the virus into the vaccine.

Sound familiar?  And to top it all off, this madman that planned and plotted and funded and facilitated this depopulation scheme got his ideas where?  From a book of history (which had been written in the future).  There's a twist.  From a future dream world that dreamed of the distant past that is our world today.

Thomas Hunter-just an ordinary guy-right? WRONG. Right after getting hit in the head by a bullet his whole life changes before him. Now everytime he sleeps in one world, he awakens in another. And each world is depending on him to save them. On earth a virus is threatening to wipe out the entire population in just three weeks. In the other world -the temptation of the black forest threatens to disturb the perfection and beauty of this fascinating place of the future. The fate of both worlds hangs in the balance of one person.

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Re: The BLACK heart of Bill Gates
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2022, 04:43:47 pm »
Davos Elite Plan to "Fundamentally Change the Way Food Is Produced and Consumed"

58 minutes


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