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Author Topic: Awakening Kundalini and the Chakras  (Read 1323 times)

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Awakening Kundalini and the Chakras
« on: March 06, 2021, 06:37:25 am »
Awakening Kundalini and the Chakras

22 minutes

What exactly is this Kundalini serpent energy that rises up our 33 vertebrae Tree of Life, and what are these supposed 7 Chakra wheels of light?  What is all this symbology actually pointing towards? 

When babies are born their entire spinal column is loose, flexible, and composed of independently operating vertebrae. By adolescense, however, the first 5 vertebrae begin fusing into a single unit known as the coccyx, and by early adulthood the next 4 vertebrae fully fuse into another single unit known as the sacrum.  No longer able to move about freely and independently, various processes of the cerebro-spinal system become constricted and de-regulated such as the relaxation response, hormone production, and the flow of spinal fluid. 

Ancient yogis also taught that the root of individuated consciousness, the divine essense within man, originates at our first chakra point, the perinium, nestled and stuck by the many fused vertebrae.  This "kundalini" energy desires to travel upwards along the spine illuminating the seven chakra centers and resulting in a fully realized, individuated, enlightened being.  Since the awakening of kundalini requires extensive initiation, including meditation, breathing practices, advanced stretching, a plant-based diet, chastity and other austerities, the majority of humanity remains unaware of this powerful, transformative energy to their own physical and spiritual detriment.

Kundalini energy desires to climb our trees of life but finds itself trapped by our fused lower vertebrae, so esotericists have long symbolized this with a serpent coiled around an egg 3 1/2 times.  In order to uncoil the serpent from its nest-egg and allow kundalini to rise up the tree of life, the initiate must sincerely dedicate themselves to a variety of holistic healthful practices and self-discovery through ascestism and introspection which will begin the process of ascension. 

As kundalini ascends, one by one, the seven main energy centers of the body become illuminated, meaning the physiological and psycho-spiritual processes associated with each chakra become optimized.  These seven energy centers, all of which are located along the cerebro-spinal column, correspond directly to a major nerve ganglia, endocrine gland, or internal organ and have actually been measured electromagnetically to produce ten-fold stronger biofields than non-chakra points.  They each have physiological manifestations related to their location in the physical body, but also extend into the energy body affecting us emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually as well.

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