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Author Topic: Salvation by Onion  (Read 1121 times)

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Salvation by Onion
« on: June 23, 2019, 10:47:33 am »
"The Parable of the Onion" in Dostoyevsky's, "The Brothers Karamazov." Is a perfect example of what legalism does to a person. I know very well because I was once there. It turns your eyes away from Jesus and to yourself, it destroys your peace and ruins your eternal security. The story goes something like this.

Once upon a time there was an old legalist woman who had died and found herself in hell. She complained to Satan that her assignment to the netherworld was a mistake.

Satan told her, "You've been a greedy, selfish woman all your life. Surely, this is where you belong."

No said the woman I kept all of the commandments and told everyone off that didn't do as I said.

Yea, said the devil, but to whom did you do good deeds of kindness?

The legalist puzzled over this for a long time and after several minutes she exclaimed, "Aha! I did a good deed once! I gave an onion to a beggar."

Satan replied, "Oh, yes. That is right. You pulled an onion out of the ground when you were caring for your garden and threw it at the old man (bulb, stalk, and all)and said, "get lost you old drunk!"

At that very moment, God's hand descended into hell, holding the onion out for the legalist to grasp. Holding onto the onion with both hands, the woman found herself miraculously being pulled up and out of hell.

As she rose, to the woman's horror, dozens of people began to grasp at her legs and ankles, and as they were pulled up along with her, yet more people grasped onto the lower-most people's own legs and ankles, until it seemed that the bowels of hell clung like an endless chain from a single woman's body and the onion to which she clung.

Though there was great weight tethered to the onion, the connection remained secure and God's hand continued to lift everyone up out of hell. Remarkably, the onion held; it did not fray.

More and more people who had previously been doomed for eternity found themselves slowly, miraculously, being raised from hell by way of the woman's firm grasp on the onion. There were soon thousands, and after several minutes millions of people hanging from the onion.

Yet the onion held fast.

Halfway to heaven, which is a long distance up from hell, the woman looked down at the vast human chain following her.

She was angry and resentful that these people -- who had never kept the commandments like she did -- should be so easily redeemed by virtue of simply clinging to her spindly old legs. She was also afraid, and so exclaimed in a great shout, "If all of you sinners grab on to me like this, the onion will surely break and I will not get to heaven!"

So, resolving not to allow anyone to harm her chances for redemption, the woman began to kick and smash the people hanging from her legs and ankles and toes. One by one as she struck them they fell, with each loss of a handhold causing tens of thousands of people to plunge back into hell.

But with each kick -- though the physical load grew lighter -- the onion began to fray. And as the onion frayed, the woman, in her anger and haste, began to kick more ferociously still, thinking that it was the weight of hell's denizens -- and not her anger and selfishness -- that tore at the onion.

She kicked until but one person remained clinging to her left big toe, with yet another endless chain of people dangling from him. Millions of people hung from that precious, single toe. Still, the onion held though it was severely frayed. But the woman couldn't bear the risk of losing her only chance to join God in heaven, so she kicked at the last remaining person; and as the person lost his grip, the onion snapped, and the selfish old legalist-- fell from a great height, having made it almost all the way to heaven -- fell back into hell.

That was me and where I was headed until God reached His hand into hell and grasped mine and pulled me out. Now It will be a joy and a privileged to have as many as God wills clinging to my legs as we rise higher and higher.

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