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Author Topic: R U Ready To Leave?!  (Read 3549 times)

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Re: R U Ready To Leave?!
« Reply #78 on: October 15, 2019, 09:10:10 pm »
Hi All,

Just wanted to add some further information to the above post.  You must understand that there has been more than one Adam and one Eve during all of the years on this Earth.  With each generation, the Adam and Eve personas were smarter than the ones before.  In other words, God let them grow mentally and spiritually {and physically} after each generation.

Now, before you pshaw me, know that 'God' 'created' everything in 6 days and rested on the 7th.  Sunday through Saturday evenings.  They were not 24-hour days, but much longer.  Like, as the 'day' in which He created the land apart from the sea.  That didn't happen in just one 24-hour day.  These things I tell you will be proven to you in the near future.

God created man and woman initially, but the LORD
God, whose name was Yahweh {Jehovah}, descended from God and was called 'Lord' God because the word 'Lord' bestowed upon Him meant a high leader.  God and the Lord God are actually about God and the Lord God {His Son}.  Try to wrap your thoughts around this because I'm not going to try to convince with many paragraphs.  You still wouldn't understand unless the Lord reveals it to you.  You'll learn it in the future.

The Lord God, who was separate from the God who 'created' everything, 'made' a lot of the world over again, but each living thing, like plants, birds, bugs, creatures and man, were 'made' by the Lord God, each one in one 24-hour day.  This is why it says in the Bible, 'and the field BEFORE it grew,' {see Gen. 2:5KJV}.  It is also why it says in Gen. 2:4KJV, "These are the generations of the Heavens and of the Earth when they were 'created,' in the day that the 'Lord' God {God's Son} "made" {not created, but made} the Earth and the Heavens."

It also says that God created the fowl/ birds from the 'waters' in Gen. 1:21KJV and yet it says in Gen. 2:19KJV, it says that the 'Lord' God 'formed' {formed this time, not 'created.'} the fowl of the air from the 'ground.'. 
With God 'created' the first time, the second time says the Lord God {God's Son} formed the birds from the ground, instead of waters.  It deals with two different times.  It is also why it says "God created" in the first chapter of Gen. and yet the "Lord God made" in Gen. chapter two.

You Will possibly need to read this a couple times and study Genesis 1 & 2 a few times.  You will most likely discover it then.  God hid the two instances so that early man would not have to handle {learn} even MORE about the creation story.  I know that you will want to crucify me for saying these things, but they will also be proven shortly.

Also see Gen. 5:2KJV, as it remarks that there were different 'generations' of Adams.  And He called THEIR name Adam, not HIS name Adam.  It's cerebral and hidden, so I figure you won't believe me.  Give it all a passing of time and pondering.  I will share another secret with you below.  You think that one was hard.

You might also understand that there is a "Lord" God and a "Lord" Jesus.  One Lord called 'Yeshua/ Jehovah' and one called 'Jesus.'  Both names still mean the same thing.  This is why David said in the scriptures, "and the Lord {God} said to my Lord {Jesus}..."  See Psalms 110:1KJV and Matt. 22:44KJV.

I could explain more, but it's time to go.  You'll find out how very close it is to that time when the 7th angel sounds, and the culmination of Armageddon happens.  Love each other, keep your attention upon the Lord God and Jesus.  Be the real you and do your very best to help out those around you.  Lay your burdens upon Jesus' feet and God's bosom.  Be wise.  Think first before you act.  It will save you a lot more time if you do.  Never give up your love for Them!!

May God & Jesus Be With Each Of You!


I believe in the Lord God and how He wanted us to live.  I worship Him and love Him exceedingly much.  I also believe in Jesus Christ and His commandments, and in the example He gave us on how to live our lives.  With them both, and I love and adore Him as my Savior, Master and best Brother & King.  My love is strong and encompassing.

:angel:    :angel:    :angel:
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