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Author Topic: The Atlantean Polar Pillar - ERIC DUBAY  (Read 1207 times)

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The Atlantean Polar Pillar - ERIC DUBAY
« on: February 09, 2021, 06:43:28 pm »
The Atlantean Polar Pillar

35 minutes

Arguably the oldest polar mythology is that of Atlas, the King of Atlantis, who held the entire world upon his shoulders.  Atlas had seven daughters, the Hesperides, who spent their days dancing around the Tree of Life.  Also coiled around the tree, and guarding its golden apples of immortality lived the serpent, Ladon.  The kingdom of Atlantis was shaped as concentric circles of land separated by concentric circles of water with the "Temple of Poseidon," residing in the very center, where sacred bulls roamed around freely, and sacrificial bulls blood was poured over the exterior of the temple.

The actual medical term for the topmost 33rd vertebrae of the spine which holds up the human skull is the "Atlas."  So when it is said that Atlas metaphorically holds the world upon his shoulders, it is literally your head/mind which he holds up.  Likewise, the "Temple of Posideon" exists between your "temples," on the sides of your head,  and your skull, when viewed from above, perfectly resembles Atlantis or a "bulls-eye."  Why would the center of a target be called a “bull’s-eye” anyway?  The bulls-eye at the center is your third-eye, the pineal gland located at the geometric center-point of the human brain, and which "roams around freely" in a chamber of cerebro-spinal fluid.  This is surrounded by the cerebral cortex, which itself is covered by a layer of constantly flowing/pumping (sacrificial bull's) blood, and enclosed by the skull cap: Three concentric circles of solid separated by two concentric circles of liquid. 

The microcosmic Tree of Life is our cerebro-spinal system with its multitudinous branching nerve ganglia.  The seven Hesperides who dance around and guard the Tree of Life are the seven Chakras, seven energy centers along the spinal column where key organs exist, namely, the cerebrum, the pineal gland, the throat, the heart, the navel, the sacrum, and the perineum.  Lastly, the serpent Ladon coiled around the Tree of Life is the transformative Kundalini serpent energy which lies coiled at the base of the spine, trapped by our fused lower vertebrae. 

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